High Rated ELD With GPS Tracking Software 2024

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Electronic Logging Devices with GPS tracking software technology is required to track fleet vehicles and driving behaviour of the drivers.

Fleet tracking solutions are a fleet management system that requires GPS to monitor business asset activity such as trucks, facilities, and employees.

GPS tracking software is the standard system used in managing commercial motor vehicles. In 2024, we have searched out top companies to find the best High Rated ELD with GPS tracking software to know which ones they are going to ELDdevices.

How Do I Choose High Rated ELD with GPS tracking software for My Company?

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You would need to be well knowledgeable in several areas to decide which electronic log service is best for your operation.

Below are some of the crucial qualities to look for in any devices with GPS tracking software

  • Consistency in coverage
  • The features your fleet requires
  • The device enhanced battery life
  • The features offered by each device service
  • Easier for drivers to maintain accurate logs
  • The price ranges that your operation needs
  • The requirements of the federal ELD mandate
  • Compatible with several platforms, including iOS and Android

Why Should I Go for Cloud-based ELD Solution?

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Cloud-based electronic logging device solutions are better compared to conventional e-log solutions in any way you look at them.

Hours of service are one of the vital parts of your business success. As such, the effectiveness of the solution you are purchasing must be emphasized.

A solution that integrates with cloud computing in this respect should prove to be both more efficient and robust.

The integration of cloud computing into these GPS tracking devices has proved to be advantageous in many different ways, as you might have learned.

Once you’ve got all the above factors at the forefront of your mind, you’ll be able to choose the right Electronic Logging Device for your business.

In case you are confused, you have to go through the guidelines of the FMCSA to make absolutely sure that you have covered everything.

High Rated ELD with GPS Tracking Software

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We reviewed and evaluated some options to help you identify the best-rated blogs with GPS tracking software.

And here are some of the best picks of ELD with GPS fleet tracking services in 2024.

1. GPS Trackit ELD

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Fleets Company can use the GPS Trackit’s solution without locking them into any contract.

The company provides secure and simple-to-install hardware units as well as a solution that offers all of the essential features and functionality for an FMCSA mandate-compliant.

Hours of service are instantly recorded, with a clock tracking each time a vehicle drivers have signed in or out.

Effortlessly, reports can be generated and transmitted. Also, safety maintenance checklists can help drivers through the procedure of assessing air compressors, drivelines, as well as any other things that require regular check-ups.

GPS Trackit’s solution features include:

  • Custom alerts
  • Intuitive Interface
  • Downloadable app
  • Simple Installation
  • Maintenance checklist

Another indication of how the solution is built for ease of use is that fleet managers would be able to arrange personalized notifications or select the most popular options from a list of industry-specific triggers and alerts.

The ELD solution’s driver app can be downloaded from the Google Play store for free. And GPS Trackit provides both hardware bundles and BYOD packages, with contract-free monthly rates starting at $24.95.

2. Teletrac Navman

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The Teletrac Navman Director is one of our top pick with GPS tracking software.

The specific compliance feature, Director ELD, comes with a significant prestige:

Fleet managers who want to get a central place to keep a close eye on all their fleet vehicles are highly desirable to have Director ELD features

Fleet managers and owner-operators can see at a glance which cars in their fleet are on duty, off duty, driving, at-risk, or in breach of the mandated requirement.

Likewise, from the overview dashboard, fleet managers can see the names of their drivers, vehicle numbers, current location, time of last update as well as duty status.

Also, drivers could use their tablets to speed up roadside inspections with just one-click DOT inspection feature. This feature enables them to get audible and visual alerts of HOS violations.

3. Verizon Connect

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Verizon Connect’s platform is built into Verizon Connect Reveal, one of the most significant fleet management system.

Although this could scare off small fleets company looking for a quick ELD-compliant system, however, the company claims to offer the highest possible cost savings for most fleets.

This solution allows access to optimizing functionality such as live maps and geofencing, as well as field service options, and also provide asset tracking add-ons.

The core add-on is called Logbook, which provides drivers with the data they need to monitor their HOS and prevent violations.

And also, it provides fleet managers with an eagle’s eye view of available drivers to take on the next task.

Features include:

  • Drivers Risk warning alerts
  • Administrator dashboard
  • Support via Phone and online
  • Free demo

The company doesn’t make its Reveal pricing public, so you’ll need to contact them for a custom quote.

What’s The Best of The ELD?

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What feature can best to have? A complete fleet management solution is intended to serve the same needs, and even do much more.

All the best providers of fleet management solutions offer data tracking, which helps to maintains compliance with ELD regulation.

However, the accuracy of ELD integrated with GPS tracking software will improve and make your trucking operation more productive.

Through GPS tracking, electronic logs will help you track the position of your vehicles, giving you real-time visibility of your fleet.

As a result, this effectively reduces the time spent on calling and texting drivers to know their current locations.

Several other devices can integrate with dispatch software, and as a result, trucking companies will be able to plan more efficient and shorter routes.

The benefits of high rated e-logs with GPS tracking software can include improved fleet performance and lower business costs.

If a small fleet grows more significant, it will also require the need for better routing features. Avoiding an upgrade to an ELD with GPS tracking features and full fleet management solution integration means a fleet will miss out on ways to improve routing efficiency — as well as the resulting cost-savings benefits.