Reasons You Need to Hire a Window Treatment Expert


One of the greatest satisfactions of life is just sitting in your house and looking outside your window with a warm cup of hot chocolate. The glistening warmth of the sunlight, radiance, and comfort are just a few things that you feel while you sit and read a book, work, eat or do anything for that fact.

In terms of things you could do to feel comfortable, the sky’s the limit. Just like the eyes are the windows to the soul, the windows of a house are the equivalent of the human eyes. They provide a pathway into which one could peer to see the inner beauty of a home. The windows of a house have practical benefits such as letting inadequate sunlight and adding on to the beauty of the place.


The design of a window is very important to provide a certain degree of aesthetic to the house. A house could be very beautifully constructed, but if the windows were to be even slightly off, the overall attractiveness of the house would go down. There are various shapes of windows that go with multiple designs of houses.

It is crucial to select the right window shape according to the house’s plan, as only then would it look aesthetically pleasing. For example, one of the most beautiful window designs that existed during the Victorian era was the ‘Bay Box Sash’ windows.

You’ve probably seen this window shape on Victorian architecture from illustrations of William Shakespeare’s play, the ‘Merchant of Venice.’ If you love middle eastern architecture, you’d want to go for Mashrabiya. For those who don’t know what that term means, it’s an element of Islamic architecture. It is also called shanshūl or rūshān.

The Blinds Source


If you want to modify or cover your window to the aesthetic, you find pleasing. The Blinds Source is a family owned business that provides window treatment services. They help in modifying and customizing your window in a wide variety of ways.

They have professionals who give insights and suggest ideal designs based on the type of window you have. They cater to the wants of locals by providing services with expert advice near to their residence.

They have a guarantee of replacing any defective product or any product that does not meet quality standards. Easy on the purse, they offer a 100% free consultation and do not charge a penny until you purchase any of their products.

Window treatments and their various types


As explained earlier, window treatments are the process of covering or modifying your windows from a wide range of options. They don’t only provide the aesthetic of the rooms in your house but also have various functionality perks. You could choose a shade that helps you roll up the blinds in a pulley like action or choose a blind that drapes down from two different contact points.

If that didn’t make sense, how about we indulge you deeper into our imagination by stating and explaining the various types of window treatments that are all the rage in today’s interior design market?

  • Roman shades

The first on our list of window treatments is the famous Roman shades. Not to be mistaken for the Roman blinds, which have fabric plates that neatly stack on top of each other when opened, the Roman shades are a uniform and continuous high quality fabric that move up as you begin to pull on the cord. To be concise, in contrast to the Roman blinds, this is a covering that reveals windows without plates that stack on but fold up nicely instead.

  • Shutters

Shutters are a traditional and classical window treatment that facilitates the immediate opening of the windows. They have a lever like action that opens and closes the blinds almost immediately.

  • Wood blinds

Wood blinds are easily the most durable and long lasting blinds when made from natural wood. They provide a rustic look to your windows and contribute to a different aesthetic in your room. They go exceptionally well in rooms filled with furniture and other wood items.

  • Solar shades

Solar shades are an ideal choice for customers who want to limit sunlight in their homes without having to compromise on missing out on the view. The solar shades have an opaque and translucent design that filters the sun’s intensity, effectively blocking out a high percentage of sunlight entering your homes without blocking out the view. It is perfect for beach houses as you can look at the ocean for hours without having to worry about too much sunlight.

  • Cellular shades

Cellular shades are at the pinnacle of window treatment in terms of physics. It is a highly insulating shade that is perfect for both cold and hot temperatures. Its honeycomb design allows it to trap air in it, making it a lousy conductor of heat and hence helps in driving out excess heat during the summer and trapping heat during winters. With the help of cellular shades, you can stay toasty as a marshmallow during winters and cool as a cucumber during the summers.

  • Roller shades

A simple and cost effective option for window treatments, Roller shades, as their name suggests, rolls neatly into a tube when pulled up to open the windows and rolls back down to cover the windows. You can customize the shades to have fabrics that give you various options of permeability in terms of light penetration.


These are just some of the various window treatments available on the market. Knowing that there are these many options for window designs opens up a world of imagination regarding what you can do to your windows to make your room look overall more aesthetically pleasing. Depending on the quality and complexity of the shades you want, the prices go accordingly. But there’s no harm in spending a little extra if you’re trying to model your house as your dream house. So go on, choose a blind or two and mix it up!