7 Tips for Speeding Up the Home-Buying Process – 2024 Guide

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Do you know how slow of a process buying a house is and can be? For some people, finding their dream home can be an instant type of attraction and love at first sight, but buying it and becoming its rightful owner can take time and is stressful to do. In the UK you are looking at a 4-month long process with a ton of paperwork involved. If you plan on buying in the near future and you’re looking for some tips and tricks keep on reading and find out all there’s to it down below!

7 Tips For Speeding up the Home-Buying Process – 2024 Guide

1. Be prepared and know what you want

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There’s a lot of preparation that you have to do, so you should be mentally prepared for it. If you plan on buying sometime next year, do your preparations now! Get your finances in order so that your mortgage application runs smoothly. Talk with your closest ones about what you want to find at your home: a garden, pool, 3 bathrooms? What are you willing to sacrifice, and what is a must-have for you? You can also consult with an accountant or a banker for your specific case. Getting in contact with a real estate agent can help you and boost you in the right direction.

2. Auctions can help you speed it up

Auctions offer a fast alternative to buying through an estate agent. They are super convenient and fast-paced. When buying at auction it is vital to have your finances arranged in advance. You can bid on your own or through a real estate agent. Once everything goes and runs smoothly it is up to you to pay 10% upfront as a deposit. Also, stay organized and keep everything running smooth and tidy. Gather together all your documents into a box or folder but also have online copies. This will help you stay focused at every given moment.

3. Pre-approved is the way to do it

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Before you get seriously into home shopping, choose a lender and get preapproved. During this stage and process, the lender will go all over your finances and current credit score. A lender, bank, or credit union will look over your finances and credit history to ensure you can afford a home. The process can be time-consuming or scary if you’re not too sure that you will get it approved. After they do a review on you they will tell how you much you can borrow. A pre-approval will show how serious you are about your chosen home or real estate. You will get faster results by doing this step.

4. Be proactive when possible

Don’t wait for your lender or real estate agent to tell you to do something you know you’ll need to do. Act on your own at any given point instead of letting your paperwork pile up. Start lining up homeowner’s insurance as soon as you put in an offer. The next step that is also important is to call in qualified home inspectors. At this point, you will be close to the final stage, which is why you should keep your eyes out for any problems. Some homebuyers will find what they think is the perfect home but are stunned to learn their lender won’t approve the mortgage because of issues with the property. Also, be aware of any constructions and additional expenses that you may encounter.

5. Don’t fall for false advertising

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Oftentimes, buyers, a deal seems too good to be true, it probably is. Some realtors have big teams and brag about how many homes they list and sell each month. Those who are big talkers usually have shady techniques. Take a close look at the offer itself, and read the whole page from start to bottom. Ask the agent if you will be dealing with your auction on your own or through them. If an agent is interested in truly helping you find your ”the one” dream home they will listen to all of your wishes and requirements. Never feel like you have to speed your process and don’t fall for a cheap deal just because it is advertised the right way.

6. Check out neighbors and neighborhoods

Sometimes, the quickest way to get the real deal and actual feel of the house or the neighborhood is through neighbors! If you like a certain property and you find yourself passing through why not ask and get first-hand answers?! They will tell you all about the land, pricing, peacefulness, and safety of your chosen block and the home itself In case they give you negative feedback you can check out some other areas that are within the same range. Open your horizons and be willing to investigate a bit deeper or just around the block.

7. Consider a real-estate agent

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The best way for everything to go smoothly and within the fastest time frame is with a real estate agent. They have the right level of experience in this field and will help you find your dream home a lot quicker than you could ever do. A good agent will not only be able to guide you through the closing process but will also be able to alert you to potential bumps in the road. They have been in this business for years after all. This is why you should visit this site and enjoy the perks of a quick house-buying process! Get all the answers to your questions and know that you are in safe hands with an agent who has 17+ years of experience.

Ready to close that deal and get your home?

Apply all of these tactics and re-think your choice. With the right approach, you will get your hands on your perfect flat or your home. Speed up the lengthy process and know that with the right real estate agent, all of your wishes and dreams can become reality!