7 Tips for Hosting a Poker Night at Your House

So, you moved to a new place or you bought some new furniture or some other things and you want to show that to your friends. Well, there is a way to do that successfully and its by hosting a game night. Some of you will ask “well, what’s wrong with a barbeque party?” and we will say absolutely nothing. There is just something special about game night.

You get everything wrapped up nicely. There are thrills, there is adrenaline, yelling, laughing. It is an all-rounded night and there is no way you can go wrong with a game night. Now, let’s talk a little about the choice of game. If you are above the legal age limit poker night with your friends at home is the best thing that will offer all the above in one action-packed night.

Poker is a highly addictive game, but not in a bad way. It is a game well balanced between luck and skill, but there is so much more to it. You have to have patience and nerves of steel for this game. Poker night at your house doesn’t have to be that. You can have a relaxed, slightly competitive game that will make you and your friends have fun and spend quality time together. It can also help you get to know them better and figure out if they are bluffing or not.

For an ultimate poker night at you home follow the tips below, or if in need of more pointers visit www.top10pokersites.net.

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1. Snacks are a must

If you are hosting a poker game night than you have to have snacks. No game or party is complete without them. Plus, there is an added benefit where those irritated by the previous round might clinch their anger in cheese puffs instead of yelling out loud. Keep two things in mind, though, choose the kind of snacks that won’t leave your friends fingers messy and sticky. Messy and sticky fingers lead to sticky cards and that there is a recipe for one bad night of poker. Other is to try and satisfy everyone need. Be a good host and thing about everyone when shopping for a snack. Not everyone likes the same food as you.

2. Make the game interesting

Yes, poker has money revolving around it and the most interesting thing is to clear the pot and take it home. There is one more thing that can be done and we guarantee you it will blow everyone’s mind. Try and buy a trophy of sorts. You know what we mean – go to your local gift shop or trophy shop and buy something cheap but good looking with a poker theme. It will be cool for a winner to take home something else besides money, and we ensure you they will remember that for a long time.

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3. Small blinds

Now here is another important thing to remember. Don’t go big on your first time hosting a poker party, keep it humble and make the blinds something everyone can afford. Consider your friends and their budget, don’t make blinds too big because you will have people dropping out on you. Start small and as you get comfortable to talk things together and work the amounts you all feel OK with. This way everyone will play, they will play for longer and they will be coming back again.

4. Poker Chips

There can’t be a decent poker game if you don’t have poker chips right? This is something that both is and isn’t that important. You can buy any sort of chips you like it’s just important to have them if you want a complete experience with your friends. You can buy cheap ones that go from $20-$40 or you can buy a little more “high end” ones. There will add a little bling to the game, with its colours, engravings, quality and whatnot, but it is purely to your liking there will not be any difference in the game.

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5. Cards

This is the same thing as with poker chips. They are, of course, essential for the game but the quality, looks and everything else won’t change your experience much. These are dirt cheap and you can find them anywhere, the only thing we would advise is to watch out for the materials used for the cards. Paper cards are more prone to getting dirty and they fade and tear easily while those plasticky ones are tough to handle since they slide a lot but are more resistant to getting dirty and tearing on the sides. Bonus advise, always have more than one deck at any game, just in case anything happens. It would be silly if you had to go out and buy more, for any reason, while in the middle of the game.

6. The table

Now, this is another thing to have if you want a decent game but it doesn’t necessarily have to a dedicated poker table. You can use your dining room table, coffee table or anything in between. If you and your friends get comfortable enough you can go and search poker tables online and get anything you like. There are all sorts and types with all price ranges. If you wish to up your experience after a while you really should invest in a dedicated poker table and it will pay off after a while. For starters, you will probably be able to find a poker set that comes with a mat that goes over the table to bring you as close to poker experience as possible.

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7. Lighting and music

This is the one thing that might affect the game in most ways. If you can host the poker party in a separate room where you can control lighting just for that area. Don’t try and make everything too flashy with LED or whatnot, and don’t make the area too dark because you will not be able to see anything. Instead, if you can control it make the lighting slightly dim to have some mystique but enough to see what cards are dealt. Same goes with music. Find something appropriate and soothing, but don’t make it blast so that you can’t hear each other. Moderate is the word here and stick to it as best as you can.

To wrap things up we will once more remind you that poker is a highly addictive game, even more, when there is a big company involved. There is that gambling part, but when it is among friends everything is OK if you are having a really good time. Also, try and find a playing routine that is comfortable for the party. We know you are going to like it but try and not play every other day or even every week. Try to start with like 2 games a month and then gradually talks things out with friends and maybe reduce that to whatever you find comfortable. This is all about spending quality time with your friends and learning to be a good host so never forget that never mind how intense was the last game.