How Do You Redo a Bathroom on a Tight Budget – 2024 Guide


Do you need to remodel your bathroom, but you’re working with a tight budget? If so take a breather and relax, there are plenty of ways to make this work. For most people bathroom and kitchen remodelings are the toughest ones, taking way too much of our time and leaving us feeling frustrated (plus they can be so pricey). Popular home remodeling culture along with a ton of YouTubes or influencers often makes it seem like bathroom remodels must cost five figures, but with the right mindset and approach, you can do it on a budget. Here is all that you should know.

Top 8 ways how to remodel your bathroom if you are on a budget

1. Outline your design and consider your budget beforehand


Having a solid plan and knowing what you’re working with from the get-go is more than important. Being calculative and prepared with your plan or your vision from the beginning will help you see through any potential mess-ups and additional costs. You will become aware of the prices and will know how much to invest in the first place. Create an outline of your space and see if and what you’re willing to sacrifice something in case it doesn’t fit in your budget.

2. Think about plumbing work and its cost

One of the most expensive parts of a bathroom is having to pay your workers. You might not be able to cover all the labor-related work, which is why you should consider and keep all previous plumbing and pipework in place. Sinks, showers, toilets, and cabinets are pricey on their own, but imagine moving them from point A to point B, and having to reconstruct the plumbing, wiring, and electricity. If you can, stick to the original print and use the full potential of your bathroom.

3. Try and do your own tiles

Tiling can take up a lot of time and tiles are very time-consuming and pricey to do, which is why you should do them on your own! In fact, for a lot of people removing the old tiles and placing new ones can feel relaxing and almost therapeutic-like. Find the color you love and live for, and educate yourself on how you can measure the tiles, cut them, and place them in ”place” without making a mess. This might be a two-people job, so have fun with it with your spouse or your family member.

4. Small upgrades are the key


If you can’t afford a full blown-out renovation and update just yet you can make mini-steps and mini upgrades. No reason to completely change your toilet when you can just get a new toilet seat and still get that booming effect. Aside from that, why not focus on changing your door handles, and getting some cool lighting systems and new towel racks? You can also place a new carpet and get new drains to enjoy that full transformation, both with class and on budget.

5. Paint it on your own

A fresh coat of paint can go a long, long way! Also, this is another way for you to make a dramatic difference and enjoy the therapeutic perks of this trick. Who doesn’t like to paint for hours? Put on some gloves and get to painting! Painting the walls in particular will remove scuff marks and wear and tear and help bring out the potential of the room. You can also consider some fun & colorful wallpaper options to add vibrancy. Usually teal, blue, or grey colors work the best.

6. You can always add flowers

For a lot of people (women mostly) adding a plant or a flower can bring so much joy, yet will transform the vibe of your toilet. Some plants bring us happiness, and others smell divine. When you combine these two elements you’re looking at a whole new oasis! Just make sure that your bathroom has proper ventilation and a bit of sunlight that will get to your plant/flower. Go for something that has to be watered once a week only.

7. Go green and be eco-aware


Nowadays people are trying to be a lot more eco-aware and green-friendly. Does this apply to you as well? You should try to install a greener, water-conserving technology that can help you save money in the long run by saving you water. Although it may be pricey at first and as you install it, it is more than affordable and money-saving in the long run. This means choosing shower heads, toilets, and sinks with low flow technology will ensure you are saving water. Think about your future expensive bills, and become more aware early on.

8. Redo your vanity

You can easily spruce up your bathroom by updating your vanity. It is a mini-renovation trick that does wonders, no matter if you’re in a flat or a house. Just take a close look at it, and see its potential. All you have to do is replace the hardware, mostly focusing on doorknobs and paint. Use a semi-gloss latex paint that will change the color and give your vanity a whole new feel. No vanity is complete without a fashionable light fixture, so add some new ”sparks” to it to fall in love all over again.


Want to update your bathroom?

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