How Does PEMF Work?

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Pulsed electromagnetic therapy (PEMF) is clearly different from magnetic therapy itself. However, most often include it in magnetic therapy. Pulsed electromagnetic field therapy has many benefits. It is best known for bone healing. Bones, although they have a great tendency to recover, sometimes it happens that the broken ends do not heal properly. This is where PEMF therapy comes into play, which has been used for more than forty years to help heal various types of fractures. PEMF also induces reflexology in the body and has an action similar to acupuncture.

Despite all its positive characteristics, it has only recently become more widely accepted. The FDA has approved the use of:

  • Healing involuntary fractures (1979)
  • Treatment of urinary incontinence and muscle stimulation (1998)
  • Patients with cervical spinal fusion (2004)
  • Treatment of Depression (2006)
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But PEMF therapy has a much wider application. Many athletes are increasingly opting to use PEMF to speed recovery from any type of injury or even accelerated recovery after strenuous workouts. What is positive is that it is not doping and can be used completely legally. If you want to find out more about this type of therapy, visit

There are two types of PEMF therapy. Low intensity and high intensity. Low-intensity PEMF therapies are usually administered several times and last for about an hour and a half to be maximally effective. With high-intensity PEMF therapies, which penetrate much deeper into the body due to their intensity, the whole process takes much shorter. We are electromagnetic beings. Nothing in the body happens without the exchange of an electromagnet!

It is known that damaged or diseased cells have an abnormally low transmembrane potential (TMP), which can be 80% lower than in healthy cells! This indicates a significant decrease in metabolism, impaired sodium-potassium (Na-K) activity and, consequently, a decrease in ATP production (Adenosine triphosphate or Adenosine triphosphoric acid – nucleoside triphosphate, which is of quite an importance for the interchange of energy and substances in organisms. ATP is a universal source of energy for all biochemical processes in living systems. ATP is the main carrier of energy in the cell). While aging is a natural process, there is no early onset of mitochondrial dysfunction! The toxic environment and constant stress today significantly increase the energy drop in the cells when we are sick or aging.

Only 50 years ago, not to mention one hundred and two hundred years ago, people lived a much healthier lifestyle, and the whole environment was not as polluted as it is today. Also, they walked barefoot much more and had contact with the Earth, which is known to have a positive effect on humans, because the Earth has a negative electrical potential. The natural surface of the Earth has huge free electrons that propagate through the body when we have some kind of contact with the ground.

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Throughout almost the entire evolution of man, man has had much more contact with Earth than we have today. And that had a very positive effect on his health and immune system. Remember how healthy you were and how good you felt as you ran barefoot on the ground when you were kid. And think now, when was the last time you went barefoot without being on the beach? Now the days go by without you standing on the ground. You walk in plastic training, on asphalt, concrete, parquet. Contact between us and Earth has been virtually severed.

High intensity PEMF therapy induces the flow of electrons inside the body. Free electrons serve as natural antioxidants. Antioxidants are donors of free electrons and, thus, can “stop” free radicals, which are known to accelerate the aging process. This makes PEMF High Intensity certainly a very effective anti-aging therapy!

Urinary incontinence is another problem where PEMF therapy can help. It is a syndrome that occurs in women, when the involuntary leaks urine when there is pressure on the bladder. While laughing, exercising, coughing or something similar. In a study conducted, women whose pelvic muscles were stimulated with PEMF therapy had a significant improvement within a week compared with women who underwent placebo.

The therapeutic effect of high-intensity PEMF therapy can mainly be explained by the optimization of potassium-sodium (Na-K) metabolism in cell membranes, which leads to the activation and strengthening of the immune system.

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The essence of electromagnetic therapy is to use a weak electromagnetic field to cause a certain resonance in the organs and systems of the body and thereby harmonize the work of the body. In case of a violation of the energy balance, the human organs are tuned to the frequency of the device.   Electromagnetic therapy can be irreplaceable during the holidays, trips and can quickly help to cope with motion sickness, indigestion, and normalize blood pressure. Therapy “HU-GO” able to remove toxins, improves overall tone, helps in the fight against excess weight, and eliminates varicose veins. Electromagnetic therapy has shown itself well in the treatment of diseases of the organs of vision without surgical intervention – myopia, hyperopia and cataracts and these are not all the possibilities of electromagnetic and wave therapy devices. There are positive results with cancer. Magnetic therapy is considered a non-therapeutic method of healing, the basis of which is the improvement of blood circulation and the state of blood vessels when exposed to a pulsed magnetic field. Also, for various pains of muscles and joints, electromagnetic therapy is a very effective method of dealing with pain. How is this done? Pulse field electromagnetic therapy stimulates natural organic processes. The capillary blood supply increases, which contributes to the elimination of toxic substances, as well as tissue repair. The blood flow carries additional oxygen, which helps in relaxing muscles and relieves cramps and cramps caused by oxygen starvation, and also delivers endorphins – molecules that have an analgesic effect. Pain and inflammation are reduced without medication and side effects.

Magnetic therapy helps improve blood circulation, more efficiently supply cells with oxygen and nutrients, and eliminate toxins. This therapy helps with circulatory disorders, chronic pain, insomnia, weather dependence, pressure disorders, and stress.