How Much Can You Earn As A Car Locksmith And How To Become One? Answered!


Are you considering choosing a trade career, and does professional locksmithing appeal to you? If this is the case, you must be interested in the career opportunities available to newbies entering the industry. The locksmith industry has been around since the first locks were made. It may not be as popular as it once was at the dawn of the industrial revolution but thousands of professional car locksmiths still earn an honest living working with auto locks.


How Much Do Locksmiths Earn?

The question is straightforward, but the answer is not so straightforward because many factors influence the earning potential of the average locksmith. The type of locksmith business you operate, your location, work tools, and access to opportunities as well as experience, all play a part in influencing your income. Then some locksmiths work with security and auto companies and get paid a salary too.

On average, car locksmiths earn between $30,000-$50,000 annually as basic income, but some professionals earn much more than this. Locksmiths who run their businesses and service the needs of high-end clients make much more than the figure quoted above. There are even locksmiths that make six-figure annual incomes. In big cities like California, Texas, New York, and Florida, there are auto locksmiths who earn $100,000 and above per annum.

However, their earnings depend on their service and how frequently they work. Furthermore, locksmiths that offer auto manufacturers and dealers commercial services tend to make more money than those that service private clients because they always have bigger orders to fulfill.

It is important to be aware that the majority of locksmiths work in the automotive industry and as such, must have excellent mechanical skills and knowledge of vehicle mechanics. Additionally, many locksmiths must also have prior experience working with keys and locks, as well as know how to use various tools and equipment related to the trade.

Experience also comes into play when discussing potential income. Experienced locksmiths earn more because they have been in the trade for a long time and have built quite a big client portfolio. The more clients they work for, the more likely they will be referred to new clients by old clients, which will lead to a successful career.


Income By Hours

The most important factor that determines how much you stand to make is your location. The average income per hour is $19.67, but if you work in big cities where the cost of living is slightly higher, you can make more than that per hour. Entry-level locksmiths may start with a basic salary of $25,190 in a locksmith company and work their way up to earning $54,000 and above.

Big cities have more businesses and population, so demand for their services is always higher. Secondly, clients are willing to pay more because they earn more than those in smaller cities with lower economic activity.

Factors That Affect Earnings

Let’s look at the factors that affect earnings in detail.


Number of Orders

If you run your own business, the number of orders you can fulfill will determine how much you earn at the end of every month. For instance, if you offer key-cutting services and receive orders from different clients to cut a combined total of 100 keys every month and make $30 per key after deducting running expenses, you will make up to $3000 from key cutting alone. A $20 profit will be $2000 a month for key cutting. The profit margin may be much lower, but the idea is clear. The more orders you get, the more income you will generate.

This is why some locksmiths prefer to operate in highly populated areas where there’ll be more orders for their services.

Car locksmiths are high in demand in densely populated cities like Florida. For example, if you are in Aventura, you simply have to google for “locksmith in Aventura FL” and you’ll see plenty of options.


Marketing is a key component of successful businesses, which is why successful entrepreneurs place a lot of emphasis on digital marketing. If you want to expand your business to receive more orders, you need more customers. Fortunately for small businesses, the internet exists and can be a rich resource for getting new clients. You don’t have to go all out looking for clients. Rather you can position your business as a trusted service brand, and clients who need your services will come to you. Google AdWords is a good marketing engine to utilize.

You may even use Facebook marketing to attract new clients. The more visibility you have online, the more customers you will attract.


First Class Service

Offering a service to your customers’ value is the surest way to grow your business and earn more income. Many businesses use referrals to grow their clientele, but you can only do that if the customers you work for value your service. Good service sells itself, so they will sell your brand to others they know who need help with their car locks or keys. The more referrals you get, the more income you will earn.

How To Become A Locksmith

To become a locksmith, you must register for a training program at a trade school that offers locksmith training. The program may take 3-9 months to learn the basics and other locksmith crafts. After your training, you will need to serve as an apprentice under a master locksmith for a year or two before you can strike out on your own. Some car companies also require their locksmiths to have certifications from various organizations, such as the National Institute of Standards and Technology (NIST).



Congratulations on your interest in becoming a car locksmith! Becoming a car locksmith can be lucrative, but it takes work and determination. We hope this provides you with the information you need to get started on your career as a car locksmith. Thanks for reading!