How Much Does Hair Transplantation Really Cost?


A survey by the International Society of Hair Restoration Surgery found that more than 735,300 hair restoration procedures were performed worldwide in 2019. This was an increase of 29 percent on 2016’s figures.

What’s driving this growth? Wider social acceptance of hair transplantation, technological improvements, and higher success rates are three key factors.

But if you’re considering hair transplantation, one area that’s likely to cause most concern is the cost.

The fear of overwhelming expense might be strong enough to put you off — and cause you to miss out on an opportunity to restore your hair successfully.

Fortunately, cutting-edge hair transplants are available at highly competitive rates in the UK and abroad.

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Hair transplant prices in the UK

While prices vary from clinic to clinic, the average price of a hair transplant ranges from between £3000 and £15,000 in the UK.

Costs are based on the number of grafts required to achieve the desired hair growth. A patient with mild hair loss, such as a pronounced mature hairline, might opt for a simple package covering 1000 grafts. This might be enough to restore the hairline to its fuller, pre-thinning condition.

But severe hair loss requires more comprehensive hair transplantation. For example, a patient with male pattern baldness would be advised to try a treatment involving 3000 or 4000 grafts (if not more).

The more grafts required, the higher the cost will be. The ISHRS survey shows that between 2000 – 2,999 grafts were required per session to achieve the patient’s ideal results on average.

Source: Newsmeter

What would that cost? Here’s a list of average hair transplantation prices in the UK:

  • 1000 grafts — £3358
  • 1500 grafts — £4832
  • 2000 grafts — £6305
  • 2500 grafts — £7779
  • 3000 grafts — £9042
  • 4000 grafts — £12,000
  • 5000 grafts — £15,000

These costs may be intimidating, especially if you believe your hair loss has progressed so far that a more expensive package is the only solution.

But some clinics focus on providing more affordable services than others, so you might still find an option that suits your finances.

Why does hair transplantation in the UK tend to be so costly? Consider the time and precision involved in transplanting hair follicles from one area of the scalp to another.

Hair surgeons require extensive training, skills, and hands-on experience to perform their work successfully. And that doesn’t come cheap.

Let’s not forget the state-of-the-art technologies, immaculately clean facilities, and additional overheads involved either.

Prices also cover post-treatment check-ups and potential reimplantation that may be necessary if a small number of hairs fail to grow out.

But remember: just because a clinic is charging the highest prices doesn’t necessarily reflect on its service. It may not be the best, despite the image its costs create.

Source: MAXIM Hair Restoration

Hair transplant prices outside the UK

The ISHRS survey revealed where the majority of 2019’s hair transplants were performed:

  • Asia/Australia — 196,630 procedures
  • Africa/Middle East — 188,360 procedures
  • U.S./Canada — 182,025 procedures
  • Europe — 106,949 procedures

Patients may not visit a hair clinic in their own country if they can access cheaper surgery elsewhere. It’s become increasingly popular and cost-effective to travel abroad for a hair transplant, with Asia and Europe two common choices.

Lower living expenses and salaries make procedures outside the UK more affordable than those available at British hair clinics. For example, it’s 63 percent cheaper to live in Budapest, Hungary than in London.

Source: cxbcoordination

And that shows in Hungary’s affordable hair transplant prices. Here’s a complete list of Budapest package costs:

  • 2000 grafts — £1690
  • 3000 grafts — £2350
  • 4000 grafts — £2990
  • 5000 grafts — £3490
  • 6000 grafts — £3890

Patients can make a substantial saving by undergoing hair transplantation in Budapest, particularly for hair loss at a higher stage on the Norwood scale (e.g. stage six, as seen below):

But take care when visiting a clinic outside the UK or Europe for your hair transplantation. Some clinics don’t invest as much money or time into maintaining their facilities as others.

This can equate to poor hygiene, outdated technology, undertrained technicians, and a weaker patient experience overall.

Research a clinic’s reputation, read patient reviews, and contact its team to learn more about its services. It’s vital that you trust your surgeon and have realistic expectations for your results.

Source: beautytravels24

How to start your hair transplant journey

Considering hair transplantation is one thing. Taking the first step towards it is another.

You’re sure to have questions about the procedure. What will it involve? How long will it take? What results can you expect to see?

An experienced hair transplant specialist will be able to answer each of these in detail, along with any other questions you might have. And the best hair clinics offer new prospective patients a free hair transplant consultation — this is a fantastic opportunity to speak with a professional and discover how a transplant could help you.

A comprehensive consultation will involve an examination of your scalp and hair, to determine the extent of your hair loss. A surgeon will recommend a specific package and tailor a treatment plan to suit your needs.

You’ll also find out how much a procedure will cost, so you can identify whether your current budget will accommodate the proposed price at an early stage.

In most cases, hair transplantation requires one session, though more may be necessary for complex procedures or to replace any hairs that fail to grow out.

Source: ADONIS International


Hair transplantation costs in the UK can be high, but more competitive packages are available further afield.

Opting to get a hair transplant abroad can save you money and still bring you amazing results. Just make sure you choose a clinic based on the quality of its reputation and solutions, rather than the price alone.

A hair transplant at a trustworthy clinic is a one-off solution: it doesn’t demand long-term commitment, like other hair loss treatments taken in topical or pill form. In the majority of cases, a single session will be enough to cultivate healthy, natural, lasting hair growth.

Take the time to research your options carefully and check patient testimonials before you make a decision. That’s vital to ensure you choose the right clinic for your goals.