How Popular is Cricket Around the World?


The popularity of a sport is decided by how well-received it is by audiences around the world. Popularity of sports is also dictated by the participation of common people. When it comes to a game like cricket, there is an undeterred interest of people around the world.

The interest allows them to play it with their friends without needing a ground or formal setting. It has a worldwide popularity making it the second most popular sport around the globe. Let us try to understand just how popular cricket is around the world.

Following Around the Globe

The world’s second most popular sport has about 2.5 billion followers worldwide, which is a billion behind football or soccer. The sport originated in the UK and has since seen propagation across different countries through colonization. Today, the countries that see significant participation in the sport include India, Bangladesh, Australia, Zimbabwe, New Zealand, Pakistan, South Africa, and the West Indies.

The sport is also slowly gaining popularity in the US which has a baseball dominated fan base. But cricket has its reach in different areas of the world like the Netherlands, Afghanistan, the United Arab Emirates, and Kenya.

The history of the sport may have begun with England but now all of these countries have made it their own and compete professionally through matches broadcasted internationally. The common population also indulges in the sport as it does not require a proper court to be enjoyed between friends.


Different Formats for Different Viewers

The flexibility of a game is what attracts many people depending on their level of investment and time on their hands. Cricket has chiefly three formats which have different time durations. The shortest cricket match format is called 20-20. This means that both teams get a total of 20 overs to score as much as they can.

The rules remain the same for the other two formats but the duration increases. The second type is the ODI or One Day International which lasts for 50 overs for each team. It takes up one waking day including breaks. The oldest format is the Test Cricket format which lasts for multiple days. It lasts for five days and both the teams wear white in this format which is not usual for the other two.

These three formats cater to different audiences and many fans follow all three formats to know how their favorite players and teams are faring. There are international rankings for each format to follow and regular tours and championships to look forward to.

Also Made for Betting

Some of the popularity is related to how much sports bettors stand to benefit from the outcome. Most of the time, looking at the statistics of a team’s performance helps in better analysis of the outcome of the match. Gambling or sports betting is slowly becoming a big industry which allows for big returns.

The popularity of any sport is directly related to the participation in bets. Cricket has millions of bucks worth of investment on the big matches. This makes people stand to win big even  though there is also a chance of losing some. So, one of the reasons why some professional gamblers follow cricket is to know the odds and predict the outcomes.

There are dedicated websites that facilitate betting. Choosing a reliable booker and getting to win big is possible only when someone knows the steals of the sport. One can get started with betting and knowing the odds of the games at the 4Rabet. It may vary depending on the format so there is a lot to learn for someone just starting out.


Reception in Different Countries

England is the father of this sport but other countries around the world have made it their own. The sport is today the most popular one in multiple countries around the globe all of which participate internationally in tournaments and friendly matches. Let us try to understand the popularity by taking one country at a time.


Cricket is undoubtedly the most popular game in India. It is played in parks, alleys and at home. There is high enthusiasm in the air when the men’s and women’s cricket teams go to participate in international tournaments. There are different stadiums in the country to host international matches as well. The Indian team is one of the best in the world and the game is now part of the culture of the country even if it was only introduced in the 18th century.



In the beginning of the 19th century, the game was introduced to Australians. They played their first match with England in 1853. Since then, the country has not looked back. They have some of the best players in the world and have won the world cup multiple times. The country also participated in the creation of the ICC.

New Zealand

After the 1860 match between Wellington and Auckland, cricket became a strong contender for the sports’ enthusiasts attention in person to rugby. The country competes internationally and officially joined the ICC in 1926.



The team may have had a dodgy beginning but it secured significant wins against nine teams internationally. They also secured an official place in Test cricket and have not looked back since. It has been a rocky journey for the Bangladeshi team but they have contributed to the increasing fan base of the sport.

South Africa

South Africa was introduced to the game in 1899 and has since then adopted it well into their culture. It also was the host of the 2003 World Cup and regularly participates in international tournaments.


The Takeaway

Cricket owes its popularity to enthusiastic fans who watch every match and to people who adopt it to their style and play it with their friends. After being introduced to the game, the countries made it their own and now have an international agreement to compete professionally for the love of the gentleman’s game.