How Should Tactical Pants Fit?


Correctly sized tactical pants do not restrict your body’s movement in any way. Regardless of the spectrum of your tasks, comfortable pants ensure high performance and do not interfere.

There are several rules for choosing tactical work pants. These simple tips will help you find the best model in the proposed catalog. Thanks to these tips, you’ll make sure that the tactical pants fit you perfectly.

The military tactical pants you see in the Galls store are anatomically cut and designed specifically for the unique needs of the military, police, and first responders. These are models made of ultra-durable materials that reliably protect and provide functionality, mobility, and comfort under any conditions.

They also have many external and hidden pockets for weapons and equipment, which are easy to use at any time.

What Makes Them Different?


Tactical pants are specially designed to provide a combination of comfort and utility. They are usually loose-fitting, highly durable, and incorporate features such as roomy pockets and slash-proof pocket openings.

This specialized fit makes them ideal for security, law enforcement, and any other activity where an individual needs to move easily while having the means to carry a lot of equipment.

They are made with special materials such as ripstop fabric which makes them more durable than regular jeans; they feature extra pockets to store multiple items conveniently and safely; they use strong zippers as well as Velcro closures; they sometimes come with drawstring ties that secure hems around boots; they usually come equipped with built-in knee pads; they often feature patch areas in case you need to add an ID tag or extra patches.

All of these features make tactical pants the perfect choice for anyone who needs reliable, comfortable clothing when engaging in activities that require freedom of movement combined with secure storage capacity.

How exactly should tactical pants fit?

The pants provide the functionality where it’s needed. However, the most important task is still selecting a model that fits you like a glove. Let’s figure out how to do it. Check the fit by length, waist width, and knee pads position.

Waist position


In most models of military tactical pants, the waist is located between the navel and hip bones (medium fit). Hence, select a size in which the waistband covers the hips and is located under the navel.

If you can pull your pants up, it’s a size too big. Wide-fit models that slip and expose the thigh area will also be uncomfortable. The pants should stay in place even when you’ve loaded your pockets with gear. Therefore, the belt should fit quite tightly, but not too tight, so as not to restrict your movements when squatting or bending over.

How can you be sure that you have chosen a model with the correct waist circumference?

These pants fit well if your palm can fit between your stomach and waistband. Therefore, if the palm does not fit between the stomach and the belt, you need a bigger pair of pants. If a fist fits between the belt and the stomach, these pants are too big, they will slip.

How to determine the optimal leg length?


Tactical pants should neither restrict your movements nor interfere with them. If the pants are too short, they will press when you squat and limit your mobility. Pants that are too long can easily catch on any obstacle in the way, so it is dangerous.

Checking the length is quite easy: the fitting should take place while you are standing in socks or barefoot. At the same time, the pants reach above the floor by 1–2 fingers. It is not correct when the pants reach the ankle area, or vice versa, and fold on the floor.

Rules for checking the position of knee pads


Tactical pants have anatomical internal pockets for knee pads. It allows you to protect your knees while performing tasks. At the same time, you do not need knee pads with Velcro or straps.

The correct position of the knee pads is determined by the position when you put your knees at an angle of 90 degrees. At the same time, the fourth part of the knee pad should cover the patella and the front part of the knee.

Incorrect position: when in a kneeling position, most of the kneecap covers the front of the knee or vice versa – it does not go over the kneecap from the front at all.

How to choose tactical pants online?


When you buy online, you can measure the clothes only after you receive the package. To make it easier to select, you can use the size chart on the site and the pants you already have, and they fit perfectly according to the above parameters.

In this case, you should pay attention to the following details:

  • The length of the inner seam should be the same. If the tactical pants you are using don’t have this size, measure the leg length yourself from the crotch to the hem.
  • The overall height of your pants matches the size listed on the website.
  • Measure the waist of your medium-fit pants. Check these values with your current waist measurement. The measuring tape should be located below the navel and lie flat on the skin. Do not pull in your stomach.
  • Compare your measurements to ones of other pants you wear and are happy with the fit.

Thanks to these steps, you will be convinced of the measurements’ accuracy. Thus, even online, you can choose the perfect pants that will perfectly fit your figure.


When finding the right tactical pants, it is important to find a comfortable fit. It must fit snugly in the waist and hip area, with enough fabric added to give you flexibility and room for movement.

The seat and thigh area should have enough fabric to offer a straight shape but not so much that it appears baggy. When you raise your hands, your pants should stay in place but still move with you as needed.