How to Build a Globe Bar – 2024 DIY Guide

Every home has or should have a special place that is entirely dedicated to holding drinks. But, this is not a place where you can place any kind of alcoholic drink can think of. No, this is the place where you will put all of your unique alcoholic drinks such as all the whiskeys, brandies, expensive wine, and limited edition beers. You can’t just put a regular Heineken or Bud Light in there because that brings the uniqueness of that little bar. However, if you want to make things a little bit more special, you should build a globe bar where you will keep those alcoholic drinks.

A world globe bar is something that will differentiate your home from everyone else’s. It is something that will look out of place and like it belongs at the same time. I can’t exactly tell you whether this kind of decoration will fit in your home, but I believe that it is universal enough to look good anywhere. It is both traditional and modern, so it makes sense to find it in homes of all kinds of styles. Our planet will not change anytime soon, so why not get such a globe which will serve several purposes.

However, finding one can be a bit difficult. Sure, you can probably find dozens of such items on Amazon, eBay or other websites, but I am not so sure that they will have that level of quality you are looking for. You wanted to be wooden, polished, and convinced that it will last for a long time.

That’s why I think the best way to obtain a globe bar is by building it on your own. It is a complicated process, but with this 2024 DIY guide, I am sure that you will manage.

Find the right globe

Source: Wikipedia

Of course, the first thing you will need to do is find the right globe that you will turn it into a bar where you will fit all of your favorite alcoholic drinks. But, how can you know which one is made out of high-quality materials such as wood and steel since you have never bought such an item? Well, fortunately, most stores that sell these kinds of things usually write an extensive description and a full specification list of all the materials that have been used during the manufacturing process.

However, even though they post the specification list, you should still be wary about what you are buying. Who knows whether they are being truthful or whether they are lying on their website?

To be safe, find at least 10 different contenders and then start comparing them. Learn about the different types of wood that have been used, the metal stand, and all the other parts that you can find on a globe. You should also be wary about the pricing. Some can be around $100, others can be $200 and some may even range up to one or $2000. The decision you make in the end should be determined by your budget and the style you’re looking for. And of course, the quality of the material used in the product.

Although, I do think I should mention that you also have the option of buying a prebuilt globe bar that can have the same style of a regular globe you picked. According to barglobeworld, buying a prebuilt bar may actually be the better idea because you might ruin that expensive regular globe you have bought without realizing your project.

In the end, it is you that determines whether the risk is worth it.

It’s time to cut


Well, the scariest part is done and you’re halfway there. You have picked the right product and it is time to turn this sphere into something that will have a much more interesting purpose. Depending on the type of material we are talking about, you are going to need a different set of tools.

Assuming that you’re going to work with a thicker piece of wood then you will probably need an electric jigsaw. If you already have one, great, if not, you’ll probably have to buy one or at least borrow one from someone. But, wait, you’re not done. You also need to make sure that you have the right type of blade. This kind of delicate work will require a blade that is sharp enough with small teeth which will ensure that the cuts are smooth.

Okay, you have the tool and you are ready. First, you will need to mark the place where you are going to cut. And that place is the middle of the planet which is referred to as the equator. Using a marker or a pencil, you will need to do an accurate line that will go around the entire globe. If you do not feel comfortable drawing a line, I guess you can just use the equator line that is already drawn onto the sphere.

Carefully, but with confidence, start cutting along the equator line.

Finishing touches


Once you are done cutting, you’re basically almost done. You just need to start sanding both sides of the globe that you cut to make sure that it’s smooth enough. Once everything is sanded down, you can add a bit of wood varnish to protect the wood from chipping away. With this finishing touch, you will make your regular globe seem like it has been manufactured that way.

Your next and final step is to install a drink holder. This is the moment your regular globe suddenly turns into a bar. You will probably need a couple of bottles or glass holders and then you will need the alcoholic drink. Once you screw down the holders into place, add a couple of bottles to make sure that the weight can be supported and you’re done. All you need to do now is to just reward yourself with a glass of whiskey after such hard work.

DIY projects are always fun, but they require a lot of focus and determination. But, by following this guide, I’m sure that you will be able to do this project quite easily.