How to Find a Good Personal Injury Lawyer

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If you are here, you probably need a personal injury lawyer. You have probably been involved in an accident or any other cause of personal injury. It might surprise you to know that pedestrian injury, dog bites, falls, and workplace injuries need personal injury lawyers. Finding a personal injury lawyer is not hard, but it requires effort, research, and careful deliberations.

On that note, here are some ways to find a personal injury lawyer.

Review your Case

Why would you want to review your case? You want to understand why you need a personal injury lawyer and not any other lawyer. It might surprise you to know that not all injuries will require such a service.

Many lawyers will look at the merit of your case. If the case is shaky, they will mostly charge you hourly fees. If they believe you have a chance of winning the full compensation, the contingency fee option will be attractive to them.

A simple review should look at your liability. Ask yourself if you are to blame for the accident. The answer will guide you on what to expect in the market.

Ask for a Referral

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Before you even ask your friends and relatives for help finding a lawyer, prepare a list of factors to consider. Some people end up with referrals that do not measure up to their needs. Your friends in another part of town might not help you find a lawyer who fits into your location, budget, and experiential standards.

Referrals are good because you will most likely get someone who you can connect with at a personal level. Even if they don’t take your case, the chances are that they will be honest with you.

They will share some general tips on what to look for in a personal injury attorney. If you are not lucky with finding the right referral, you can start your online search.

Online Search

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Unlike referrals that rarely give you a perfect match, you can get your right match through an online search. Your search criteria should include keywords like personal injury lawyer, location, experience in a specific injury claim.

You will start with a broad online search of personal injury lawyers in your area. You will narrow it down to the firms that have specific knowledge of the injury that you suffered.

For example, if you are claiming disability because of a workplace accident, you will need a workplace injury attorney.

Shortlist your Candidates

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Shortlisting helps you narrow down to the firms that you feel you can connect with. If you click here, you will find a law firm that is owned by two personal injury lawyers. Most firms have similar online profiles whether through their websites or lawyer databases.

You can look at the team, their professional portfolio, certifications, awards, and qualifications. Pick two or three firms from the list.

You can use online reviews as a benchmark for shortlisting. Former clients will always leave comments about their experience with a particular lawyer. You can take a keen interest in communication, customer service, and overall case outcome.

You may also want to look at their preferred pricing model. You want a very transparent pricing system that will be predictable, affordable, and convenient for you.

Book Appointments

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You want to connect with your lawyer on a personal level. Lawyers rely on evidence to make compelling cases. If they understand your position, they will be in a better place to make a case for you.

You want to strike out that rapport with your lawyer before you hire. Do not be hasty. Ask all those questions that you would want to have an answer. If you want to know about their winning record or litigation experience, ask directly.

However, do not take too much of their time. Efficiently structure your questions. Focus on relevant questions only, such as payment options, communication channels, and practice.

Choose the Lawyer

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It will be prudent to conduct all the interviews before making a decision. If the first law firm impresses you, at least give the others the time to impress you, too. As you will notice throughout your experience, your chemistry will work to your advantage. The stronger it is, the higher the chances of you enjoying the experience.

It takes some time to make a sound judgment. However, be aware of something called the statute of limitations. If you choose too long to file your claim, technicalities will void your claim. So, make the whole process efficient. Being truthful to your lawyer ensures that the defense does not blindside him or her.