How to Get Better at GTA 5 – 5 Effective Tips for Newbies


GTA 5 is one of the most popular games in the world. There’s no arguing it. While it has been around for a while now some people are new to it. The reason is that the new iteration won’t be out for foreseeable future.  This is how things work in the Rockstar Games. They don’t release a new game every few years. But when they do it is quite modern and up to date for a solid decade and more. So, the game that was released back in 2013 still has rookies.

If you’re a newcomer to the world of this game you probably want to head start your career and play like a pro from the get-go. This is a good way not to lose any time learning if you want to do things faster. We are here to help you and show you how to get better at GTA 5 while you wait for the new game. Let’s just say that the analysts suggest that it could come out in 2024, nothing is yet sure. In the mid-time, there’s no harm in reading our five effective tips for newbies.

Now, don’t think that we invented hot water here. These are some tips that will help you not to be lost in the vast world of this game. To get to the level of some experienced players you are going to need hours and hours of gameplay. Of course, this shouldn’t scare you. Playing this game for hours a day is quite easy. It pulls you in like no other game. The map is huge and it will be like you’ve entered another reality. But, before you get lost in the world of GTA 5 you should learn a few things. Start by reading this article.


Start Online

Just like you’re reading this article to get better at GTA 5 the game itself offers you to do the same. It comes with a tutorial. This is a great addition to the game and it helps all new players to enter into the gameplay with some basic knowledge of the game. If you have your hands on a complete package of the game it comes with a prologue that is intended to bring you closer to the game. You need to complete it to play. You should do this. Many people play this game without this option, and even when they have it, they skip it to start playing faster. Don’t be one of those people. Play this game as it is intended. Start with the tutorial and give yourself some background before you start meeting challenges in the vast world of this precious game.


Focus on Cars and Garages

This game is called Grand Theft Auto for a reason. Many of the game’s missions revolve around cars. So, to play the game as it’s intended you’ll need a car and a garage. It is hard to get your hands on decent care when you’re a new player but it can be done. The better the car you have the better the chances of you completing any given mission. Sometimes a slower car will be your biggest obstacle when completing a mission. When you’re a rookie the best you can do is to get an Elegy RH8 for free. This Nissan GT-R copy can be yours for free if you join the Rockstar’s Social Club. This is a great selection for races and as a new play, you’ll enjoy it for sure. In order not to lose it, or to have it stolen by other players you are better off investing all of your initial money into a garage. In the world of GTA 5, it is better to be safe than sorry. If you’re young and trying to play this game, you’ll probably be cast stripped so it is better to take outside help in the form of GTABoosting which is something many players do when they’re starting to play and probably later on too.


Collect Coupons

This game will make you a better player on your own. All you need to do is to play frequently. But, when you’re young in the game it is hard to do anything without money. So, to save some up, considering you’ll be buying items on a daily level getting your hands on some coupons is a wise thing to do. You can do this by becoming a member of the Rockstar Social Club. There, you’ll find different options that can lead you to some free coupons that can be later used in the game. All you need to do is to focus on some exploration and find the coupons that will best serve your objectives.


Steal a Chopper

As we said, this game is all about theft. So, why stop at cars when you can steal a chopper? Buying one is a hard task before your each your first million. We say this because the cheapest option is close to $800 thousand. So, instead of waiting hours of gameplay to get this kind of money, you can outright steal a chopper. The best option you have to do this is by taking the one located at the Los Santos International Airport. Having a chopper in the great world of GTA 5 is amazing. You’ll see how much time you’ll be saving going from place to place. This will aid you in completing your missions faster.


Attend Weekly Events

Rockstar takes good care of its players. Everyone has a chance to be great and this is best achieved by attending some weekly events. They’re called weekly because you’ll have a chance to complete one each week. These events are vital because you’ll be rewarded great things such as discounts on guns, properties, and cars. This is a great way to boost your career early on in the game. After a few weeks, you are going to be quite close to what you want to achieve. For a newbie, it is important to take advantage of every little thing you can.