8 Secret Revealed: How to Maintain Intimacy

Intimacy in relationships is mostly regarded as physical intimacy, which isn’t entirely untrue, but it isn’t entirely correct. Physical attraction is a crucial aspect of relation, but emotional intimacy is equally important, if not more. Thy physical interest is immense when two people initially meet because everything is new then.

The couple discovers each other; there is a thrill in knowing each other good and bad qualities, which adds to the spice. But over time, the mutual qualities begin to become a habit. You get to know each other better, you get to know the likes and dislikes, and you love them as much for their good qualities as you love them despite the bad ones. Life, its ambition, its challenges often get in the way of your relationship’s intimacy, and that is when we begin to feel the feeling of losing out.

Relationships also require an equal amount of effort as life to make it a successful one. You know your partner the best, and we are sure you will figure out something to keep the intimacy afloat; we would like to help you think of the way.

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1. Disclose your most reserved version to be understood better

If you truly feel the connection, you have to take the leap of faith and bring your guards down. Not at once, but gradually. ‘Intimacy is the process of discovery with another,’ says Joel B Bennett. Your one revelation will enable your partner to disclose their secrets, henceforth. Psychologists say that people who disclose themselves and give others the comfort to admit the same have the closest relationships with their partners.

2. Sit through emotional conversations and let go

Initially, they will make you feel awkward; they will make you feel weak, but know this; revealing your vulnerable side to your partner is the bravest thing to do. Having difficult conversations without feeling awkward will be one of the luckiest feelings you will ever feel.

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3. Get fond of the routine

Initially, everything is thrilling. You learn the unexpected about the other, but with time everything becomes predictable. You will be habituated with him making you the perfect cup of morning coffee. At the same time, he will be habituated with you keeping his office belongings perfectly arranged before he comes out of the shower, which will only boost your intimacy. There might be nights when either of you will have longer than usual shifts of work and not be able to do the share of household chores. When the other manages the household without being asked, realizing the rough routine, emotional intimacy grows. You do not only come closer as a couple, you become each other’s safe place.

4. Take care of the little things

These little things will make you smile on seeing their picture in your gallery while finding an important document. Little things like how she always insists on wearing heels to parties and how you always carry a band-aid so that the shoe-bite doesn’t hurt. Little things like how you miss wearing your watch on most mornings, and she always has it on her hand the moment you take an about-turn from the door to get it. Believe it or not, these little things are the game-changers.

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5. Variety is indeed the spice of life

No matter how much you love the routine, it is bound to get into your nerves if you do not break the pattern to shake things up at least twice or thrice a month. Emotion is spiced up the most when the script is interrupted. Shaking things up can range from a sudden road trip to a wild romantic weekend. While the former will require you to check your car and camera, the latter can be about getting your favorite role play costumes or pleasure toys that would drive your partner wild with desire, which in turn would make the weekend a wild one. If you wonder what pleasure toys could be available for couples, you should pay a visit to Cirilla’s sex toys to be left surprised.

6. Take big decisions together

Big decisions might be buying a house and making it a home with your own money – from the down payment to the decoration, or taking up gardening seriously, or keeping and taking care of a pet. Anything that involves taking additional responsibilities and enjoying the perks together is a big decision. Big decisions often come with bigger disagreements. When you can talk through those disagreements and reach a solution, you will yourself feel the change or notice the growth. Also, it is you as a couple who will decide if a decision is big enough for you, no one else.

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7. Do take notice of each other’s dreams and give a try to fulfill them

Yes, dreams like taking a selfie with Christiano Ronaldo might not be possible, but you can work to cut your expenses for a month to get him the VIP tickets to the world cup match from where he can watch Ronaldo closely. And you never know, if the game goes well, then the selfie might also happen. Similarly, you know that having a Jimmy Choo wardrobe might not be a recent possibility, but having a Jimmy Choo bag at your door on your birthday will make an emotion at the same time, won’t it?

8. Appreciate and give credit for when it’s due

Accepting and showing off your partners virtues (at times) is a loved form of appreciation. If you are any easy talker, this will come easy to you; if not, you will have to put an additional effort into making them realize that you are proud of them. Communication is an integral part of intimacy. The more mutual respect and pride you have for each other, the more often you can give equal importance to the positives and negatives, the more your emotional intimacy increases.

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These are just certain outlines to help you customize plans and surprises for your partners to develop your relationship intimacy. If you keep your emotional intimacy on the high, the physical intimation will also have a good score. So get emotional, get wild, and get intimate and stay happy.