Feeling Overworked? Here’s How to Protect Your Health

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In the twenty-first century, people accepted working too much as a new normality. They consider it necessary to be able to afford all the things necessary for a comfortable life for themselves and their family.

People are happy because they have a job and because they can make money, neglecting other aspects of their lives, above all health. People do not pay attention to their health, they just work, until it leaves lasting consequences. And we don’t just mean the physical consequences, but the mental ones as well.

When you work too much, you are exposed to constant stress, you do not get to relax, and also you fail to sleep and eat healthy, which together leads to the inevitable catastrophe. The importance of free time shows that many stock market speculators have begun to value more free time than money. Because money without free time has almost no value. Today we will introduce you to ways to protect your health, and before we move on, we will tell you what the signs are that you are overworking.

Signs you are being overworked

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The first thing you need to conclude is whether you are really overworked or you have just encountered such a period when you feel exhausted, and that has nothing to do with work, but maybe it has something to do with weather changes or you are anemic and the like. So we will give you clear signs on how to recognize that you are working too hard and sliding towards problems.

High heart rate

If you know what your average heart rate is, measure again several times a day. If you find that it has increased by over five beats per minute, this can be a clear sign. Increased secretion of stress hormone will lead to increased heart rate. Daily heart rate variations are natural, but if you find that your heart rate differs from the average for more than 5 days, it’s time to think about the causes.

Irregular menstruation

Irregular menstruation is a common sign of stress in women. Of course you should check all potential problems related to reproductive organs first, but if turn out that you are completely healthy, then it is time to think about stress and fatigue as the causes. Also, if you do not get to eat regularly due to too many obligations, it can lead to a low percentage of body fat, which also negatively affects the hormonal status.

Brain fog

If you feel that your thoughts are blurry and you can’t concentrate, it’s time for you to think about the cause. When the brain is overloaded throughout the day, then it fails to rest enough during the night and you constantly feel distracted. Then it is necessary to find activities for relaxation, but we will write about it a little later.

These are some of the most common signs. There are a lot of them and overworking can affect anything. In addition to the ones we have already mentioned, common are feelings of weakness, bad mood, frequent mood swings, insomnia, and even hair loss. Also eating problems. Alternation of food cravings and lack of appetite is also a common sign.

How to protect your health?

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1. Focus

Don’t let yourself do multiple things at once, because then your focus will drop and you will be much less productive. At the beginning of the day, determine what you have to do and stick to that schedule. Focus on doing all this during working hours and then you will have the rest of the day to relax. Otherwise you will have the feeling that you are doing something all day and that you never have time for yourself.

2. Create a workspace

This is a particularly current topic during the coronavirus pandemic, which is still ongoing. All professions that do not require physical presence have been relocated to work from home. While it’s something we all want, it’s actually a double-edged sword. If we use our time wisely, it will be easier for us than when we have to go to the office. But it can also happen that we work all day. To be productive, you need to have a workspace. Create a workspace in your home and act as if it is your office. Explain to other family members, especially if you have children, that they must not disturb you while you work.

3. Rest

It is necessary to sleep regularly. Try to get at least seven-hour sleep every night. Also, take days off. If you see that you still feel tired after the weekend, it means that you need a longer break. You take a few days off to rest and be ready to go back to work. The only problem maybe if your employer does not want to give you days off. Don’t tell anyone that we gave you this advice, but even if your employer doesn’t give you days off, there is one option you can resort to if absolutely necessary. A fake doctor’s note can help you if you have no other choice. If you opt for this option, contact professionals, such as bestfakedctorsnotes.net. Otherwise, you risk losing your job.

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4. Eat healthy

It is necessary to eat healthy and regularly. Take lunch breaks. Never skip meals and never eat anything unhealthy just to finish lunch as soon as possible. Buy something healthy or prepare it at home and take it with you, which is the best option. Without a proper and balanced diet, there is no health. Never put any business obligation in front of your health.

5. Delegate tasks

We know that you like to do everything yourself and that you are then most sure that the job is well done. But that is impossible. There is too much things to be done and you have to delegate tasks to your colleagues. Set priorities and do them, and delegate the rest to others. That way you will save yourself from overworking, and it is possible that everything will be done better, because if you have too many obligations, your concentration will drop and you will not do everything properly.

6. Exercise

Without sports activities it is impossible to live a healthy life. After a hard day, where you sit a lot, it is necessary to do a good workout and stretch. That way you protect your spine and muscles.

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Never neglect your health. Remember that there are many business opportunities and that you can always find an even better option, and your health is only one and if you ruin it, nothing else will be worth it.