How to Sell Your Property Even if It Needs a Lot of Work

Selling your property is once in a lifetime opportunity for most people. Not everyone gets the chance to go through this process twice or more during their life, making it a really special thing. Sometimes we sell our properties because we’re looking for a better opportunity somewhere else. Other times we’re just selling it because we have a great offer that knocked on our doors unexpectedly. No matter what the reason is, selling the place for a good sum of money is really important.

But, not always people sell their main home. Sometimes we sell a house that’s only rarely being used as a holiday-only location, and these properties are not always in best shape. Obviously, the less you visit the place the less attention to detail there will be. The same thing applies for your main home if it’s an older one. We can’t keep the place in perfect condition throughout all those years. Signs of age are unavoidable.

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Selling your property while it needs a lot of work

Whenever a person wants to sell something, they use the one thing that humans are most attracted to, and that’s aesthetics. By nature, we are attracted to what looks good. So, if you have to put your home on a property-listing website alongside other homes that were recently remodeled and repainted, you’ll probably feel a bit discouraged. “Who’s going to buy my home when they have the freedom to choose from these other good-looking ones?” is probably what’s going on in your mind. Well, it’s somewhat true, those browsing the listings will probably be more attracted to other properties that don’t need any work on them upon purchase.

That doesn’t mean you can’t sell yours though. Here’s how to do it.

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Learning how to utilize the weakness and use it as an advantage

Purchasing a property that doesn’t need any work done to it is a pretty cool thought. However, we all know that different people have different tastes. Imagine being hyped for a new home that has a hardwood floor just to pay for it and realize it has carpets instead. The same thing goes for curtains, the furniture style, color choice of walls and a lot more. What we’re trying to say is that a home that doesn’t “decide” on itself for others how it will look like is something that people find appealing.

It’s important to showcase those parts of your home that lay the foundation for further customizations. The layout, the large backyard, the great location, the entire basement that can be transformed into a gaming room etc… Don’t focus on the things that can and most likely will be replaced as soon as the owner purchases the home.


The difference between homes that need work and “finished” ones

If I were to purchase a home, I wouldn’t like to pay for furniture and décor that someone else with a different taste than mine chose for me instead. I pay for that type of thing and then I need to waste my time re-selling it, or even worse, throw it away if nobody wants to buy it. I’d almost always purchase a home that has a great layout, one that needs work and isn’t decorated and fancy over a home that is already permanently shaped into something I don’t like. And, I’m not the only person feeling like that, so you as a seller need to find the right way to “click” with those who are looking for the same thing.

What use is a large backyard that’s turned into a basketball field if the next owner of the home wants to have an outdoor swimming pool there? I’d always take an empty yard filled with overgrown grass rather than having to demolish something that’s already built there.

Instead of trying to hide the areas that need work in your listing, focus on showcasing the other advantages of your home, while encouraging and reminding the next owners of all the possible future customizations they can do. The goal is to help them see a picture of how their new home will look like once they complete it in their own way before they even purchase it. If you manage to do that you’ll sell quite fast.

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Find a good place to list your property

In order to sell something you need to present it to a large group of people who are looking to pay for that particular thing, in this case real-estate. In translation, you need to find a website or a phone app that’s visited by a lot of buyers on a daily basis. If you are not sure where to begin and you’re looking to sell fast, is a website where you can learn more.

The internet allows us to reach a huge audience with ease, and you no longer have to contact a real estate agent to help you sell, which is a huge advantage in our honest opinion. Upon finding the right place to list, make your description as accurate and attractive as possible, utilize the tips from above and be patient. A seller will call you soon.

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This doesn’t mean you shouldn’t prepare the home

Even though you are selling a home with a few “flaws”, it doesn’t mean you should leave it unprepared and all messy for when the buyers arrive to see it. Clean the yard, fix a few things that don’t require much time and effort, wipe the floors and cut the grass. Highlight those sides you consider to be the strongest and people will immediately notice the potential.

If you’re property is in a really poor condition, you can still sell it to companies like, who buy houses no matter the condition


Selling a home that needs a few repairs here and there can be discouraging but if you know how to properly present it to the masses, you’ll sell even faster than “complete” homes. Don’t feel like the black sheep in the herd when listing your imperfect home next to other properties in which thousands of dollars were invested before they were added to the listing.