How to Take CBD Oil: The Best Guide for Beginners 2024


The popularity of CBD products cannot go unrecognized since it has become a legal deal. Its popularity is worth it because of the benefits it serves. Many studies stated its positive impact on health and healing properties. CBD oil will be the perfect natural treatment if you have inflammation in the body or suffering from anxiety or chronic pain. CBD oil works on the endocannabinoid system present in the nervous system to restore lost homeostasis. Not all cannabinoids are identical, there are different types of cannabinoid present in the cannabis plants. So before you start using it you should know how to take CBD oil safely.

What Is CBD?


CBD is an abbreviation for cannabidiol. It is a compound known to have medicinal properties extracted from the leaves and flowers of the hemp plant. It acts on endocannabinoid receptors present in the brain. THC is another compound present in the marijuana plant. It can make people go high due to its psychoactive properties. People often confuse CBD oil with hemp oil. There is a difference between the two: CBD oil, unlike THC, is extracted from the leaves and stalks of the cannabis plant, while hemp oil comes from the hemp seed. Plus, according to Health Canal, the percentage of THC matters in CBD oil, and if it’s more than 0.3%, it can show some side effects in some people. There are CBD-dominant strains that have little or no THC as mentioned in Harvard health publications, so you need to choose your CBD product wisely.

Obtaining a Medical Marijuana Card

Navigating the path to acquiring a medical marijuana card can be a compassionate and straightforward journey, focused on improving health and well-being. Check out how Elevate Holistics can help you in acquiring a card online, from the comfort of your home. By engaging in a holistic approach to healthcare, individuals can access the potential benefits of medical marijuana safely and responsibly. It’s a process centered on medical guidance, patient needs, and addressing various health concerns such as pain management, anxiety, and chronic conditions. With a focus on personalized care and an emphasis on patient education, the journey towards obtaining a medical marijuana card becomes an empowering and efficient experience, supporting those in need of alternative therapies.

Main Types of Extracts

Let’s now learn about different forms of CBD extracts available in the market for use. No matter what form you take it in, you should always know how to take CBD oil safely. Some of the main types of extracts are:



It’s available as oil and can be directly applied to the affected area. It can also be taken as drops or tincture and sprayed directly into the mouth. You can also add CBD oil to your cooking regimen. If you are taking pure CBD oil, place it under your tongue as it’s the capillary-rich area and will help CBD get into the bloodstream faster.

CBD Edibles


If you do not like taking CBD oil’s natural taste in your mouth, try adding it to your foods. CBD-infused edibles come in a variety of forms, ranging from baked goods to drinks and lollipops. They typically contain CBD oil mixed or extract that is suspended in a carrier oil, such as olive oil or coconut oil. This makes them easier to swallow and digest, without any nasty aftertaste.



A vape pen is a device that can heat the liquid present inside it to form vapors. CBD oils can be added to vape pens, and your body absorbs them through inhalation. It is one of the direct ways to take CBD oil as it reaches the lungs straight, reaching the bloodstream and showing the instant effect on the body, but this method is usually not preferred.

Time Taken To Ease The Health Problems

CBD is immediately absorbed into the bloodstream and starts showing results. It can take 30 to 45 minutes for CBD to show its effect after its application or consumption.

What Is Suitable For You?


There are different methods of taking CBD oil, and you can take CBD oil the way you want. There is no specific indication of how you take it. Take it the way you feel comfortable in the form of vapor, oil, tincture, and edibles. CBD is a bit pungent to consume, so mixing it with food edibles is the best way to take CBD to cover up the taste and enjoy its natural health benefits.

Pain: CBD can ease joint pain, arthritis, and muscle pain in the body. CBD can manipulate receptors proteins that are responsible for sending signals for pain. This helps in bringing down the severity of pain.

Stress Relief: Anxiety and stress have become very common today. CBD is a potent prescription drug for this rising problem. It has shown results in combating anxiety and lowering stress levels in an individual.

Relax your mind: Your mind can be blown up due to a hectic schedule. This can mess up your daily life and make your mind wander in tension. Cannabidiol can help you relax your mind.

How to Take CBD Oil Safely


After consulting with your healthcare professional, you should get it according to the recommended dose. The doses may vary from one individual to the other. If you are stuck on how many drops of CBD oil under the tongue you should take, we recommend you take five drops of CBD three times a day. Starting with the minimum dose of a few drops will help you understand what works for you. You can increase your dose anytime according to your need. Try not to exceed the dosage by more than 70 mg. CBD oil dosage calculators are available online to get a fair idea of the minimum dose you can start with, depending on your weight.

Final Takeaway

CBD oil is benefit-packed for your health. It is a generally safe solution to some of the significant mental and physical health issues like anxiety, pain, arthritis, and stress. You will get a variety of CBD oil present on the store’s shelf, but you should never randomly pick them until you have done proper research. Always attention to CBD brands that passed 3rd party tests to ensure it is safe, and quality.