7 Reasons To Have Your HVAC System Installed by a Pro

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We all love the respite that welcomes us in an air-conditioned room with the harsh summer days breathing fire. While it’s easy to appreciate the advanced technologies, only a few households understand the need for a professional installation. Even the best AC units on the market would fall short of cooling your interiors adequately if the installation process goes wrong.

Whether installing a new AC or reinstalling the existing one after servicing, make sure to hire an experienced company like Hurliman Heating. This article will tell you what can happen if you fail to get your AC installed properly. We have also discussed how you can benefit from a properly installed AC.

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What can happen due to incorrect AC installation?

First, let’s find out what might go wrong if you fail to get your AC installed properly.

  • The system might sustain general damage
  • You would end up shelling out higher energy costs
  • There might be strange noises in the system
  • Your AC would respond slowly to temperature changes
  • The airflow from the system might be poor
  • The AC might start and stop frequently

Depending on how the professionals install the AC, you might experience one or more of these issues.

What to expect from a professional HVAC company during installation?

The installation of your AC makes the difference between a poor experience and a well-controlled internal environment. Here’s how you would benefit from a professional installation of your AC.

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1. The proper configuration ensures balanced airflow

When you install an AC, you expect the airflow to be well-balanced. Unless there is an adequate volume in the airflow, you will experience insufficiency of air. This would eventually deprive you of a comfortable indoor environment. At the same time, the energy bills would bite your pockets.

Established HVAC experts are aware of the best practices for AC installations. This also assures optimal functioning of your system.

2. Ensuring the proper level of refrigerant

Whether you are using a central AC or a normal one, it’s imperative to have the right refrigerant volume in the system. An inadequate amount of refrigerant might lead to the wastage of energy. With trained professionals handling the installation process, you can detect inadequate levels of refrigerant in it.

Also, the experts deploy advanced tools to detect possible refrigerant leaks. Accordingly, they refill the systems with the right amounts of refrigerants. Often, untrained contractors bank on guesswork and work on your systems. This can lead to an imbalance in the refrigerant level.

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3. Proper sealing of ducts

Simply using duct tape wouldn’t be adequate to seal off the AC ducts. Professional AC installers are aware of these aspects and use proper materials and techniques to seal the ducting system effectively.

Remember, the functional capacity of your AC largely depends on the ducts. These ducts carry air from the air conditioner and circulate them around your home. Unless the ductwork is foolproof, you will experience insufficient cooling and high energy bills.

Besides, improper duct sealing makes your AC susceptible to rodent and pest attacks. Rats often find their way from the outside through openings in the ducts. Eventually, they chew up the cables and inflict damage on the system.

4. Proper sizing of the system

During AC installation, you need to take care of the size and capacity of the system. Unless the sizing is perfect, the components will wear out faster, and the system will lose its lifespan. A bigger system or a higher capacity may not always suit your home or workplace. Oversized ACs also have their drawbacks.

For instance, a huge AC in your home would frequently cycle. This would rob the parts of their life, adding to your discomfort. Only trained and licensed AC installers can adequately measure the size of the AC based on the nature of your home.

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5. You’re secure against installation errors

DIY installation is not recommended for sophisticated home appliances like AC. In case you end up making a mistake, you would have to carry out the necessary repairs and replacements. This risk is much lower when you work the installation process out with a professional. You remain secure against installation errors, which laypeople are often prone to. HVAC repair companies have insurance policies to cover these expenses. Therefore, you can benefit from their policy even if they make an installation mistake.

6. Keeps your warranty valid

When the manufacturer’s warranty covers your AC, you may be required to hire a certified HVAC technician to work on it. Therefore, trying to install your AC yourself might void the warranty. Either you need to hire the service providers of the manufacturer or one of the recognized AC installation companies to get the task done. Moreover, hiring a licensed HVAC professional would be a logical decision.

In case you end up getting the warranty void and a manufacturing defect turns out, it would be a disaster for your finances.

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7. Get all your queries answered

Hiring an accomplished AC installation company brings you the privilege of clearing your doubts. After the installation process, make sure to ask these questions to the professionals.

  • The frequency at which you need to get the new AC unit serviced.
  • Key indicators of possible problems in your AC.
  • Whether the professionals can quickly follow up on emergency service requests.
  • Whether or not you need to know something important about that specific model.
  • The duration through which the manufacturer’s warranty would cover the unit.


As evident from this article, you must hire a certified AC installation company like Hurliman Heating for a seamless job. This ensures that your manufacturer’s warranty remains valid. Most importantly, you won’t need to risk making expensive blunders while installing the AC.

The functional capacity of your AC significantly depends on how the experts install it. Working closely with professionals, you can rest assured of the accurate installation of the system.