6 Must-Have Hygiene And Grooming Kits For Dogs – 2024 Guide

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Taking care of dogs goes beyond feeding them, playing with them and taking them on walks. You also need to care for your dog’s hygiene and grooming needs so he or she doesn’t end up dirty and sick. They are more than just pets but members of the family. They are helping us to cope and deal with lots of things so we must reciprocate their affection and loyalty as well.

Since groomers and dog professionals can get expensive, we think you should get these essential six kits to take care of your dog’s grooming and hygiene needs.

1. Combs and Brushes

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Sometimes, your dog’s fur will start to get twisted and knotted, so you will need to use a comb or brush to help him or her out. Doing so will help you to remove those knots so your dog doesn’t look unkempt. As for which one you should use, that will depend on if your dog has thin or thick fur.

If your dog has thin fur, you can use a comb, but you should use a brush if your dog has thick fur. Make sure you brush your dog’s fur every day so you can minimize knots and make your dog’s fur beautiful. Otherwise, it will be more of a pain for you when you try and brush your dog’s fur in the future.

2. Dog Nail Grinder

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Many people think they should use dog nail clippers on their pets, but this could cause injuries and pain. If you cut too low on your dog’s nails, you can cause serious discomfort and even bleed depending on the situation. Instead, you should use a nail grinder when trimming your dog’s nails.

A nail grinder slowly cuts away the tip of the dog’s nail. This way, you can care for your dog’s health without accidentally cutting too low on your dog’s nails. If you don’t care for your dog’s nails, they can become long and get stuck on things. You can visit The Pampered Pup to learn more about the most pressing questions centered around nail grinders.

3. Dog Shaving Kit

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As time passes, your dog’s fur will grow and need to be shaved or trimmed. While some people will take their dogs to groomers to take care of the shaving, you could buy your own trimmers and care for your dog at home. This way, your dog won’t have fur all over the place and you can make your dog look cleaner.

Keep in mind that you need to trim your dog regularly. Otherwise, fur could start getting into your dog’s eyes and the fur in-between his or her paws can cause discomfort and pain. Make sure you own some scissors or dog clippers so you can carefully and effectively cut your dog’s fur as needed. You will also be thankful to have one when something gets stuck on your dog’s coat, chewing gum for example. It’ll save you money as well from the emergency visit to your professional groomer. We advise you to watch tutorial videos on how to properly cut and what styles you can do for your dog at home.

4. Standard Bathing Supplies

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Dogs will need baths on a regular basis, so you should have bathing supplies ready for your furry friend. Depending on the size of your dog, you may need to purchase a basin for your dog to sit in during the bathing process, but most dogs will fit into a bathtub or sink. From here, you will need a dog shampoo and conditioner.

You shouldn’t use human shampoo and conditioner on dogs. Shampoo and conditioner can easily get into a dog’s eyes during a bath, so you will want to use dog shampoo since it’s designed to not cause discomfort or pain. Don’t leave out conditioners for your dog, too. It helps prevent dry skin and dandruff and if your dog has long coats, it will prevent mats or help loosen mats.

5. Oral Care Kit

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A healthy mouth and teeth are amongst the important things you should maintain for your dog’s health. Dental issues and diseases are the most common for dogs so you must have an oral care kit. This usually includes a dog toothbrush, a finger toothbrush, and enzymatic toothpaste.

You can use a human toothbrush, however, make sure the bristles are soft. But of course, it’s best to buy a dog toothbrush for dental preventive care. Some owners find it difficult to brush their dog’s teeth. If that is the case, a dog finger toothbrush is the best option so you can scour away food deposits and plaque. Getting enzymatic toothpaste is also vital to prevent gum disease, tooth decay, and tartar buildup.

If you pay attention to your dog’s dental hygiene and care you can save a lot of money from frequent or emergency vet visits.

6. Products for Drying

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Once you give your dog a bath, you will need to use something to dry him or her off. Towels work well to initially dry off your dog since you can take your dog out of the bath and start drying him or her off immediately. Get a microfiber towel because it dries faster. Pat dry and squeeze your dog’s coat and avoid rubbing motion so they won’t have a tangled coat.

After this, you should use a hairdryer to make your dog as dry as possible. Your dog may be afraid of the hairdryer at first, but he or she should learn to enjoy the warmth with time. After all, you should get your dog dry as soon as possible to avoid making him or her cold. Moreover, the dog’s coat, when not dried properly can promote the build-up of yeast and that alone can lead to yeast infection. This is why having a blow-dryer for pets is vital to remove the excess moisture and avoid yeast to flourish.

You should always properly care for your dog, especially when it comes to grooming and hygiene. You never know when your dog may need a bath in an emergency, so it’s good to have these kits and hygiene items on hand. Make sure you look through them and purchase any of the products that will be useful to you.