Stunning Ideas For Family Photo Collages

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A collage is a creative decoration concept that does not go out of style in any way, shape, or form, be it a gallery wall or a classy collage. This popular, widely used, and timeless trend is an amazing way to add a great touch to your interior. Every art interior enthusiast appreciates and understands the range a collage can reach when it comes to displaying the beauty and even memories.

You can display your favorite family photos or show your class an understanding of eclectic wall art. A collage is always an avenue to showcase and celebrate your taste in decoration and design. There is a vast amount of samples to pick from here.

In creating a good collage, some steps should be taken, procedures, and techniques, as every seasoned interior decorator would call it. After all, it is beyond simple art. A technique primarily used in the visual arts, by which art results from an ensemble of different forms, hence creating a new whole.


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This is the first step in creating your photo collage, perhaps the most important. It stands as the foundation of how your collage would eventually appear. If your idea is to head towards sentiments or you intend to chase a softer side with your gallery wall, you could hang photos of your fondest memories with family and friends.

Collage stands as an art of patching things together; it is always a great idea to put together pieces of memorabilia to fill up the spaces between each photo. If you are uniquely interested in art, it is equally a great idea to combine images that elevate your space and signify your artistic taste when you decide to have a show-off.


Color is widely known as an important aspect of interior decoration. Some even say; when it comes to choosing your color, leave it to the professionals. You want your shades to look cohesive, so it is tantamount to choose colors that complement each other. The decision to move ahead with a warm or cool-toned color scheme is entirely up to you and your household.

Another easy technique is to pick hues from your surroundings, tying them together with your wall picture collage. If your interior lies at the stage of development, it’s advisable to go for neutral colors as it will maintain a low risk of clash and will still inevitably stump on perfect shades.


In the case of measuring for height, it always is tricky as it requires precision, calculation, and a basic understanding of home decoration. Many homeowners make the mistake of hanging their art too high, the essence of demonstrating or showcasing a body of art is so it can be easily spotted and appreciated.

In a classic gallery, the artwork is placed in perfect view for the patrons to admire; this technique should be copied when you create your college and are ready to show.
For instance, if you are creating a collage above your couch, you only need 6 – 10 inches between the top of the furniture and the lowest photo.


When creating a collage and the challenges of the shapes and sizes themselves, don’t be afraid to incorporate a variety of shapes and sizes. It creates a beautiful contrast that sometimes tells the stories of each frame. By hanging both large and small prints, it creates a dimension of angular beauty. Your scope and texture should be on key as you could have your fun deciding that.

When it comes to shapes and sizes, the more unique the better, and don’t forget to pick canvases that contrast each other to create maximum visual interest. This idea is especially loved by kids of younger ages, it is fascinating to them almost as much as it is to the adults in a household.


Odd numbers have proven to be quite pleasant to look at. Rather than focusing on regularity, interior design is about crafting a multidimensional space. Arrange your prints in odd numbers as it would bring to your interior a more aesthetically attractive look.

As all interior decorators know, aesthetics equals beauty, beauty lays beyond rigid, careful, and bogus arrangements but in the little details, we can put together, hence creating something beyond even our imagination.


Implement the above ideas to create a perfect college, spot your favorite techniques and practice making it better. Collages are great ways to show your personality and the thing you celebrate the most. It’s a form of art that dates back very far don’t be discouraged if you don’t get it right on the first try. Beauty is hard to understand, but once understood, it becomes easy to manifest in the world of art.

A collage may sometimes include magazine and newspaper clippings, ribbons, paint, photographs, portions of other artwork or texts. As said earlier, a collage is an expansive form of art with an origin dating back centuries, eventually evolving into an art form of novelty in the 20th century.

Collages could also be implemented or used for the following as stated below.


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Collect together some of your favorite frames, photos, or works of art, stylishly arrange and design them to your taste. You should be able to expand your imagination with this idea. Have fun with it; make it true and at the same time, very unique.


As learned earlier, collages can be very expansive in the sense that it has a wide power of range. It can be used in any part of your space as collages have the tendencies of being able to tell a story, depending on what the designer is trying to put out.

Stairwells are a great place to hang collages, if you don’t have a stairwell present in your space, you can always use other sectors rather creatively.

You could also hang a collage above your desk as your workplace. A workplace can generate a lot of tension; a beautifully placed collage crafted on inspirational quotes of findings can help increase productivity, life moods and portray a general aura of positivity and knowledge.

In addition, you could also use a collage behind your sofa, it can give your living room a unique facelift. This is an unpopular technique, so it would inevitably stand unique and beautiful if you ever decided to show off.