4 Incredible Ideas for Your Interior Design

Designing your home can be a fantastic way to spend your time and an even better way to spend your money; our homes are our solace and respite from the mundanity and torturous reality of the world, and most of us will spend a good chunk of our lives in the comfort of our own home. Our home affords us an opportunity to get in touch with the primordial instinct of man to establish his territory and to keep others out; this au fond is why we are so obsessed with keeping our homes our own and why we are so obsessive-compulsive about the way we design and decorate them.

Nobody wants their home to be uncomfortable, so it is important that you make your home as comfortable for you, your family, and anyone else that shares your home with you, so that you can all relax and all experience the blissful feeling of having your home decorated to your specifications and designing the way you want and around you. Designing your home can be costly, so it is important that if you are going to set out on a renovation or design project that you are aware of the substantial costs you may incur and be aware of the fact you could spend a good chunk more than you designated for the renovation on it. Home design projects are often a massive money-pit so be prepared for the potential loss of finances you may have to deal with. Here are some incredible ideas for your interior design.

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Go All the Way East

In recent years, Dutch minimalism has received a huge amount of interest in independent design and fashion journals, but what has received even more interest is Japanese minimalism. Dutch minimalism borrows in many ways from Japanese minimalism and you can find many similarities in the simple, yet intricate, design styles from either country. Finding an interior design can be difficult, but the professionals from Modsy specialize in finding the right one for you, and if you are struggling, a specialist is the first person you should call – still, if you do want to go at it alone, there are many cool designs you can choose from. As what was just mentioned, the Japanese aesthetic has picked up a huge amount of interest with many people around the world deciding to learn toward the Far East for their interior design.

Japanese aesthetics can be achieved very simply and with minimal trouble; a staple point of most Japanese homes is the tatami flooring. Tatami rooms are a big part of Japanese homes, as they often do not have carpet, and tatami flooring can be picked up quite inexpensively and imported to your country, or you will likely have a company that specializes in tatami at home, which is often the cheaper route. A tatami room is essential to the Japanese minimalist aesthetic and it cannot be achieved without at least one tatami mat!

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Try Out Europe and Go for Italian or Greek

Trying out an Italian design can certainly be very interesting, but expensive at the same time. Homes with Italian aesthetics are often very sought after and many homes are built around the world in this way, with many villas and modernized properties looking similar to rowhouses you would find on Italian coastal ports or islands. An Italian aesthetic is achievable but can be very, very expensive, as Italian furniture is some of the finest craft in the world, and therefore, very hard to source, and very expensive to pay for! Still, there are many websites catering to independent interior designers, so this is achievable if you have the finance available to you, and if you are looking for furniture on a budget, the best thing that you can do if you want to buy high-quality furniture is to go completely second-hand for which there are many websites.

A Greek aesthetic is really cool, too. With lots of marble and alabaster statues, you can seriously Greek-up the place! Try to get big, transparent curtains that blow in the wind and see about putting down marble or alabaster flooring; Greek homes are often very green, so be sure to put in lots of fresh plants and herbs that you can decorate the interior of your home with, to really give visitors the feeling of being in a sea-side Greek villa! You can achieve this quite cheaply, spare the alabaster, which can be very expensive.

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Go Old Fashioned

More and more in recent years, older aesthetics have picked up a huge amount of interest; homes with big Persian rugs, Chesterfield sofas, and armchairs, with rich mahogany boards for walls, the interior smelling like a fine brandy, were once considered to be the hallmark of an old man, but as years have passed, this aesthetic has seen a huge surge in interest, with many young people seeking to achieve this look.

This look, surprisingly, can be very inexpensive, as much of the furniture required for this aesthetic can be picked up second-hand from estate sales and thrift stores. The furniture is not in demand much anymore but is often of hugely brilliant quality, and unlike any other furniture, you can find. This old-fashioned aesthetic was once suited to British country manors, but now can be achieved in a one-bedroom apartment.

For this look you need not hire an interior designer, simply consult photos of old British Victorian manor house interiors and you will be able to borrow design ideas and implement them into your own home. It can be costly when gathering everything together, but the individual pieces should be quite cheap. You can really accessorize with his design style and implement aspects from cultures across the world; check out Persian rugs, Grecian vases, and Chinese silken photos, they all match this aesthetic and you can go to an antique store and buy your little heart out, thereby making your home a true British manor house, even if you live in the middle of Detroit.

If you are going to hire a design team make sure they are professional and well-reviewed and do not hire any unscrupulous or shady characters to do your work for you, as they may seriously damage your home and cause structural problems that cannot be fixed.

A more practical alternative is becoming the interior designer of your own home. So if you see the need to renovate, design, and build a home soon, check out online interior design courses at nda.ac.uk.