Important Elements to Make Your Riding Experience Better

There is always room for improvement, your motorcycling riding experience can still be made better. Let us have a look together at how we can do that.

Lane Splitting

It excites me very much. I don’t know why but shifting between lanes and driving through cars feels like living a new life every moment. It is thrilling, and natural, but is also dangerous. To be honest, even the most experienced rider makes mistakes and those mistakes sometimes get you back for good. The best and safest way is not to do it, but where is the fun in that. Learn the basics, get experience, be comfortable with it, and know your bike before doing this.

Meanwhile, if you are uncomfortable with your bike, consider a motorcycle trade in for a better and more advanced bike that can provide you with better control and stability. It will not only help you to lane split safely but will also give you a better riding experience.

I’ve seen riders getting crashed while splitting lanes because of their luggage like saddlebags or panniers (like ones from Getting used to it will take time, so before that chill-out. Sharpen your skills by practicing lane splitting and breaking.


Don’t forget safety and protection should be your first priority. Either you are going just around the corner for groceries or trips. Wear a (full face) helmet, motorcycle riding protected jacket, boots, gloves, and chaps. These things will protect you in case of an accident. Ride while following the traffic rules.


Braking is most important and most time consuming to master. Keeps your brake lever tightened according to your choice and the brake pads in good condition. Replace them when needed, you never know. While braking doesn’t let your bike down, never pull front brakes on a turn, and try even not to apply rear brakes while turning. Invest in ABS brakes, they don’t make the bike slip or get jammed. Check them before riding.

Gears Shifting

This is one of the complex practices. With time you will become better. The goal while shifting gear, either up or down, the goal is a smooth shift. What may seem simple and basic rapidly becomes and dance using both hands and feet if you want to achieve genuinely fast riding. Whether you’re a veteran or novice, your goal is smoothness.


Sliding is scary, there is no doubt in that. It can happen to you too. The best way is to learn how to deal with the situation. You can practice in the dirt bike arena or take your bike to the racing track. Remember, your tires are going to wear out soon so be prepared for a change. Don’t forget to wear safety gear.

Riding with A Passenger

Take a passenger for a ride without getting them scared, safe and sound to the destination. Start off slow, see if you can steer and control the bike well, wear protective gear and make sure the passenger is wearing it too. Riding with a passenger is different than riding alone, keep that in mind. Accelerating and braking would take more time, so steer, brake, and overtake accordingly.


Cornering the bike well is the greatest challenge for riders and the biggest reward too. The pleasure a smooth cornered moment gives is out of this world. If you are a beginner practice cornering on a track first at slow speeds. Progressively increase your speed, as you do so the task becomes harder. Lean out the corner, don’t panic if your knee touches down, keep the course and exit the corner well. Wear knee pads and other protective gear.


The reason behind a bike crashing is the rider. They don’t steer themselves. Learn how to steer before taking it out. Take riding classes or complete a course, these even help you with getting your license. Don’t forget the counter steering.

Keep your ride well maintained, always check before getting on it, wear proper motorcycle riding gear, and be safe.