6 tips and Tricks For Improving Your Destiny PVP skills

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How do I get better? This is one of the questions that every gamer asks himself at some point. The best advice we can give you is that you just have to play as much as possible. Also, try to think a few steps ahead of your opponents, anticipate moves, use angles, have an escape plan, practice weapon control, and so on. Here are some additional universal tips that will benefit everyone. Don’t forget that the most important thing is to have a good time while playing. However, there are a few more tips and tricks to help you improve your destiny PVP skills.

1. Use a map

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One of the common mistakes players make is taking their eyes off the map. Don’t do this because a map can save your life many times. It will help you never become prey, because thanks to this tool you will achieve a great advantage over your opponents. If it is not clear to you so far how the enemies managed to spot and kill you so quickly, we have the answer. You became predictable, and they concluded that by using a mini-map. They are constantly lurking there and waiting for your arrival. Try to turn the situation in your favor. This way you will not only avoid certain death, but you will also see where the best fights are being fought and you will keep an eye on the enemy. You must not forget one thing. If you shoot first, you will always have the advantage. So do not hesitate but use all the advantages of the map and establish domination over the enemy.

2. Look up to PRO players

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It is important to follow the PROs and get the best out of it. There is an option that allows you to clearly see which team is committing the kill. You will not only see this act but also all the details. This refers to the way of killing, the type of weapon used in this situation, but also the moves. This way you can steal all the cool moves and tricks. So do not miss all the details, because by adopting them you can improve a lot.

We are sure that there are at least a few tricks that are better than your current moves that you use, etc. However, you don’t have to learn only new moves. Another useful lesson can be learned from their mistakes that will make you think. For example, ask yourself if you are using the right weapon, how effective it is, what you need to change, and so on. Sometimes it is necessary to let the enemy team win in order to learn something about the skills you want to acquire.

3. Use the right tools

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If you want to do a good job, you need to have the right tools to use in certain situations. Only then will you positively impact your performance in PvP. So inspect your equipment and consider the following items. Impact comes first, because it would be good to do as much damage as possible with each blow. Range is also important. Check how far your shot can reach before it loses accuracy. Stability is a very important item. Be sure to know the jerk of the weapon during shooting. Pay attention to the handling, the speed of pulling out and aiming the weapon.

In addition, check the recharging speed. It would be good to load the weapon as quickly as possible. Don’t forget about different types of weapons, because each of them will have different statistics. Another important factor is your style of play, because it can sometimes be decisive. Always keep these things in mind, because the better you aim and hit the target, the sooner the fight will be over. Our advice is to always take the latest weapons, because they contain the latest mechanics that have not been seen in the game before. We must not forget the conditions of the map. They will also influence the choice of weapons, because each combat encounter will be different in different places. You can greatly benefit from Destiny 2 boosting since that way you can get exotic weapons. Check available exotic weapons for Destiny 2 at MMOBOOST.PRO

4. Master the movements

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Remember that this is perhaps more important than a good goal. Only in this way will you be able to stay alive, because your opponents will not be able to catch up with you with their blows. Don’t forget the unique movements and abilities to cover the ground. Be prepared for that too. That’s why you keep moving, because it’s always lurking around the corner. Of course, you will first check the area you are in well, but don’t take it long. Just use two seconds to do this, and then you can move on to another area. Some modes will allow you more time to check, such as Survival and Elimination. However, do not camp for too long as the enemy will take advantage of your inactivity. This means that you will be surrounded by them very quickly, and your enemies will be in the perfect position to attack.

5. Learn from defeat

So you will not only get useful lessons from defeating pro players but also from your own defeats. While losing is not a fun thing, it gives you the opportunity to learn. It is an opportunity to learn maps and weapons, improve your skills and improve in every sense. Remember that a good knowledge of the map will take you far and you will become very strong. So when you lose, don’t get upset right away, stop for a moment. See why it happened, analyze your moves, equipment and everything you need to prevent this outcome in the next match.

6. Use radar

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This way you will always see the bigger picture compared to tunnel vision. For example, you have a fight with someone and that someone starts running away. We’re sure you’ll go after him, but you have to keep good eye control. So practice taking a look at your radar every few seconds, because that way you will know where your team is. Radar has nuances that change in relation to the proximity, distance and height of your opponents.


Don’t forget to use the map, the latest weapons and never stop moving. Without this, you will not be able to improve, but if you adopt all those tips, you will be great in this fantastic game.