7 Incredible High Tech Inventions Used in Army

When it comes to the organization that is protecting our country, it’s safe to say they’re going to be pretty well tuned in every area. Training will be state of the art in combat and in operations, even when you go to the mess hall there will be nutritious food to keep you going. Now we have developed in the technology sector, so has the equipment the army uses to keep everyone safe, here we look at 7 incredible high tech inventions used within the army.

Computers & Servers

Let’s start with something that doesn’t seem like anything new, but is the building blocks for everything else that followed. When computers were invented, they were very large and bulky and had very limited capabilities. These days we can have a computer in pretty much anything and the speed and capability are more than we ever would have imagined. We can have computers anywhere and everywhere, all running from serves so quickly it takes nanoseconds to do anything, which when running an army is essential. For more details check CP-techusa, it’s amazing how far we have been able to evolve with the help of technology. Winning the battle starts with the intel and information being streamed to the front line.

Source: Wikipedia


Something that has come into play recently is the use of drones. They hit the market for the public in a big way, but the army has been using them for years. Drones give the ability to view areas that might be unsafe for a patrol unit to explore without scouting first. Drones are usually flown by a specialist within the team and will be able to give a whole host of information, and in some cases are completely undetectable. Not only that but using drones has now given the ability to reach teams in trouble far easier than before, food and ammo drops don’t have to come from a plane above, it can be delivered directly to the unit.

Augmented Reality

Sources say that the army spent a lot of money on this technology in 2018 with the hope that it will help them in future battles. Augmented reality, when simply defined, is seeing something that has been digitally placed in the real world. This usually happens via headset and the army is looking at using it for heads up displays for all infantry, being able to send valuable data to the front line about directions, targets, and mission objectives, all displayed through a headset will be groundbreaking. Not only that, but it will be able to be incorporated within military vehicles, tank drivers would be able to see completely out their vehicle instead of the tiny hole they currently have.

Source: pixabay.com


Technology people thought wouldn’t be seen for at least another 50 – 100 years but it’s here. Robots joining the fight next to humans is an exciting but extremely scary thing. There have been developments in walking, fighting robots that are designed purely for crowd control or backing up units in trouble. Robot patrol dogs have also been invented, some of which have actually been deployed to help with the COVID-19 lockdown.


To begin with soldiers painted their faces with mud and different colour paints, wore camo gear, and blended in with surrounding scenery. That is still very much the case, but it has always been difficult to hide vehicles. There has, however, been a breakthrough with vehicle camo that will hide them by installing a honeycomb-like system that will prevent any radars or thermal imaging from picking them up. We will have invisible vehicles before we know it.

Source: US National Archives – GetArchive

Precision Rifles

I hear what you’re saying, a rifle is only as accurate as the person shooting it. Not any more. Companies have developed precision-guided rifles that take the auto-lock from larger rocket launchers and put it into a much smaller rifle. They use target tracking, advanced fire control, and a heads up display to enable the soldier to raise the probability of hitting his target first time by guiding the bullet, even at long range.


You heard me, Call of Duty fans, the exo-skeleton is a real thing and it’s as gnarly as it sounds. It’s called the Human Universal Load Carrier (could have named it better if you ask me) and it’s a hydraulic-powered exoskeleton suit that will help and support soldiers on the battlefield. It allows them to carry heavy loads for long periods of time as it’s built to transfer the weight into the frame, not the body. Not only that but it’s not restricting in any way, it’s been designed so the soldier has the full range of movement and you can get attachments for it. The video game nerd inside is going crazy.

Source: NBC News

There’s no getting around the fact that we have invented and developed some pretty incredible things in our time on this planet, and there are no signs that we are letting up. Lasers are becoming a huge part of our arsenal and it won’t be long before current technology is the same as what we dreamed up a few years ago.