Indian Dresses for Formal Events – Styling Tips for You!

When going for a corporate meeting or any other formal event, you need to look decent and classy. You can choose to wear Indian dresses. How you style the dresses will determine your overall appearance. You can have a classy dress but fail to style it appropriately, and your attempt to look beautiful will have failed.

There are different Indian attires you can wear for a formal event. You can choose salwar kameez, saree, lehenga choli, and read more. You need to choose the ideal design and color for the event. Besides, you need to choose the right size to ensure it fits you correctly. Read on to learn how to style your Indian dress when going for a formal event.


Consider Indo Western Fusion

Most of the trendy Indian dresses have a western touch. You can style your lehenga with crop top or peplum crop top and complete the look with a scarf or dupatta. This will ensure you look decent and beautiful for a formal dinner party or any other corporate event.

The indo western fusion has taken the fashion industry by surprise and incorporating it in your lifestyle can give you a unique look. However, before you mix the fashion, you need to know if the style will work for the event or not. Contact designers or visit fashion blogs sharing tips on indo western fashion to know what can work for you.

Add Some Jewelry

Once you get a classy dress for the event, you need to enhance the look by adding some jewelry. The number of jewelry you can use will depend on the embroidery on your Indian dress. If your dress is heavily embroidered, you need to keep it simple when adding jewelry. Just add simple earrings and a necklace.

On the other hand if your dress is simple, you should use more jewelry for a classy look. However, the number of jewelry you can use should depend on the event type and your preference. A classy necklace, earrings, bracelets, rings, and watch will be enough. Remember not overdo it.


Wear the Right Shoes

When you choose to wear salwar kameez when going to an event, you should consider wearing block heels, strappy slip-ons, and wedges. However, you need to match the color of the shoes with that of your top, dupatta or scarf.

It is advisable t carry an extra pair of flat shoes when going for a corporate event or dinner where you are likely to dance a bit when wearing heels. You will just change into the flat shoes when joining the dancing floor. Also, ensure that the shoes look good on you and you are comfortable wearing them.

A Classy Handbag Adds More Elegance

Once you wear your dress, shoes and jewelry, you need to complete your look with a classy handbag. A leather handbag will add more elegance and will make you look expensive and more organized.  You can choose to carry a sling handbag, tote bag, and Hobe bag. However, the bag you choose should complement and enhance your look. It should also hold your essential items such as mobile phone, some makeup, among other items.


Don’t Show too Much of Your Body

Sometimes, when you wear a saree or lehenga choli, you are likely to show too much of your body. You need to ensure that you don’t show too much of your body by using a dupatta, scarf or a jacket to cover the shoulders and chest areas. What’s more, avoid too short and tight dresses, they can make you uncomfortable at times during the event.

Colors Will Make a Statement

You need to be careful when choosing colors to wear when going to various formal events. Most events will have a theme color, and you should buy a dress or wear an Indian dress with the theme color(s). You will look the odd one out when you wear a completely different color or mix of colors.

You should wear colors that complement your skin color. Also, you should avoid mixing too many colors, especially the bright ones. Besides, choose colors based on the event. For a dinner party you can choose bright colors while for corporate meeting black, grey, and other dull colors will make you look impressively splendid.


A Jacket is Essential in Cold Days

Sometimes, it is advisable to wear a jacket when going for a formal event, especially when wearing a crop top with lehenga or Indian skirt with a blouse. Adding a jacket on top of the blouse or top will complete your look and keep you warm. The jacket should be well designed to complement the top, skirt and shoes.

Makeup Will Enhance Your Look

Most women like to wear makeup when going for parties as well as formal events. You should also enhance your look with some makeup. Work on your face, eyelashes, eyebrows and lips. Ensure that the makeup is correctly done to give you a natural look. If you don’t know how to apply makeup, just ask your friend to help you out or hire a makeup artist.


Do Your Nails and Hair

Your hair will determine your overall look. If your hair is unkempt, you will not look elegant as you expect. You should therefore go to your salon for your hair to be cleaned and styled the way you want. You should take care of the hair before the event. Also, you should also do your nails and ensure they look beautiful. That way you will have a complete look.

Final Words

When dressing for a formal event, you need to dress decently. Indian dresses will make you look beautiful for almost any formal event. However, you must style the dresses appropriately for a unique appearance. The above tips will help you style your Indian ethnic outfit for special events. Consider the tips and you will not be disappointed.