The Influence of Lingerie in Popular Culture: A Look at Iconic Moments in Film and TV

You probably never thought that there is a separate culture of lingerie. Many want to have delicate, fragile underwear to emphasize their elegance and tenderness. Some, on the contrary, want to wear bright, extravagant clothes to satisfy their inner punk. But few ever think about the fact that these desires appear due to the influence of popular culture like music, movies or television.

A person subconsciously takes over what is shown in popular culture. In this post, Empress Mimi seeks to explore the influence lingerie had on cinema over the years.

The early years of lingerie in film


Underwear in film had attracted the viewers’ attention when the most iconic moments appeared. We remember them forever. In fact, they became a part of popular culture. Women began to pay attention to what their favorite heroines were wearing in movies and wanted the same for themselves.

A moment that probably everyone knows is when Marilyn Monroe’s dress rises from the air flow. This is from the movie “The Seven Year Itch”. Even though not everyone has seen it, all of us know the scene with Monroe’s dress. This point can be considered the beginning of “lingerie culture”. Wealthy women began to look for something similar, and everyone else just dreamed about it.

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Rita Hayworth’s frank, yet elegant negligee became the next icon. The actress appeared in sexy lingerie in the movie “Gilda“. It was a minimalist black satin attire that not only seduces men, but is also attractive for women. The female part of society looked up to her.

The impact of lingerie in the Golden Age of Hollywood

The Golden Age of Hollywood is widely considered to be the peak in the history of cinema. Various visual and sound techniques began to be adopted. At the same time, fashion trends were actively changing. The demand for simplicity increased, simple lines and patterns were used for decoration. A masculine note was added to delicate female silhouettes. This was most often manifested in a military style.

Although the war continued, and masculinity in female looks was on the rise, the cinema tried to emphasize femininity as much as possible. It was thanks to the image of a woman in glamorous lingerie that the association with beauty and tenderness was created in society.

Thanks to the Golden Age of Hollywood, women are still perceived as a symbol of tenderness and sensuality. If films at that time did not create such an image of a woman, today, perhaps, many of us would not even consider underwear as something that can be attractive.

Lingerie in modern TV and film

As strange as it may sound, showing lingerie is even more important now than it used to be. The role of underwear is gradually changing. It builds a certain sense of freedom, acceptance of one’s body, and struggle against the sexualization of women. This is due to the fact that idealizing and sexualizing the female body has become commonplace. Actresses often appear unfazed by their lack of clothing in order to popularize this, so that other women are not afraid to show their bodies and do not feel like a sexual object.

Great examples of such women are Sarah Jessica Parker with her pink tutu and Jamie Lee Curtis in elegant black lingerie. Sarah Jessica Parker played the role of an ambiguous girl Carrie, who tries to be satisfied with sex.

The sexy image of Jamie Lee Curtis had the opposite meaning. Her character compensated for the lack of love from her husband, which is, unfortunately, relatable for many women in our times.

The cultural impact of lingerie in music

Lingerie did not directly affect the sound of music. But today, it is not enough for a musician to simply release a song or an album to become popular. The audience wants to look at something – they want a music video. And if there’s one thing that can sell anything, it would be sex appeal, often achieved with beautiful lingerie.

A good example of this is Madonna’s music video “Like a Virgin”. Over the course of it, a girl keeps appearing in different attractive lingerie sets. Another example would be Beyoncé’s music video for the song “Partition” that shows great visual aesthetics through underwear.

The influence of lingerie in fashion

Following the influence of lingerie in cinema, a whole fashion industry related to underwear appeared. Designers began to create collections of different styles, and women quickly picked up on the trend. Today, most women cannot imagine their lives without gentle, elegant lingerie.

Some designers were so inspired to create underwear that they started making their own authentic layouts. One of the most famous is Jean Paul Gaultier with his corsets. He created looks for celebrities for important events, such as a bra for Madonna’s tour.

Another iconic lingerie fashion brand is Victoria’s Secret. Models with perfect forms have been walking the catwalk for years, popularizing the idea of appealing, sexy lingerie.

Lingerie is a powerful cultural force

Lingerie is not just a fashion industry, it has affected many aspects of modern thinking. It is thanks to attractive underwear that a woman is a symbol of tenderness and sensuality.

Today it is important to pay special attention to the significance of lingerie in our lives. You should not view it as a mere element of clothing – it is a way to express the most important parts of your personality.