How to Use Instagram to Stalk Competitors Ethically

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It does not matter in which field you are; all you need is successfully beating your competitors. In every area of life, competition is the real key. If you have not any opposition, you will not be able to get chances of boosting yourself.

Actually, competition lets you find different ways to grow your brand or business. Never think that you are the only player in the field. Someone somewhere would be doing the best to accomplish goals. So, it is better to keep in mind the requirements of other people.

In the world of social media, everyone tries to pull down others, so that they can build up their own empire of success. For this, people tend to do lots of things, including stalking. Though stalking means negatively everywhere, however, here we tend to explain stalking ethically to your competitors.

Do you think there are some ethical ways to stalk your competitors?

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Of course, stalking is not right, but if you have all legitimate reasons to stalk people on Instagram, then you are not alone. Many people are in this race with you, trying to find several effective ways that help you stalk without any trouble. According to Gramvio, Insta stalking does not mean to keep an eye on your ex or monitoring your kids while on social media. This stalking is more like an investigation that is related to your business or brand.

You may need to stalk because:

  • You have to hire job candidates.
  • You need guest post opportunities and require email addresses.
  • You have to get ready for an interview.
  • You have to analyze your competitors.
  • You have to grab data about potential clients.
  • You have to investigate which data is available publicly.

Well, the most common reason for stalking among employers is to check what potential hires are like. Today, about 91% of owners use social media sites to drag out what they want. Let’s find out how you can use Instagram to stalk your competitors ethically.

Using Tools to Track Down the Activity of Competitors

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When you are in the field, you tend to find lots of ways to spy on your competition. Using all those tricks would definitely take time, and if you don’t want to wait, tools are the best hack to pick.

Besides finding tips, you should search for effective and practically proven tools to be helpful. You may have to make a profile and start building up projects for your brand. Don’t forget to make a project outline for your competition as well. With the help of spying tools, you can easily get to know about what your competitors are doing.

Though it will be a secret investigation as your opposition will not be able to find out your intentions. That’s why it is an easy way to stalk and let your brand grow freely. Most of the influencers mention this trick as one of the best ethically used ways to spy on. Tools let you put out all the way through social media related to both your brand and competitors.

Apart from this, tools allow you to operate tasks automatically and fully focus on your plan to make it better than your competitors.

Follow Instagram Competition

Would you like to spy on how your competitors are busy with their followers?

In terms of likes, comments, and mentions on Instagram, you have to figure out what your competitors are seeking. Following your competitors is another great way to keep an eye ethically on your competition.

If you spy on competitors without following them, they will know your intentions, and it will not be easy for you to continue spying. So, why not support them while following as it will never let them know about intentions. However, sooner or later, they will find out your real intent. Don’t worry, as this will not have any impact on your brand value.

Before they get to know your secret, you have to execute your strategy.

Monitor their plan of action on how they communicate with their audience and provide help in terms of tips they don’t share openly. You can even imitate their style when you don’t have some powerful approach. See what kind of content they share, how they respond to comments. Try following their followers and get busy with them.

It is highly significant to know how your competitors behave in their real world. The main goal is to figure out how they act with their followers in any condition.

Using Fake Account to Follow Instagram Stories

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When you follow Instagram competitors, you should not be evident. You must try using an account your competitors don’t know about and. Also, follow their posts and Instagram Stories. Moreover, you should never ignore what sort of content they share, whether it is a photo, video, gif, or a story related to the audience.

It can also help you choose the right kind of audience. Try to follow the style rather than copying it.

Find Branded Hashtags of Competitors

Hashtags are known to be the backbone of an empire you want to build on Instagram. When you don’t want to use tools, then hashtags can be the real game-changer. You should take some time to find branded hashtags. Do your own research and find the best deal for you.

Follow the posts your competitors are uploading, and you will get to know the hashtags they use. Also, don’t forget to search who else is using those hashtags. Keep in mind that your hashtags must be unique and practically related to your brand. Using specific hashtags corresponds to your brand on Instagram.

Final Thoughts

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I am sure, now, you have got the point of how you can use Instagram to stalk your competitors ethically. Competition is good, and having a healthy competition directs you towards healthy fallout. The real key to your success is in the competition.

Suppose you don’t have any competition in your game, to whom you will beat, to which brand you will attack, and how you would answer your followers’ queries. How would you learn to interact with your followers?

These are some of the key things you should consider to improve your brand. Competition is useful if you know exactly how to handle your opposition. Carry on with your ethical spying and make your brand even better and better than it is.