11 Interior Wall Decoration Ideas for 2024

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Decoration of your home can be very tricky, right ?! We all know that feeling of indecision and even fear when we stand in front of a blank, white one… Do we paint it and how or maybe hang a picture? Don’t be scared, because there are countless ideas and opportunities that will complement your interior and make it more beautiful.

Family paintings or decorative mirrors are always a good choice, but there are many more ways to try it out! They are the perfect place to be creative and express your style. But keep in mind that not everyone in the room needs to be decorated – in fact, according to kitchensacramento.com, in order for the decoration to best come out, you have to strike a balance between empty and decorated.

The overall impression of space usually depends on it. Do not leave them empty, but with carefully selected decorations, make your home even more beautiful.

They are the basis of every home, but when they fulfill their basic function, they become blank canvases ready to be painted, decorated with works of art, wallpaper or some completely new materials. So take advantage of them and play with them.

Here are some creative ideas that might inspire you …

1. Marble patterned wallpaper

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Wallpaper in recent years has made a major return to the interior design scene. What is different about past trends is the new custom of applying it to just one in a room. They are suitable for the decoration of all rooms in the apartment, and the latest trend is the use of wallpaper imitating marble.

2. Wooden slats

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You are a fan of textures, but want to keep the impression of cleanliness and elegance? For you, then, the ideal ones are covered with wooden slats. They can be positioned vertically or horizontally, depending on the impression that is made with respect to the rest of the decoration that rules the room. An added bonus to these is the ability to change the color of the slats.

3. Cork

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Cork panels are an indispensable addition to many study rooms, but lately the dimensions of these panels have increased to the dimensions of entire walls and have created a spectacular impression in spaces. Practical and cute, these ones make sure you don’t forget any family and business commitments, and are a great backdrop for a variety of memories, children’s drawings and dear photos.

4. Large-scale photo art paintings and text

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If you are an artist’s soul, you will love art on walls too. Photos, drawings or large-scale images are currently a hit in interior design. The rooms give a touch of drama and elegance, and depending on the motif, these pieces change the identity of the room in an instant. You can also choose personalised canvas prints with text on sites like BlueHorizonPrints

5. Upholstered walls

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Do you like the feeling of hotel comfort and elegance in your own home? If that’s the case, you’ll love the fact that upholstered ones are currently a big hit in the world of interior design. Most often they are found in bedrooms that create the maximum impression of luxury but also warmth.

6. Large mirror

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Ideal for small spaces, mirrors create excellent visual deception in terms of room dimensions. Small rooms with a large mirror will appear larger and more spacious, while a large room mirror will give a touch of elegance. According to your wishes and options, the mirror can cover the entire surface and thus undoubtedly become the most interesting part of the apartment.

7. Stone wall

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Although usually located around a fireplace, you can fit one of these into any room in your apartment, whether or not you own a fireplace. Walls like this have been in vogue for many years, and they don’t come out of it. Because no material brings rusticity to the extent that stone does.

8. ‘Unfinished’

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These type are a complete hit in interior decoration, especially when talking about trendy industrial design. It is unattractive to many because they look a bit unfinished with their concrete appearance, with the right selection of the rest of the furniture and the right color palette, this kind of wall can visually ‘carry’ your entire apartment.

9. Maps

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We really like the trend of hanging maps. You can simply hang a larger map attached to the slats on the wall using a spatula, or print smaller map fragments yourself and frame and hang them, arranging the handy composition using a frame.

10. Create a mini gallery

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The right frame composition can make a strong impression whether with or without photos / pictures. You may already have some frames in the pantry, in the attic that you forgot or hung all over the house… If you group them together and make a composition, you will have a remarkable effect.

11. Refresh your home with cheerful or elegant stripes

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1. Paint the wall in the base color as you wish, because it is in this color that every other strip will remain. Allow the paint to dry for at least 24 hours.

2. Mark the dots on the wall with a pencil. Start from the floor or from the edges of the wall – depending on whether you want horizontal or upright stripes. Use 20 or 30 cm dots to indicate the thickness of the stripes. Remember to use spirit level. The strips can be the same or different widths.

3. Paste the adhesive tape all over and select the parts to be painted, for example, if you are working a two-tone wall, paint every other marked strip.

4. Paint the marked stripes with a small roller or brush, but do not cross the outside edge of the strip. If necessary, apply the paint in two coats.

5. Allow the paint to dry slightly, and carefully peel off the tape with gentle movements. If the paint part overflows underneath the strip, use an old, base paint and thin brush and fold the pieces that extend beyond the strip line.


You have many options ahead of you, so don’t let yourself get into clichés and design your home no different from the rest.