5 Famous Inventors That Revolutionized History

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Thanks to many incredible inventors, we can live the life we live today. Many intelligent people with extraordinary ideas have contributed to our lives tremendously. We can’t imagine life without electricity, phones, and, these days, without social media. Let’s list some of the regular, everyday things. Flying to another part of the world, dealing with even some more serious illnesses, and talking to people that are thousands of miles away. Some others are driving excellent cars, having a dozen lightbulbs in the house, and not getting lost thanks to navigation. All of those things are so common to us that we never even think about them. And there are thousands or millions more. If we think it through, we live such a blessed life where almost everything is possible. And all of that thanks to brilliant minds who illuminated our paths and broadened our horizons.

If someone asks you to list some of the famous inventors that revolutionized history, how many of them could you count? Maybe you know some of their names, but you don’t know what they are famous for. Some of them lived a few centuries ago, in a completely different time. And they were the great minds that changed the lives of their contemporaries. But let’s not forget about modern inventors that changed (and are still changing) the course of our lives. Significant discoveries and great impact aren’t reserved for extraordinary minds only. Many ‘normal’ people can also have a positive impact on other ones and make some small, yet life-changing discoveries. If you have a good idea or patent on your mind, you should go for it. Many companies can help you make your ideas become reality. For example, there is the InventHelp that helps people patent and market their invention ideas to companies. If you are interested in this, you should learn more about it. To motivate you, we’re going to list some famous inventors that revolutionized history.

1. Nikola Tesla

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It is not possible to list the inventions by their significance, but if we tried to, the alternating current would surely be in the top 10. Nikola Tesla made discoveries that completely changed the course of history. We can feel the impact of Tesla’s discoveries every day. And we should be thankful for it. Although he was a brilliant mind, we could say he didn’t have a lot of luck in life. Unfortunately, a lot of Tesla’s work was stolen and he didn’t receive the credit he was supposed to. But what we know is that he was a genius in the field of electricity. The fluorescent lighting, the Tesla induction motor, and the Tesla coil are some, but surely not all of his significant inventions.

2. Thomas Edison

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Thomas Edison is another significant person in the field of electricity contributions. One of his first inventions was the phonograph, and one of the most significant was certainly the light bulb. Imagine a life without a light bulb. You probably can’t because it became such a regular part of our lives. And it is maybe hard to understand that someone was smart enough to invent it a long time ago, but that’s the truth. Edison brought us also some audio devices and many other great inventions.

3. Marie Curie

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Marie Curie was so intelligent and brilliant that she made a great impact on science and all of us. She was a famous physicist and chemist. We should especially admire her because, in the time she lived in, science was reserved for men. And it seemed there is no space for a female scientist. She won a Nobel prize for her radioactivity discovery. Although we could say she died because of the science and for it, she left such great knowledge behind her. We should all celebrate her life and work that brought us great discoveries.

4. Steve Jobs

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We should mention some of the modern brilliant minds that positively affected our lives, and still are doing it every day. Steve Jobs is one of them. He was a co-founder of Apple Inc, a well-known company. His mission was to build a personal, portable computer, which he did. And with that began a new, modern technology era. During his life, he made the Apple company one of the most famous and richest in the world. Steve Jobs brought us so many amazing products and features that make our life easy and, due to him, we can enjoy this ‘instant’ era. All of our iPhones, iPods, and other devices we can’t imagine our lives without were introduced thanks to this man. Imagine being so revolutionary and changing people’s lives with your ideas and products.

5. Mark Zuckerberg

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Young, more than a brilliant, smart mind that started social media and turned our lives upside down since. Mark Zuckerberg was the inventor of Facebook. In his thirties, he became one of the youngest billionaires in the world, and for a good reason. How many young people today can’t imagine their lives without social media. Every day we can hear discussions about whether social media has a bigger negative or positive impact on people. And this will probably stay a hot topic for a long time. However, we can all agree that social media affects our lives daily and that we start and end our day with it. And it all started with Facebook and a great idea Mark Zuckerberg had. Today, Facebook is so much more than a network for chatting and sharing photos. It is significant for business and other areas too. And remains active after more than a decade, which is a big success.


Many great names marked our history and changed its course. Although many inventors are not alive anymore, we still feel their impact every day. Tesla, Edison, Currie are just some of the brilliant minds that had amazing discoveries. And modern inventions are something we all use and appreciate daily. But don’t forget, great ideas and important inventions are not reserved for extraordinary people. A lot of work and thinking is necessary to achieve some big things. But with the right mindset and action plan, every single one of us can give their contribution and positively affect the lives of other people.