Is Bitcoin Too Expensive Now for New Buyers


Cryptocurrencies have changed the world in many different ways. First of all, the mentality of people has changed. They would more likely decide to invest their money in digital currencies than spend it on purchasing a new home, car, etc. Despite that, the way how businesses function has changed as well. More and more companies are approving crypto-based payments. A good example of that is online casinos. People now have the chance to gamble with their virtual currencies and withdraw their funds directly to their wallet.

No one can guarantee that digital currencies will replace traditional money in the future. You can find different theories online talking about the same subject. However, saying that cryptocurrencies are only a scam is also wrong. We can all agree that they had a turbulent past. However, the safe industry does not exist in today’s world. The pandemic confirmed that unexpected things can always happen. Because of that, the regular price changes are not something you should be afraid of.

Bitcoin, on the other hand, is the most popular digital currency in the world. People that have never invested a single penny in cryptos have heard about it. How things will function in the future is something we are about to see. However, different insights can help us predict some things.

These days, people have a common question. They all want to know if investing in Bitcoin is too expensive or not. The price answer to that question does not exist. Because of that, we would like to make an in-depth analysis of that subject and try to find a clear answer. Let’s get started.

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The Price of Bitcoin Has Jumped for a Couple of Weeks

Since 25th December, the value of Bitcoin has started to change in the right direction. On that day, the price of one Bitcoin was around 24 thousand dollars. However, on the first day of 2024, the price of one BTC jumper for around 5000 dollars. The best day for BTC was January 8th. Believe it or not, the price of one BTC, on that day, was almost 41 thousand dollars. As you see, for only two weeks, the BTC value almost doubled. While we are writing this article, the price of one BTC is a bit over 33 thousand dollars.

Of course, you will probably say now the price started to go down. However, for only one month, things have changed a lot. That is the reason why digital currencies are an interesting thing.

Yet, we need to make something clear here. Some people start to believe that crypto investing is like online gambling. Luck doesn’t have anything in common with success in the crypto world. You need to improve your knowledge and skills before everything. That is the only way to reach the goals that you have.

On the other hand, using different tools to make the process easier would be a smart move. These crypto apps allow people to set up their trading parameters. Thanks to the algorithm the software is using, the program itself completes the job instead of you. If that seems like an excellent opportunity, you can visit this site and see how things function.

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So, Is Bitcoin Too Expensive for New Buyers?

As we said, the answer to that question depends on a few different factors. That is the reason why we would like to highlight them all.

Depends on Your Savings

We will use one real-life example that you have probably seen many times. Web development is one of the perspective business fields in the world. Without any doubt, it can help people improve their financial stability. However, that doesn’t mean everyone can be a web developer. You maybe have a different type of talent that won’t help you become competitive in that industry.

A similar rule counts when we talk about Bitcoin investing. Bitcoin is the most popular digital currency in the world. However, that doesn’t mean you should invest all the money you have in it. For instance, if you have 35 thousand dollars, investing in one BTC (33 thousand dollars) may not be a good move. However, here comes the moment when the next factor becomes essential as well.

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Depends on Your Knowledge

Let’s once again imagine that you have 33 thousand dollars in your bank account. You are trying to make more money, but you are not sure how to invest your money. Suddenly, you hear that the price of Bitcoin is jumping. Because of that, you decided to purchase one BTC and earn more money in that way.

What would happen if you did that on January 8th? A couple of days later, the price of one BTC went down. You would only lose your money without any chance to get it back immediately. That is the reason why investing money in BTC without education does not have sense. The most professional investors probably predicted the price of one BTC will go down after a couple of days. However, beginners often believe luck is going to be on their side. We will repeat once again – crypto success is not a matter of luck.

Investing without necessary knowledge will make Bitcoin expensive for the new buyers. Their mistake can cost them tens of thousands of dollars. That is the reason why you should primarily research all the educational material associated with cryptos. Despite that, you can also use the crypto apps we highlighted above.

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But, Why Has Bitcoin’s Price Jumped So High?

We know the answer to this question is going to sound silly. However, the reason why Bitcoin’s price jumped is us. You need to understand that BTC is an asset that is not backed by anything. Its value directly depends on the demand of people and their willingness to pay for it. Of course, there is a good reason why more and more people decide on Bitcoin investing. That cryptocurrency has a good reputation among investors. It seems that the number of BTC supporters is even higher in the last 3 weeks. If the same trend starts to continue, the value of BTC will be even higher.