Jaime Morton-Hawley: Interview with a Digital Content Creator

Wife, Mother of Two, and Digital Content Creator Jaime Morton-Hawley moved to Dubai just over four years ago and has found her niche, building a social media community on Instagram and YouTube. There is a lot going on in this woman’s life and yet somehow she had a moment to answer our questions, and for that, we thank her. We ask all the questions our readers want to know!

You seem like you always have a lot on your plate. How do you manage the day-to-day?

I’m not sure, honestly. I should have a plan. I’ll let you know when I have something worth making public.

Are you naturally sarcastic?

Yes. I’m a Capricorn, not that I quite know what that means. If I said I was in Ravenclaw house, would that make more sense?

Not at all. What got you to build such a strong social media community on Instagram?

I post about my passions, like beauty, style and a bit about my personal life. Everything I’ve learned and done in my life helps me cultivate the content I post and has helped grow the Instagram account I have now.

It’s interesting how you post about your passions, as you said, yet your career is in photography.

My account focuses on my lifestyle-based passion hobbies like makeup, skincare, fashion, films, and food. My career has been in photography, which is why the blend works so well. I get wonderful opportunities to work with notable brands because of my digital production still and even collaborate with brands that relate to my Instagram account.

What are some unique experiences or opportunities that have opened up for you as an influencer?

To me, an influencer is someone who has both a substantial social platform and can influence their audience, particularly selling the product to their followers. That isn’t my driving focus so I’m not sure Influencer is quite the category I fit under. I’m not driven by selling products. My passion is the creative side of things. I have had some really exciting opportunities to become available to me as a Digital Content Creator in Dubai, all of which I am truly grateful for.

What is the difference between being an influencer in Dubai other than any other region in the world?

Generally, it opens up opportunities one wouldn’t otherwise be able to access. Being an American ex-pat in Dubai, I have a unique platform that is benefited by my education, life experiences and family. Dubai is such an international destination so I have the rare and special opportunity to have a community of so many different races and cultures. I often get messages that aren’t in English, which makes my translator app a necessity. I think it’s amazing!

What has been one of the proudest moments of your career?

Any time I collaborate with a brand that I am passionate about it brings me joy. I’m always proud of the work I do and thankful for the opportunities I have.

Where is your photography career now?

I still shoot content for publications when my schedule permits. My social media account is very lifestyle-driven, but I am looking into focusing on a beauty youtube account and a movie/entertainment podcast. I love to keep expanding into new things. I’ve been really active online with my food photography while contributing to TripAdvisor, Zomato.com and growing to over 1.5 million views as a Google Local Guide.

We want to know your favorites. Let’s do a quickfire! Ready?

I hope so!

What products can’t you live without?

My Belief moisture bomb, Tom Ford Emotionproof Mascara and Benefit Porefessional primer.

What is the newest product you’ve added to your “ride-or-die” list?

Tom Ford’s Emotionproof Mascara. It doesn’t run and makes my lashes visible in photography.

Are there any brands you are loyal to?

Hourglass products have always been reliable for me and Natasha Denona shadows have never let me down.

What makeup trends are your current favorites?

I’m loving natural brows, monochromatic looks and fun liner colors.

What about makeup trends you’re not into?

Massive eyeshadow palettes with insane colors no one can practically use before it expires, and adding hair to unflattering places.

What products do you think everyone should have in their skincare routine?

A good double cleanse routine, the right moisturizer for their skin type and regular facials.

How does your diet affect your skin?

In a major way, honestly. I don’t consume much dairy and maintain a low gluten diet. I try to drink 2 liters of water daily and remember to take supplements because I can’t possibly eat everything I need.

Where do you think you neglect your routine?

Sometimes I’m in a rush and skip my serums altogether and I know I should re-apply my skincare but I often forget to.

Looks like 2024 is already an incredible year for you!

My son will be the age of 2 in March and I’m working on so many projects I can’t wait to debut. There are so many positive things. I’m so excited!