Katy Kellner Net Worth 2024

Katy Kellner is a famous fitness coach and educationist. Celebrities and sportspeople know her as a person that can get you in shape in no time. However, what put her in the spotlight was her love choice. Katy started a relationship with Shannon Sharpe, a former NFL player. Keep reading to see how this retired teacher is rocking another career path now.


Kellner is born around 1981, in Atlanta, Georgia, where she spent her childhood. According to Kelly’s associates, friends, and family, she loves to keep her private life to herself. So far, she is doing a fantastic job of keeping details about her life private. After all, you have to be a low key person to keep your parents and siblings away from public life. But, she did reveal that she is an aunt to a girl and a boy. She went to Elmhurst College, based in Illinois, where she got her Bachelor of Arts degree in Education in 2003. But that wasn’t the end of her academic path. Later on, in 2008 actually, another degree was added to her bio – master’s degree from the Alabama based university, Troy University. Her masters? Instructional Technology.

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Although Kellner always had a passion for becoming a well-known fitness instructor, she had a different career path at the start. Her first job was teaching in a public school located in her birthplace, Atlanta. Moreover, she loved her job at Fulton County Public school so much that she stayed there for ten full years. Training and educating young people was something that she was passionate about at the time.

Her life was about to change just before she ended her career as a teacher. While working as a teacher, she was deep into fitness, bodybuilding, and exercising. The gym was her second home. So, she decided to follow that passion and started working as a fitness instructor and director at the California branch of the nationwide gym, Flywheel Sports. At the time, Kelly is responsible for leading spinning and cycling classes in gum, in Thousand Oaks.

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Love Life

Not much is known about the instructor’s love life. After all, she keeps her private life so well. But, the world does know about Katy’s relationship and love with Shannon Sharpe. The two meet at the gym, and the rest is history. She is the best known to the world, thanks to her famous partner. Shannon is the former NFL player, used to play for Denver Broncos and the Baltimore Ravens. The two were engaged in no time, and it seemed that nothing but the love was in the air.

However, one day, Kelly posted a photo on Instagram announcing her pregnancy. However, the father of the baby was her partner and joint owner of the Thousand Oaks Gym, Marlon Byrd. Since then, neither Kelly or Shannon made a statement about their split up.

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Katy Kellner Net Worth 2024

Kelly is not a megastar, but still, she made a significant sum. So far, her estimated net worth is around $1 million.