9 Simple Kitchen Hacks for Enhanced Productivity

Do you enjoy cooking? Whether you are a regular at your kitchen or occasionally indulge in home-meal preparations, it is no secret that it can, at times, be overwhelming. From realizing that you’re missing an ingredient, dealing with measurements, and choosing the right utensils, meal preparation isn’t always a straightforward endeavor. As you strive to enhance your kitchen productivity, simple hacks such as placing a few printable notes could dramatically improve your progress and know your way around the kitchen way better.With easy to use additions such as a printable measuring chart from Teal Notes, you can easily include such measures.

If you haven’t thought about it, here are among the top printable charts to use in your kitchen for enhanced productivity.

1. Flour guide

Source: Whole Foods Market

Are you gluten intolerant, or do you simply prefer grain-free flour? While choosing the best flour, a lot might confuse you, and before you know it, you are browsing through the option to determine what best suits your current use. With lots of gluten-free flours, for instance, you can use a printable that classifies the options in either heavy, such as almond flour, medium example coconut flour, or light flour. Each alternative, coupled with its guide, such as the required liquid or additions such as eggs to bind together, makes it easier to pick the best option following what you are preparing. With a glance, the printable notes make it easier, fast, and hassle-free.

2. Healthy substitutes

Source: The Healthy Fish

Have you had the displeasure of scrapping a whole meal as your ingredients don’t match what’s on the recipe? Simple printable, showing healthy substitutes could be a lifesaver, as you can swiftly adjust the ingredients and prepare a delicious and nutritious meal despite lacking a particular item. Utilizing alternatives might be easier than you initially anticipated, saving you a lot more time and energy without breaking your bank. Lamudi.com.ph, a real estate platform that also has affordable acquired assets, says budgeting is an important part of buying a home, so every cent you save counts. With the substitutes, you also avoid wastage, especially if you realized a missing ingredient while already halfway through the process.

3. Cheat sheet

Source: One Mama’s Daily Drama

How often do you scratch your head, struggling to establish the right amount of liquid, cut sizes, cooking time, and storage time, among other metric measurements and conversions? Avoid such hassles with the kitchen cheat sheet, providing detailed measurements, conversions, and other simplified guides as you navigate the various approaches. With the cheat sheet, following the recipe measurement, whether in metric systems, won’t affect your process as you can quickly refer to the detailed guide and proceed without jeopardizing your meal. The best part is that with the visual sheets, you can quickly learn the basics meaning that you won’t have to double-check for accurate picks regularly.

4. The right utensil

Source: La Belle Assiette

How do you choose the right knife while dealing with a cooking storm? Picking the right utensil might sound straightforward, but a simple miscalculation could see you using more time than it shouldn’t take, not to mention struggling to handle the process adequately. The printable, such as pinning a knife guide near the knives section, can save you the time and hassles as you can make an informed pick and fast track your cooking endeavors.

5. Cooking oils

Source: Tefal

Which is the best cooking oil in each instance? From coconut, palm, to hemp, among other options in the broad market, choosing the best oil for the occasion can be quite tough. Characteristic, such as the smoke point and flavor, tell you if the oil is best suited for your recipe, either as cooking or finishing oil. The printable could also come packed with other guides such as shelf life and best storage measures, allowing you to get the most out of the oils.

6. Storage cheats

Source: ДомДекора

The greatest value of DIYs is its money-saving characteristic. However, if you aren’t conversant with concerns such as the right storage measures, you could be wasting more than you are saving. Hacks, such as a quick guide on freeze-able veggies, could save you a lot more hassles and cash. For instance, you can buy the freeze-able vegetables in bulk at a bargain, and with proper storage, enjoy them with minimal, if any, waste. Others, such as knowing the longevity of your frozen food options, also help you avoid piling options that will only end up in the trash can. The simplified printable visuals give you a breakdown, and as you unpack, you can easily store your items in the best way possible, allowing you to get a lot more from your purchases.

7. Grains guide

Source: Shield HealthCare

How often do you burn farro, rice, among other grains? From water ratios, cooking time, and other infographics, a detailed grains guide visual comes in handy as you prepare your favorite meals.

8. Recipes

Source: Food Curation

Have you spotted a mouthwatering recipe and thought that it would be a great addition? You probably have a cookbook with a collection of recipes somewhere, but that binder might be pushing your endeavors a little back. Downloading and pinning the recipe in an easy to reach section, such as the fridge, makes it more natural to follow up and prepare the meal. Let the recipe sit there until you get it right and can comfortably prepare the meal before binding it with the rest of your extensive cookbook.

9. Setting the table

Source: Jenni Kayne

Setting the table sounds so natural until you have to deal with a dinner party that can’t seem to go your way. Having a simplified how-to guide provides a practical refresher on the best table setting measures to ensure everything goes as seamless as possible.

Managing your kitchen, one of the most trafficked areas in your home, can be quite stressful. With hooks and hangers, you can organize the utensils and ensure that everything is in place. It gets better is you include guides as highlighted above, as you can fast-track your cooking endeavors. While researching online, you’ll find a lot of informative pieces that could improve your cooking prowess. With Teal Notes, you can quickly include such valuable information with approaches such as printable charts and enjoy a hassle-free process as you try out new recipes, measurements, and other considerations.