4 Ways To Know If Your Car Spare Parts Are Original

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You can’t do without a car. Any trip even to the nearest point can be made with the help of a car. Above all, this transport is convenient to save time and get to the destination to be reached faster. It is especially good at times when it is late, so it can be easily reached from point A to point B. Many people practice this transport on a daily basis, which makes it the number 1 choice when considering the entire population.

The car is considered the most used asset, and therefore subject to the highest depreciation. What is depreciation? Depreciation is the process of using and spending slowly and then replacing the vehicle. First of all, it means spending the parts of the car and then replacing them. The factory parts in the car from its production will not last forever. They have their own shelf life which is not known, but over time with its driving, it is already noticeable which parts are worn out and are replaceable, and which are not.

So over time some parts are consumed and changed, and others are just maintained to work according to the task assigned to them. But there is one thing that car owners need to be aware of when it comes to parts. It is, first of all, to change them with the only authorized service technicians, and then for them to be original.

Why is it important for a piece to be original? It is a very important part of caring for a car because if the part is original, it has many benefits with it, and if it is not, it can only open an additional cost for the car owner and God forbid any damage. Therefore, make sure that you always come up with suitable replacement models that will be originally produced exactly for the model that you have, and with that, take all the worries out of your head.

It is best to consult your auto repairman about where to find the parts, and if you are already determined to do it yourself you will need to recognize which one is original for your car model. Wondering how to look or get an appointment for antique items? Do not think about it anymore, because we are here to help you.

We have prepared a whole new article for today in which we will help you to recognize the originally made car parts without any problem in order to buy only the one that is of good quality and the one that is recommended for your car. Are you ready to learn more? Let’s get started!

1. They come with a guarantee from the brand for which they are intended

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For a spare part it is important that it is well factory made, and how could it not be well factory made if it is original made? The original parts come with a warranty from the brand. The brand guarantees that everything that is made for their brand is certified, approved, certified, checked, and controlled before it is produced, but also before it is put on sale for authorized service technicians or other smaller services.

Therefore, when you go to the procurement, try to find something that has a guarantee from the manufacturer, ie from the brand of cars such as genuine parts for Ford, Opel, Fiat or genuine parts for Toyota that you can also find on sts-global.com/toyota-parts.

2. They look exactly like the part that was in the car until then

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Something that is indisputable is that the replacement part must be the same as the one that was in the car until then. They should literally be the same. The assemblies should be the same, the dimensions should be the same, the construction materials should be the same…

It should be a replica version of what was in the car until then. If the part is already removed from your car, take it as a sample and go with it to the spare parts stores. There, compare it with the original replacement and you will be convinced that it is 100% the same product that can take the worn-out component.

3. It is compact with the space in which the factory part used to be

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When we say that the new component is compact with the old one then we really mean it. They fully correspond to their dimensions and installation method. The method of replacement is the same, ie the installation process does not change, it remains the same as during the factory assembly, which makes the replacement component original and the same as the one that was inserted in the vehicle.

Do not succumb to scams and offers parts that are not approved by the manufacturer because that way you can only incur unnecessary costs and buy something that can not be replaced in the vehicle.

4. They are certified by the manufacturer of the vehicle with whose brand they are intended

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For a replacement component to be considered suitable for a vehicle model, it is necessary to have an attestation, to have a production certificate from an appropriate supervisory institution, but also from the brand for which car model is produced. If the part that is produced has it then it is considered original and suitable for replacement in those vehicles.

So when you go to the parts stores or when you search the internet, ask to see on the packaging if there is a certification number from the car manufacturer for which the part is intended. These are just some of the important things that you need to know before you go looking for or buying replacement parts for your vehicle.

Beware, there are many plagiarism products on sale, there are many components that are unsuitable for your vehicle. Follow what we point out to you and find exactly what you need. Replace your worn-out car in a timely manner and prepare it for safe and secure driving.