Learn About Photo Booth Rental in New York for Added Fun at Events

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Photo booths are becoming all the rage and for good reason. They are a fun way to spice up any event, from a wedding or prom to a professional retreat. What’s more, the days of cumbersome setups and basic functionality are long gone – photo booths are more portable, diverse, and high-tech than ever.

A photo booth is a perfect way to make your event memorable, and fun props, themes, and technology will offer your guests a great experience. Let’s explore why you should rent a photo booth for added fun at your next NY event and some essential questions to consider before you complete your purchase.

Why rent a photo booth?

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There is nothing like a classic photo booth for some good, old-fashioned fun, but photo booths these days have more to offer than just that. With more advanced technology, photo booths can be a great addition to impress your guests, boost your brand – and get that perfect picture to remember it by. Visit here to know all you need.

Set the tone for your event

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A photo booth can bring guests together and help them bond, or give an opportunity for people to catch up with old friends or make new ones. A social element like a photo booth will make everyone feel right at home, even for professional events. So when choosing a booth type, you should consider what tone you want to set for your event and go from there.

There are different types of photo booths – open-air, closed, and selfie mirrors, to name a few – and each setup will curate a different event atmosphere. For example, if you’re going for an exhibition booth rental in New York City, you will definitely need a different type of setup than someone who is planning a wedding.

Keep in mind that you may be taking lots of group photos with your whole team for professional events. You may also want company logos on your photos or backdrops. In this case, an open-air booth and a green screen backdrop may be best for your needs. That way, users will not be cramped in a closed booth, and more people will fit in the photos. Contrastly, a wedding or prom might lend itself better to a closed booth. This way, guests can take some props and climb into the box in pairs so they can be silly and have fun without everyone watching.

If you’re not worried about photo printing and would prefer to share photos straight to social media feeds, consider a selfie mirror for your event. Traditional closed booths take up a lot of room because users are climbing inside to take their photos. And even open-air booths, though not as cumbersome, take up floor space. So if you don’t have a lot of room, your event space might look classier with a selfie mirror.

Most selfie mirrors are only the size of a full-length mirror or even as small as an Ipad. Selfie mirror setups often have touch screens and send photos straight to guests’ phones or feeds without having to save space for a booth and a printer. Make sure you think carefully about what kind of experience you want for your guests and choose your setup accordingly.

Harness technology for maximal fun

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If you’re picturing a simple photo booth where guests climb into a box with some goofy hats, think again. Photo booths have evolved with the times, and modern technology provides a whole host of options that weren’t previously possible. If you are considering renting one for your next event, take some time to explore the high-tech options available so you can provide your guests with an exciting digital experience.

These days, most photo booths provide the option for green screen backgrounds, and some provide 360-degree setups where their virtual setting surrounds users. Other photos “booths” are quite literally an immersive experience – they can be put underwater for pool parties and other similar events.

Green screen technology allows for fun options like GIF animation, slow-motion capture, and even virtual “painting” where users can draw with colors, emojis, etc., to personalize their photos. In addition, some setups provide a full Virtual Reality (VR) experience where the people inside the booth can put on VR headsets, and the people outside can watch what they’re seeing on a monitor. When planning your next event, consider bringing the experience to the next level with advanced photo booth technology.

Promote your business

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While photo booths are undoubtedly fun for guests, you can also benefit by promoting your business while users enjoy their photo-taking experience. Ask your rental company whether they offer branding packages. Branding can include anything from putting your company logo on their equipment to customizing props or printing logos on the corner of every photo. This helps increase brand recognition among attendees, and pictures with your logo will ensure they remember your business when they take home their photos as souvenirs.

Green screens add another boon here because the virtual background technology is customizable. You can put various professional themes and logos in the background of photos for your corporate retreat or exhibition. It helps get your name out there and show prospective customers who you are. Guests might simply notice the photo booth at first, but they will be more likely to trust your brand when they recognize the company that provided the fun.


When renting a photo booth in New York, it’s important to keep in mind your specific event needs so you can get exactly the experience you want for your guests. Photo booth rentals have come a long way, and you should have no trouble finding the proper setup for any social or professional event.

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