6 Resources to Help You Learn SEO From Scratch

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Search Engine Optimization is a very important trend in the marketing and exposure fields, and it’s something that you as a website owner have to learn if you want your content to go viral. We know that SEO is a term that’s not easily understandable by many, but in today’s article, we are going to give our best to explain everything that you need to know about it.

What’s even better is that we’re not just going to explain things, but we’re also going to tell you which sources of information are the best when it comes to learning some more about it. Since this is a very important trend to learn as a marketing agent or just a regular website owner, we’re going to end this intro right here and jump straight into the informative content. Let’s take a look.

1. Guide by Sprout

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In quicksprout’s guide, you can find a lot of useful and interesting information about SEO. They’re starting with an explanation for AUDIT, something that’s going to take you a long way after you master it, so don’t skip reading their first part. Then, they move on to explain the basics and the most fundamental elements of search engine optimization.

Their article is full of very useful links that you can visit, and as you keep on reading you’ll find that the content is progressing slowly towards the more advanced things, but we think that the learning curve is not too steep. Towards the end, they start talking some more about the technical aspects of the search engine optimization, and they end the guide with some more useful links that can help you learn some more about certain “tricks” and tips to further boost your progress.

2. Guide by MOZ

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A very beginner-friendly guide that we found to be very useful if you want to learn everything from scratch. Upon opening this one, you get greeted by a great intro that explains the importance of SEO, and after finishing it, you are presented with the basic things that everyone needs to know about search engine optimization.

This article is not as long as the previous one that we mentioned above, but it does contain huge amounts of valuable materials and links. Below every segment, you get a slight description of what it is, and if you are interested in learning specifically about that, you can just click the link and it will take you to another page. Very well organized and sorted, definitely don’t miss this one.

3. Copyblogger’s WordPress SEO

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WordPress is huge in the website-building industry, so if you are using it you’ll need to check out Copyblogger’s guide. This is not the shortest one that you’ll run into, but it has all sorts of cool information about creating useful content, coming up with the right domain name, and mastering all titles and descriptions. You might think that they’re taking it “a bit too seriously”, but after you finish Copyblogger’s article you’ll understand all the possibilities that open up when you master WordPress SEO. They have great information about Sitemaps and H1 Tags as well, so feel free to check them out.

4. Sir Linksalot’s Blog

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In case you are new in the SEO field, and you don’t know where to start we suggest that you check out their website for a great blog about various aspects of SEO.

You will find various aspects of SEO and definitely a lot of things that you need are there. The great thing about it is that it can prove useful for the people who are already working on websites and have successful businesses online.

5. SEO for IT field-based companies

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If you are a business owner, and you own a company that operates in the IT field, it’s time to read this goldmine of information. The guide is published on Kalzumeus which is a reputable website, and it is written by Patrick McKenzie.

Inside this one, you will find information about everything from beginner to expert level, but you’ll have to spend some time on it because it’s not very short, which is a good thing. Case studying, outsourcing writing, and numerous different tips can be found inside, and everything is written in the form of advice. All of the information is easy to understand and even as a beginner, you shouldn’t have any trouble understanding the content.

6. Search Engine Land

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Last but not least, we want to finish this article by introducing you to a place where numerous SEO-related posts are added regularly. The website is called SearchEngineLand.com and you can find articles posted by numerous different writers, all of them containing useful information about how you can optimize your website and your content to get better search results.

Currently, there are a lot of posts that can help you by providing tips on how to deal with SEO losses during the COVID-19 period, so we think that it’s worth visiting this site. It’s not exactly the best place for beginners, but if you are even slightly familiar with SEO, you’ll find a lot of useful updates, news and interesting articles to read about it.


Search Engine Optimization is very important if you want your website to get fair amounts of traffic, but it’s not the easiest thing to learn. Thankfully, there are many useful articles and materials that people post on the internet, so you can use them to improve your page-ranking game a bit more.

In our guide, we included six well-put and beginner-friendly articles, and you’re more than welcome to visit them. SEO might seem a bit overwhelming when you’re a complete beginner, but the more you start spending time learning it, the better returns you’ll get, as with everything else in life.