How to Tell the Difference Between Legit and Scam Crypto Poker Sites?

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If you are a beginner at online gambling, then we’re sure you have a plethora of questions. Finding answers to these questions is something that’s not easy. These answers are usually too complicated to answer in just one or two sentences. So, you should remain persistent and open to education.

There are so many trends in this industry that tracking all of them can be quite problematic. One of the most widespread ones out there is the concept of crypto poker sites. As you can see, these are websites that are the same as traditional ones. Still, they have that unique twist in the form of cryptocurrencies.

Some of them can provide their users with a chance to use other methods of payment. However, some of them are pretty strict about this idea. If you want to take a look at one of these sites, be sure to pay a visit to Now, let’s take a look at how you can determine whether the site is legitimate.

Let’s take a look at a couple of elements to take into consideration.

Establish the Credibility


The first aspect we want to address is establishing the credibility of a website you are interested in. Naturally, the most straightforward way to do this is trying to play at this website on your own. However, some would say that this move would be too risky since you can lose a lot of money.

For that reason, we recommend you should utilize the patient approach. When we say this, we mean it literally. It means that you should establish credibility by taking a look at a couple of different elements. For example, take a look at the online reviews other users wrote about this website.

Thankfully, coming across these is not as complex as you might think it is. You can find them everywhere on the internet. Sometimes, it is possible to find them on these websites. It is obvious that many people do not hold online reviews as credible. Yet, we believe that looking at these can provide crucial insight.

Another way would be to take a look at many specialized forums that focus on this subject, and there is a chance there will be a topic that addresses this particular website. So, you can see all the thoughts on this site. If you know someone who participated in games on that site, asking them personally is the easiest way to go.

High Level of Security


Anyone who knows anything about cryptocurrencies knows that this technology has the highest level of security. That’s why many people tend to make a mistake by believing they will remain completely safe no matter what sort of crypto poker websites they choose to participate in.

However, this isn’t the case. We are talking about a large industry, which means there are numerous sites whose only purpose is to scam players out of their money. Not only that, even some of the sites that can be described as credible do not offer the highest level of security to their players.

There are a couple of ways you can see whether the security is at an appropriate level. The simplest one is taking a look at the documentation and licenses on the website itself. They can be found on the “about us” page, along with other relevant information. If you cannot find them, send an email and ask for them.

In case you do not get a proper response, then you should avoid playing at that crypto poker website. All of these factors make for an established opinion about the website’s security. If one of them is not in the position it should be, we wouldn’t recommend you to start playing. Instead, look for an alternative.

The Number of Games


Little is known about the fact that the number of games is one of the biggest indicators of whether the site is credible or not. Even though it may look like a silly thing to say, many elements can help with making this decision. If a site has only a couple of games, then it is not a good place to be.

Why is this relevant for crypto poker sites? Well, there are numerous versions of poker. So, if a site has a lot of them, then this is a part of the puzzle that provides you with a picture that this is a credible site. So, look only for those who can provide visitors with more than just one of these versions.

Social Media


The last method you can utilize to understand whether a website is credible or not is taking a look at what people on the social media platforms have to say. Some would say that this is exactly the same method as online reviews, but we beg to disagree with this sort of opinion.

That’s why we believe you should take a look at all the major platforms out there, like Twitter, Facebook, and Instagram. Practically all the crypto poker websites out there use these platforms to promote themselves and interact with those who visit and play on it, mainly by providing them with answers to all significant questions.

Pay attention to all the comments that can be found on these. That way, it is possible to form an opinion about these. Take all of them into consideration, both positive and negative ones since they represent a combination that can provide you with a clear idea. Both sides of the coin are significant because they can help you understand all the perspectives people have.

URL and Certificates

Expanding on the idea of ensuring credibility, one of the trademarks of a reliable and secure website is an https:// in the URL. It stands for Hypertext Transfer Protocol and means that the current session on your web browser is encrypted. It is one of the first and easiest things to check when you travel to a website, and is one of the first indicators that you are at a trusted site.

The second trademark is the padlock symbol that is found beside the URL on your browser. These are known as SSL/TLS certificates and are only issued to websites after they have applied and been approved by the proper security channels. The approval process is extensive and the company issuing the certificate will perform a thorough background check to verify the legitimacy of the site. Once they have been approved, the padlock will appear to the left of the https URL, indicating that the likelihood of scamming or hacking is unlikely.

These two indicators are a great evaluation of a crypto poker site credibility. Reliable crypto online poker sites can be found at

In Conclusion

Having a proper picture of the website you take a look at is an absolute must. That’s why we believe taking a look at all the possibilities is an important matter to take into consideration. Here, you can find a couple of ways that can help you distinguish the difference between legit and scam crypto poker websites out there. We’re sure you will find all of these useful in this search.