The Link Between India’s Most Famous Holiday Diwali And Getting Rich


Diwali, the festival of lights, marks the welcome of wealth and good luck upon your abode. As a way to embrace Lordess Laksmi’s blessings, one plays card games or gambles during this auspicious night. For legend has it, if one does not gamble during this holy night, then they shall be born as a donkey in all of their other lives.

The Diwali chronicle

As soon as you enter the month of Diwali there’s nothing you’d long for more than some quality time with your relatives. A cozy homemade meal, savories, and salty snacks accompanied by a pair of jacks are the ideal takeaways during this time.

This festival of light is celebrated as a reminder that good shall always conquer evil. According to Hindu mythology, this day embarks the beginning of the new year. It is the time when Lord Rama conquered his wife from the evil Ravana and returned to his home.

Another common belief about this festival is that Lordess Laxmi showers her golden blessing upon her devotees. Thus as a way to welcome her blessings, people in India buy gold jewelry during the day of “Dhanteras” and later worship her by singing her holy chants and offering these objects as a way to please her.


But the most commonly followed norm is the one of gambling. The story is that Parvati, the goddess of love, beauty, strength along with her husband Shiva, the entity of cosmic energy and destruction, once played a game of dice on the eve of Diwali night.

One can find their engagement in this game visible upon many cravings in the caves of Ellora. Parvati upon winning all of the trials of the dice game she played with her compliant husband, announced to the world that whoever shall play this game of dice, during Diwali, shall be blessed with wealth and good luck, in their lives.

Enjoy while you earn your way

People make sure that they follow this tradition every year during Diwali night. Though there have been a variety of new games and types of gambling that have been introduced lately. People opt to visit card game nights, kitty parties too. The most popular games seen now are rummy, poker, dice, etc. The betting or gambling for the same starts as low as rupees 20 to lakhs in Indian rupees.

Thus the ideal way of celebrating this festival is by enjoying delicious homemade delicacies and gambling, playing teen patti, rolling dice while being surrounded by your loved ones. This is the essence of the festival of Diwali, draw a straight flush or maybe a pair of jacks, earn some money while you enjoy this trade!

A word of caution: These games work truly upon the science of probabilities and luck!

Practicing safe online gambling practice


Online gambling could seem a bit dicey especially since a lot of illegal activities, cases of fraud, monetary fraud, etc have been reported. At the same time,there are a lot of websites that have brought the fun of gambling online, and they are quite safe. Since gambling is illegal in India, verified ways of playing cards, dice games are easier to find on international websites. They allow you to join as a player with minimal charges. These are licensed companies, you can always be assured that your hard-deal money shall reach your account!

As a beginner, you can start with easy Diwali games, such as Teen Patti also known as three-card brag, poker or enjoy the dice games too. Let’s look at a few widely played games:

Teen Patti

In Teen Patti, the card dealer will distribute three cards in an anti-clock direction. It is similar to Poker, the person with the highest deal wins. The person who has the highest pair, flush, straights, wins. The idea is that the person with the highest number of three-card hands gets to be the card dealer for the next round. The ideal number of people is three to seven people.

So the important things to remember before playing Teen Patti online are :

  • Start with basics and try a demo hand first.
  • Look out for sites that are legitimate and offer convenient payout.
  • Realize that this game will require you to be patient.
  • Do not be overly confident and place higher bets or be too low and place low bets.
  • Finally, get your real money into play, make sure it has a safe payout option.

Dice Game


This game has been existing in Indian culture for centuries, right from the dice game played in Mahabharata by the Pandava brothers to the one Parvati plays with her husband Shiva. This game has to be one the easiest and most addictive of them all. This as the name suggests simply requires the player to roll over the dice and it shall generate a set of numbers as the dice stops. A minimum of two players are required to play, but thanks to virtual dice games, one player can play this game with a computer.

Important aspects to remember while playing dice games:

  • Practise healthy gaming hygiene, do not overdo it.
  • Winning gets addictive, but always remember it’s a game based on sheer luck, be mindful!

For more variety of games that one could indulge in during Diwali, you can check out this website.


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