Best Places to Live In Kenya


Are you looking for a place to live in Kenya? Whether you are looking for a fresh start, to pursue academic goals, retiring, starting a family, among other considerations, picking an ideal place to live requires significant consideration. Weather, culture, lifestyle, crime rate, entertainment, cost of living, and infrastructure, including transportation, healthcare facilities, schools, to mention a few, are crucial considerations. The best part is that finding the best property matching your preference isn’t a hassle. Moreover, with resourceful pools like Hauzisha, you can find a lot to help you pick the best place to live in Kenya. Let’s look at five places in Kenya and what makes them ideal for various people.


The capital is most people’s first choice. With ample employment and business opportunities, Nairobi attracts all sorts of people. Fresh graduates and entrepreneurs alike flock to the region searching for greener pastures. Moreover, Nairobi boasts some of Kenya’s best educational institutes, from primary secondary, to university establishments. For example, check Hauzisha list of primary schools; you’d love your kids to go to the best schools in the country, making Nairobi among the places to live. Higher education is also sorted, especially as Nairobi University is at the heart of the City, one of the best institutes in Africa.


Nairobi also has some of the best medical care facilities. It is the home to Kenyatta National Hospital, the oldest in the country and among the top in Africa. You won’t struggle to access health care from public to private facilities when living in Nairobi. The air, railway, and road networks are well developed. While you might be caught up in traffic, the City is well connected, making it easier to get in and out.

The Metropolitan area has all sorts of properties. This ranges from posh estates like Gigiri, Karen, and Runda, to middle-class and cheapest options ideal for low-earners. The cost of living in the Nairobi metropolitan area, like most cities, isn’t as low. Nonetheless, you can find affordable housing, and following the chosen estate, enjoy a comfortable life. The crime rate isn’t that high, especially as there are enough security forces. With its cultural diversity as it attracts people across the country and even foreigners, you’ll find it easy to fit in, more so as the community is welcoming.


Mombasa Raha; you probably are familiar with the phrase, but while fun, that’s not all that makes the region ideal. The coastal City has it all, from affordable housing and lifestyle, posh living, fun activities, to mention a few. You’ll find a great deal of affordable top-class estates like Nyali, Likoni, and Kisauni, to mention a few, making it easier to settle. The welcoming community, especially as the aboriginals are communal, makes the living style friendly. The region also has amazing schools, hospitals, a road network, and commercial infrastructure.

As a growing city, employment opportunities are high, and entrepreneurs have a lot to explore in their investment quests. The region is warm all year round, especially compared to some regions in Kenya. With all the beaches around, you’ll enjoy the lovely weather as you catch some fun over the weekends. While the City has had a fair share of security issues due to the past terrorist scare, the security forces are in plenty, making it safe to live. Like other cities, you’ll find people from all communities in Kenya and foreigners, a rich cultural setup ideal for everyone.



The Cleanest City in Kenya is quickly growing, not just to match the City status but also to match the demands. More people are moving in the area, with significant infrastructure for residential and commercial undertakings popping up. The region is ideal for growing families with a great road network, railway connection, and ever-developing air transport.

Nakuru’s cost of living is a lot lower than Nairobi’s. Food and housing are reasonably priced. You’ll find great schools, hospitals, and entertainment hubs in the region. Nakuru is home to attraction sites, including Hells Gate National Reserve, Lake Nakuru National Park, Lake Naivasha, and Lake Elementaita, to mention a few. It is among the top tourist destinations, attracting foreign and local visitors. The crime rate is low, and with the growing economy, Nakuru is among the best places to settle in Kenya.


The Lake-City continues to develop to match the recently acquired City status. It boasts great infrastructure, from roads and air transport to commercial and residential properties. You’ll find amazing estates such as Milimani, Lolwe, Nyalenda, schools, and hospitals. The crime rate is low, and the lifestyle is attractive, especially as you’ll enjoy lots of fish and healthy meals from the surrounding areas. With the budding economy, amazing nightlife, and shopping malls, your stay in Kisumu will be nothing short of fun and satisfying.



Are you considering a less-city experience, even perhaps considering pursuing agricultural activities? Cities offer a lot, but so can the rural areas. Nyeri is among the regions you can live in Kenya. The town is around 150km from Nairobi. It has a great road network, meaning that moving to and from the region isn’t a challenge. The best part is that you’ll find all sorts of services including banks in the town, meaning that you won’t have to keep taking trips to the City.

The central highlands offer great agricultural farming lands. With electricity and water systems in place, you can flourish in farming. While the town isn’t as huge, it is home to Karatina Open Air Market, the biggest in Kenya. This means that marketing your farm produce won’t be a hassle. Nyeri has impressive schools, hospitals, and security. While it is a little colder, you’ll enjoy living in the region as its cost of living is also lower, has a dynamic culture, and is easily accessible. Here is the kicker; while relatively quiet, the region is close to Mount Kenya and the Aberdares. These are some of the great tourist attraction destinations. As such, you’ll find fantastic entertainment and shopping joints in Nyeri, making it among the best places to live in Kenya.

Selecting the best place to live in Kenya can be challenging. There is a lot to choose from, ranging from the cities to rural areas. With the above places, you are a step closer to picking a region that marks most, if not all, items on your checklist.