Is Live Instructor-Led Training Worth the Money?

The development of the Internet and digital technologies has significantly affected all areas of our lives. Education and the acquisition of new knowledge are no exception, on the contrary. Living in the digital age has made it possible for information, instructions, and advice on everything we’re interested in to be available at any time and in any place where we have access to the Internet.

Also, it’s necessary to constantly improve our knowledge in the field we’re dealing with in order to keep up with the times. Therefore, it’s not surprising that there’s a large offer of online courses and workshops on various internet platforms. This type of education has been very popular for the last ten years, and it reached its peak in the previous 12 months when the whole world replaced classical school teaching with online classes.

Regardless of whether our goal is to improve our skills or to acquire new knowledge in a certain field, we’ll come across numerous course offers on the Internet which differ in price, quality, and level of knowledge they offer. The course can be organized by providing recorded lectures, videos, pictures, and other material that remain available to us at any time.

The cost of such courses is usually lower and they’re a good solution if we want to get more detailed information in the chosen area and have a good organization in independent learning. However, if we need better organization and more thorough knowledge, Live Instructor-Led training is a better option. This type of training can be significantly more expensive compared to online courses, so the question is whether they are worth the money you’re ready to spend on them!

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What is Live Instructor-Led Training?

Live Instructor-Led Training or LIT is a way of learning that involves a lecturer or instructor who conveys knowledge to students online in real-time or live, without the mediation of the Internet. It can be individual or group training, and the method is quite similar to the traditional teaching in a standard classroom. The instructor can create lessons or organize interactive workshops.

Benefits of Live Led Instructor Training

Most people received formal education in schools, where teachers and professors conveyed their knowledge or assigned tasks and tests that they had to complete within a certain period of time. Such an experience makes the model in which we’re guided through the education process by a competent and experienced person. Acquired habits during education, in this case, will help us and give better results.

The fact that participants can ask a question and clarify any ambiguity with the instructor in real-time makes a significant impact on the effectiveness of LIT. It also allows the instructor to modify the training program according to the needs and level of knowledge of the group or individual.

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Direct contact between lecturers and students, as well as mutual interactions in the group, will contribute to better memory and adoption of materials. In direct mutual communication, students exchange experiences and compare their knowledge with the rest of the group. Practical exercises will provide individual insight into the ability to implement new skills – that makes LIT a model in which it’s possible to achieve communication and emotional connection with the group, which makes learning easier and more fun.

When considering whether Live Instructor-Led Training will be worth the money invested, we should consider companies that have certified instructors in the field we’re interested in. A professional instructor has an elaborated methodology of work, which guarantees the quality of the knowledge we get. Due to the expansion of the Internet, we are no longer limited to instructors and training being held in our environment – our selection has expanded, so we can learn from the best lecturers around the world, at no cost to travel.

The main reason why we invest money in additional education is most often of a business nature. That’s why we need to think about actual and in-need skills. Today, occupations and abilities related to information technologies are most valued, so there’s a large offering of training in the knowledge that is necessary for the development of web technologies, security and protection, infrastructure, or project management. The companies like can provide you with quality live Instructor-led training and give you a chance to attend the training from the comfort of your home, according to the schedule that suits you, or directly in their educational center.

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Disadvantages of Live Instructor-Led Training

The first thing that can distract us from live Instructor-led training is the price, which is significantly higher than what you would pay for other online courses.  Yet, here are some other cons you may want to consider:

  • Learning and practical exercises in direct communication with the instructor means that we adjust our time to the class schedule. We won’t have the comfort of following the lectures at a time that suits us, which is possible with online courses that contain pre-prepared material.
  • In case the training can’t be conducted online, a trip to the place where the training is happening might be an additional cost of money and time.
  • If the training isn’t individual, other problems may arise. In addition to the agreement with the instructor, we must respect the pace of work of most fellow students. Quiet, introverted and non-communicative people may not get the maximum in this type of learning.
  • It’s important that we’re trained by a professional instructor, with whom it’s easy to communicate. Without that, the training we have decided to participate in won’t give satisfactory results or be worth the money we have invested in it.
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It’s certain that direct contact between instructors and students in the process of learning new skills and knowledge is rather significant. Professional, competent lecturers will systematically introduce us to the subject and guide us through practical exercises. However, knowing if this is the most cost-effective option for us will depend on personal preferences. Before we decide to pay for a cheaper online course or opt for instructor-led training, let’s ask ourselves about personal habits, motivation, and the goal we want to achieve by improving our knowledge. If the goal is to get better information about a topic we already know about, recorded material, presentations and lectures will be enough. However, if it’s necessary for us to perform an activity independently after completing the training – live Instructor-led training has no alternative.