Liza Koshy Net Worth 2024

Liza Koshy Net Worth

What Is Liza Koshy’s Net Worth?

Liza Koshy Net Worth: Elizabeth Shaila Koshy is an American social media star, YouTube identity, Comedian and TV host. Koshy started with Vine in 2013 and ended up being popular on YouTube.

Today, Liza Koshy’s net worth is estimated to be close to $6 million dollars.

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Liza Koshy Net Worth:

$6 Million

Net Worth:$6 Million
Date of Birth:31 March 1996
Age, How Old:23 Years Old
Place of Birth:Houston, Texas,
United States
How Tall, Height:5ft 1in (1.52 m)
Profession(s):Youtuber, Actor,
Last Updated:2020

Outside of her YouTube income, it has been reported that Lizzza will co-host the MTV arrangement TRL, which she’ll likely make millions from extra gigs and endorsements.

Indeed, all things considered, you’ll see Liza Koshy’s total assets develop exponentially in the years to come. Looking at Lizza’s ‘Vine’ & ‘Youtube’ execution, we were curious to know where does Liza Koshy’s Net Worth stands at?

Starting in 2019, Lizzza’s Youtube channel has more than 16 million subscribers and has collected over 2 billion views since the beginning.

She uploads videos once per week on her channel which is developing at the rate of 20,000 new subscribers consistently. The videos on her channel normally get an estimated 2 million views each day.

This should result in an expected income of around $3,600 every day that’s $1.3 million per year from ads that keep running on the videos.

Her vlogging channel “Liza Koshy Too” has more than 8 million subscribers developing by around 5,000 new subs every day, in addition, she has gathered more than 600 million views.

It gets to a normal of 300,000 views for each day which should create an expected income of around $1,000 every day that’s $365,000 per year.

Liza makes additional income through videos which her watchers should pay to watch, sponsored videos from organizations like Nike, AT&T, Calvin Klein, and others pay hefty dollars for there brands to be noticed.

She likewise sells merchandise through her site and her YouTube Red shows which are done in an organization with YouTube.

Youtube has been her principle wellspring of riches. Since her channel could develop so rapidly and her recordings turn into a web sensation, Koshy was ready to exploit her YouTube profit at an early stage.

So finally, how much money does Liza Koshy have? As of 2024, Liza Koshy Net Worth stands at an estimated $6 million dollars, which is entirely noteworthy.

Who Is Liza Koshy?

Liza Koshy will be 23 on 31st March 1996. She is a Social Media Personality and Vine Star who is increasingly prominent by her online name ‘Lizzza.’

This energetic woman joined Vine and went along with it at an early stage, while her friends were just new to the application. Koshy’s career took an amazing turn when she became a popular Vine image.  

Koshy has been winning in excess of 5 million followers over her successful post uploads on Vine.

She has included every one of her Vine friends on her video “How girls check out guys vs. How guys check out girls” that includes; ‘Jake Paul,’ ‘Lance210,’ ‘Crawford Collins,’ ‘Boris Laursen,’ ‘Alex Holtti’ and ‘Tasia Alexis.’

This half Indian and half Caucasian excellence is additionally a significant prevalent YouTuber. Koshy’s YouTube channel has a tremendous fanbase with more than 13m subscribers.

This Social Media Personality likewise has a huge fan following on Instagram and Twitter with more than 17.7 million supporters on her Instagram and more 2.48m on her Twitter and is yet checking!

Early Life & Career.

The Vine Star became famous after downloading the “Vine” video sharing application while in secondary school. All the more she became prominently known by her online name Lizzza.

The 5 million supporters on her Vine account would anxiously wait for her new posts. She principally uploaded videos with relatable content that associates with her teen fans and followers.

With Vine, she began by uploading fun recordings that she shot in a vehicle and a couple of different spots. As watchers began enjoying the hilarious stuff she was motivated to make all the more such videos.

Her instructional videos are simply sheer fun that is totally engaging and interesting, in this way making a vibe among the watchers.

This straightforward school girl turned out to be one of the rising impressions of six-second videos.

Now Koshy’s YouTube channel is the 75th most subscribed channel, it has more than 16 million subscribers and 2 billion views in counting.

She’s additionally has been designated for different honors, winning two Streamy Awards and a Teen Choice Award.

Personal Life.

Liza Koshy was born on March 31, 1996, in Houston, Texas, USA, where she was raised by her folks with her two other sibling sisters. She is half Indian and half Caucasian.

Her folks were exceptionally specific about her academic training and in the meantime bolstered her in her Vine endeavors, in some cases recommended her thoughts about what to Vine.

In spite of the fact that she has seen accomplishment at an early age, Koshy is very prudent and refrains herself from uploading stuff that is somewhat close to personal.

She adores her family and prefers not to put up tons of videos that may barge the privacy of her family.

She started schooling in the fall of 2014 to contemplate Business Marketing. After school, she means to live in Los Angeles and would like to stay associated with social media life and correspondence.

In November 2015 she began dating another Vine wonder ‘David Dobrik’ from Chicago, Illinois.

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Quotes from Liza Koshy.

“It is so much fun to make content for kids and people of all ages. Families can sit down and watch my stuff.”

— Liza Koshy

“The worst advice I’ve ever received was ‘Don’t post on YouTube. It’s dying.”

— Liza Koshy

“Make an account, start uploading videos, and then be yourself; it’s very cliche, but no one else can do it.”

— Liza Koshy

“I think my first video was when I was 19. I was pretty old.”

— Liza Koshy
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