How To Maintain Your Pool While on Vacation


When holidays come rolling over our first instinct is to pack our bags and sprint off to a vacation somewhere far away. Even swimming pool owners get tired of using their own pool as a way of having fun and look for a new adventure somewhere else. This adventure often comes in the form of vacations but even before they can begin planning for it, they are instantly struck with a dilemma – “what about the swimming pool?”

Swimming pools need constant care and vigilance from the owner’s side so that they don’t get dirty and unclean. Many owners thus keep their vacations very short so that they don’t return to a green pool full of insects, dirt, and algae. There are many modern swimming pools that minimize this uncleanliness damage and you can click here to find out about them.

However, even the best swimming pools are not entirely resistant to natural damage and will consequently suffer if neglected for too long. Fortunately, there are several ways through which you can avoid having an unclean swimming pool! By simply cleaning your pool and modifying a few things, you can ensure your pool doesn’t become a dirty mess in your absence.

In this article, we’ll list some simple tips, precautions, and suggestions that you can follow so that your pool remains crystal clear even when you come back. Make sure you read the article till the end so that you don’t miss out on any crucial detail!

Check and test your water thoroughly


Before you pack your bags and start to depart your house to go on vacation, ensure that you check the water levels and their chemical levels before leaving. It’s crucial that you make sure the water level is slightly more than what you use. Since you’ll be gone for a long time, there won’t be any way of adding more water if the levels drop down.

Low water levels are likely to attract more algae growth and dirt accumulation. That’s why it’s better that you leave after adding an extra water level for your pool. After all, it’s better to be safe than sorry. Along with the water levels, you should also check the water’s chemical levels. For the unaware, the chemical levels of the water in a pool dictates how much chlorine it has and if its pH level is balanced or not.

Since chlorine is the number one eliminator of bacteria and germs, having low chlorine levels in your pool attracts more organisms to pollute your swimming pool water. Additionally, if a pH level is balanced perfectly, it will act as a catalyst for chlorine as it defeats germs and bacteria.

One of the most straightforward ways of keeping your pool clean is thus maintaining the chemical levels of the water. If you are positive no one will use your pool, not even your neighbor’s kids, then you can add extra volumes of chlorine and acids/bases to lengthen the lifetime of the pool without its owner.

Shocking once before you leave helps a lot


Shocking your pool with a chlorine powder shock or a non-chlorine solution helps your pool stay chlorinated for a considerable amount of time. This keeps your pools clean even in your absence and keeps your pool worries off your mind when you are enjoying your vacation.

Clear all pre-existing debris


One more thing you should consider doing is cleaning your filters and skimming baskets before you depart on your vacation. If you have a pump, which most pools do, you should scrub it off and clean it as well. Clearing unwanted matter and debris from these objects keeps your water clean and circulated like usual.

Since you cleaned them so recently, they’ll function in their most optimal function even if you are out of the house. Backwashing is considered the most ideal way of cleaning filters and you should do that if you have average filters. In case you have a cartridge filter, you might need to hire professional pool cleaning services to clean it all out because cleaning cartridges can be quite a cumbersome job.

Ensure the pool’s complete security


Many homeowners think that pool security is futile when they are out of their homes. After all, why would they need to protect their pool when they won’t be even at their home, right? Well, it couldn’t be further from the truth.

Yes, you won’t have robbers or thieves sneaking inside your house to enjoy your swimming pool. But the chances of having naughty children from your neighborhood sneak into your property and have some pool fun of their own is not out of the question. In fact, many pool owners report that it happens a lot especially when they are out. As such, you should have some security that ensures kids don’t ruin your pool and get in an accident of their own.

Securing your pool gate with a proper latch or lock, and having alarms around it scares most unwanted pool visitors out. Covering the pool with a safety cover not only reduces dirt and external matter falling into it but also discourages animals and humans alike from entering the pool waters. By chance, if they do, you should have your solar cover removed so that they don’t get stuck in the pool and have an accident.

Hire a housekeeper or call over a trusty friend to keep an eye on your pool


Hiring a professional housekeeper is an excellent choice for people who can afford it. They can clean your pool thoroughly every day and ensure that it does not get dirty. If you hire someone with experience in maintaining a pool, they can clean out the filters, scrub the pool weekly and even balance the chemical levels for you.

Alternatively, you can decide to call a trusty friend over and ask them to watch your pool. While you won’t receive professional services, you will at least have someone looking over your pool and skimming it from time to time when needed. As long as you maintain strict boundaries on the pool’s usage, making a friend watch over your pool isn’t a bad idea at all.


There are many ways to ensure that your pool remains sparkly and crystal clear even after you leave on your vacation far away. We hope this article helped you out, and if it did, please consider following our website for regular updates as it will help us out immensely.