Can You Make a Fortune From Digital Currencies – 2024 Guide

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Since Bitcoin broke its record in value a few years ago, reaching the price over 20,000$, the whole world became interested in cryptocurrencies, and their potential to become a standard way of payment in the future. There are still many regulations required in countries and monetary systems for that to happen. However, investing in digital currencies seems like a great opportunity to earn a lot of money.

While some people managed to create a great fortune by investing in some cryptocurrencies in the right moment, a lot of people are still suspicious about this, especially because most of the virtual assets are often changing their value, some even a few times during one day. However, the fact that digital currencies are frequently fluctuating creates a great possibility for people who want to deal with this sort of speculation. Also, there are many other ways to earn from crypto. If you are interested in becoming a Bitcoin trader, you can visit bitcoinsystem, and become a member of the Bitcoin community.

However, there is no simple answer to the question related to the possibility to earn a fortune from digital currencies, mostly because there are many factors that play an important role in that process. We made a list of some of the most important factors and parts of the market of digital currencies that you should know about before investing in some cryptocurrency. There are several methods that you can use to earn from digital currencies.

Buying and Holding

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Buying some digital currency, and keep it until it reaches a bigger value is one of the easiest methods. There are some cases where this method was proven to be the best one, like with Bitcoin in 2015, when it was valued over 20,000$, while you could buy it for only 1,000$ a few years before that. On the other hand, there is always a risk that the price will fall significantly, like with the same coin that was priced only around 3,500$ last year. The market is playing a big role in the determination of its price. When there is a great demand for some products, it is natural that the price of it will become bigger. On the other side, when most people are trying to sell it, the price will fall, and that is an unbreakable circle of trading with all types of products.

Apart from the most popular digital currencies like Bitcoin, Litecoin, Ethereum, and many others, that already have a good price, and require you to invest a lot of money to expect some profit, there are also some new types of cryptocurrencies that have a great potential to be much more valuable in future. You could try to invest in some of them, and earn a lot more if it turns out for some of them to reach price similar to some of the most popular today. For example, you can choose to buy and hold IOTA, Cardano, Ardor, Nem, or some other cheap virtual asset that costs less than 1$ and wait for them to reach a bigger price. Also, you can reduce the risks by investing in several of them at once.


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The process of creating cryptocurrencies is called mining. For this method, you will need your PC to create a block of codes by using blockchain technology, and the system will reward you with coins because you are providing the whole system with necessary recourses. Maybe you heard of some big centers where you can find hundreds of PCs connected to create more coins much faster. However, you should know that most of the popular currencies today will not provide you with so many coins like that was in the beginning, and you will have great expenses as well, mostly because it requires a lot of electricity to spend, and expensive gear capable of processing all those codes with success.

The number of coins that are going to be made is limited in most cases, and there is halving every few years, which means that it will require more time to create one coin, and the reward will be lower. However, you could choose to mine some of the younger types of digital currencies that have great potential, and that you could successfully mine on a regular PC in your home.


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Trading is the most popular method for earning from digital assets. The process is similar to Forex trading, and you could use an app such as Bitcoin System, and trade with crypto every day. It is important to analyze the market and to find the right moment to buy or sell. Most of these coins are changing their value frequently, which is a great way to earn from speculation. On the other hand, you need to be aware of the risks, and always invest the amount of money that you can afford to lose.

Investing in companies that are buying digital currencies is also a very popular option, and it is called HODling. But, you should know that investing in this sort of business will not make you an owner of any digital asset that you chose. The company will only pay you off your share. There are many websites and apps where you can become a part of a community that is trading with virtual assets every day, and find out which one has the best potential, and what is the current situation on the market. While it is not so simple to earn a great fortune with this method, you can get a decent monthly income by trading over these websites.


When we speak about the possibility to become rich from trading with digital currencies, your chances are the same as with any other business. That means that you will have to find the right type of crypto, and the right moment to invest or trade with it on the market. Also, you should know about the risks, and that some virtual assets lose their value while others are rising. Furthermore, according to the popularity of cryptocurrencies in the whole world, we can make an easy conclusion that we are only at the beginning when it comes to the market of digital currencies.