How to Make Money as a Digital Nomad While Traveling


Do you love to travel, but don’t want to sacrifice your income? We have compiled several ideas on what you can do as a digital nomad while traveling either as a freelancer or a full-time employee. In this day and age, everything is possible! So, if travel is your dream but you are not sure how to combine it with any job, read along! Maybe you will get some useful ideas.

Online jobs – freelance and full-time

We are all familiar with the modern lifestyle – the digital nomad. Living this lifestyle means that you do a job that doesn’t require you to be present in person in an office or any other job place – the work you do is digital and you can do it from anywhere in the world. So, if you are interested in traveling and you have some digital skills, this is perfect for you!

Here are some jobs that can be done while traveling:

Digital Marketing


It is already in the name – “digital”, which means that the whole work is done with a computer and doesn’t need you to be present in person. Some companies of course require their employees to go to the office, whether they do a digital job or not, but there are some that will definitely be flexible enough to let you do your job remotely.

You can do digital marketing as an in-house employee or do it freelance. Either way, it is a great job for a digital nomad.

Social Media Manager

Similar to digital marketing jobs, social media is another one that can be done remotely. It all depends on the job duties you have – some companies require their social media managers to be present at their events to take photos and videos, that can, later on, be posted on social media.

However, if you work in an agency with several clients, most likely your clients will send you photos and videos of their events and activities and you can post them online from anywhere in the world. Other social media manager duties, for example, answering comments, DMs, and creating social media ads don’t require you to unnecessarily be in the office.

Graphic designer


A lot of graphic designers already work as freelancers and take jobs from companies and agencies. You can be one of them! All you need is a computer, some graphic design skills, and the appropriate programs, like Adobe Photoshop or Adobe Illustrator.

Web designer

Web design is still a very requested profession – hundreds of new websites are popping up every day and companies with old websites want to update them. If you have learned web design, this is the moment to put it to work! You can be a web designer in freelance mode or find a remote position – in the digital world, everything is possible!



While there are internet and computers, programmers will be needed. Something breaks, something new needs to be created and grandiose digital ideas need to be fulfilled. Programming is a job that is only computer-based – all the client meetings can be held via video chat and the job can be done by typing code into your computer.

Video and photo editor

There are a lot of digital content creators nowadays and some of them from time to time need some help editing their videos or even photos. And you can be that person! To get a job with a digital content creator, you will need a portfolio that shows your editing skills as well as to be ready for a flexible schedule and some ASAP work. But aside from that, if you are a creative soul and love video and photo editing, this is the perfect option for you!

Influencer or digital content creator


There’s a job for those who are not afraid of the spotlight and enjoy creating digital content. You can create videos for YouTube as well as have an Instagram and TikTok account where you share your travel experiences and tips and tricks. To be honest, you can even not be a travel influencer but choose any other kind of niche as long as it is possible to successfully talk about it while on the road.

On the other hand though, if you choose the travel influencer niche, you will have opportunities to get sponsorships for your trips. For example, a free stay in a hotel paid activities or paid plane tickets. As a traveler, all this sounds amazing! You only need to have persistence, zest for creating content almost 24/7, and a thick skin to not take personally hate comments that once in a while pop up.

Create a print-on-demand shop

If you are a business person at heart, creating a print-on-demand shop is an amazing option. You sell a physical product, but you don’t need a physical shop or even a warehouse.

To create a successful print-on-demand business you will need some great designs for the items of your choice – t-shirts, sweatshirts, hoodies, canvas, posters, tote bags, etc. Then you have to showcase those designs on your website/e-shop. A good idea is to have some sample items printed so you can check the quality of the product as well as have a photoshoot and post authentic photos on your website.

When that is done, publish your e-commerce shop and start advertising! From now on all the work is just digital.

Once you get an order, you just need to forward it to your print-on-demand supplier. The print-on-demand supplier will take care of the rest – create the product, pack it, and ship it.

If you are looking for an amazing print-on-demand partner, check out! They have a variety of quality items that are available for printing, their customer service is amazing and they get the job done quickly and in high quality.

Write an e-book


Know a lot about a certain subject? Why not share your knowledge? Write an e-book! E-books are easier to create than paper books and you don’t have to go through all the hassle of printing them. An e-book can also have the added bonus of clickable links and other resources or even tasks. Take the advantage of the digital era and create some digital content that people will appreciate!

Teach online

While we are talking about sharing your knowledge – why not pick up teaching online? Since the pandemic, online courses have blossomed, and even though some have returned to the in-person style, people have gotten much more comfortable with learning online. Take advantage of it!

You can find a company that offers online classes and get them to hire you. You can also go freelance on it and get students in places like Upwork and Facebook groups. You can also create an Udemy course and get money from there.

Examples of some of the things you can teach online include photography, video editing, graphical design, writing, languages, digital marketing, social media, etc. If you check out the Skillshare page, you will learn that almost any creative and other skill can be taught online.

Sell your travel photos and videos


You are already traveling and creating a bunch of photos and videos, so why not get some money out of it? There are stock web pages that will gladly pay you for your photos and videos! Check iStock, Shutterstock, and Adobe Stock for starters. You can dip your toes into sharing your work in the stock photo and video arena by posting some free content on free stock webpages like Unsplash or Pexels.


In this digital era, it is extremely easy to have a digital job and be able to travel. You don’t even need to have work that is related to travel, which is amazing, because some people like to just enjoy the places they travel to, and not feel the pressure to photograph or film every bit of it. We hope this list of remote work possibilities inspired you, and that you are now a step closer to becoming a full-time traveler/digital nomad!