How To Make Money From Double Chance Sports Betting – 2024 Guide


The proper analysis is crucial if you are interested in sports betting. Many factors can affect the results. The benefit is that relying on statistics can significantly improve your chance to win, which is a huge advantage over other gambling options.

Moreover, the offers available on gambling platforms can make a huge difference, and you should always research and compare different options available in your area. Your favorite sport can also make a difference since not all websites will offer the same deals for all sports. If you prefer betting on soccer, click on

When it comes to betting on sports, it is very important to check different odds and choose the right combinations with proper equivalence between the probability and size. It is a well-known fact that higher odds provide more money, but has a lower probability.

A lot of people are choosing to simply bet on favorites since that is a great way to win more often. The great thing is that you can shorten the risk even more by adding a double chance to your bet. We are going to analyze more about this option in the following article.


What is Double Chance?

The simple explanation is that it will consist two possible outcomes as part of one combination. That is an excellent choice when you are not completely sure whether playing on one team is the right option. For example, Chelsea is playing an away game against Brighton. The away team is known for being much better than the one that is playing at home. However, there is always a playing-at-home factor, which is proven to be very important.

Therefore, chances for Brighton are very low that it can win this game, but it might manage to save the goal. In that matter, you can choose an odd x2 for your ticket. The size will be even lower for this option. If the regular odd for away team was 1.5, the x2 will provide 1.25, or even less than that. It might seem as a very low size, but you can combine several games on one ticket, and create a total of 2, which will double your money while the risk is minor.

A lot of professional gamblers are using this option all the time since that is a great way to avoid unpleasant surprises. If you check the stats, you will notice that in most of surprises where big favorites didn’t manage to win against weaker teams, the result was even.


There Are Different Types

The great thing is that modern platforms went a step further in offering all sorts of combinations for games, and that is especially the case when it comes to soccer. Combining the winning and even result is the most common option, but you can play around with other stats related to the game.

For example, you can combine double chance with number of goals to increase the odd. There are favorites known for scoring a lot of goals. However, when they are playing against the team that is in great form, choosing a simple 1 or 2 can be risky. On the other hand, playing 1x or x2 will provide an odd that is too low. In that case, you can combine it with +2 or +3 goals in the game.

When it comes to the last season in the PL, there are some teams that ended in lower parts of the table, but they managed to score a lot of goals even against top clubs. That is the case with Aston Villa. It is difficult to predict the result when this team is playing against favorites. For instance, it won’t be such a surprise if they get an even score against Manchester UTD or Liverpool.

Therefore, if you want to bet on Liverpool when it is playing an away game against Aston Villa, it is expected to see more than three goals in that game. Also, you can prevent an unpleasant surprise by choosing the x2 and 3+ combination, which means that a surprising result of 2:2 will still be a win for you.

There are many other available options as well where you can play around with potential winners and the number of goals. There are some even more interesting combinations where you can win a lot of money. For example, when two teams are known for scoring a lot of goals, and they are both in excellent forms, you can try the odd where they will both score in both half, or choosing an even better combination that there will be +2 goals in both halves.

It all depends on your style when it comes to choosing the right option. Keep in mind that there are combinations that will offer huge odds, which is the case with predicting the number of goals in both segments of the game.


Last Words

The standard double chance is known for offering a lower odd but a much higher probability of winning. The most common tips are 1x, 12, and x2. However, there are some even more interesting combinations where you can deal with potential surprises. When you are not sure whether a home team will win, but you expect a lot of goals, you can choose odds like 1x and 2+, 3+, 4+, or limiting options like 2 to 3 goals, 2 to 4 goals, 3 to 5 goals, and more.

With the increased selection of these complex combinations, we can notice that less people are interested in choosing standard bets like 1, x, or 2. It is not a surprise as well since you can have much better chance to win this way.

There are many benefits from playing double chance, but it is important to focus on the selection of teams before you make such a choice. Provided odds are introduced by professionals, and if there is an interesting combination with a high odd, be sure to check whether it is the best option for the following game.