5 Tips for Making Custom Gift Boxes & Personalized Presents

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Receiving a present is something special. When you get one made especially for you it’s even better. It’s a memory created in an instance. You can receive a gift from anyone at all times. There is so many occasion though a year when you can receive and gift presents. We have Christmas and New Year, birthdays, Hanukah, various anniversaries, and Easter among other ones. The latter one is almost upon us. It is a great way to give someone an original gift as they’ve never seen before.

But, what could be an issue? You’re missing an idea? Don’t worry we got that covered for you. In this article, we’re going to debate the five tips for making custom gift boxes & personalized presents. Now, this is not an easy task; nor is’ one too demanding. It’s somewhere in between. All you need is a will to do it, and enough focus to read our article so that you know the direction worth taking. In the few short lines below we are going to allow you entrance into the world of customized gifts and personalized items that can be gifted to others. It’s time that you look outside of the box, and surprise someone with what’s in it. Let’s start.

1. Know Your Recipient

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This is where it all starts. To make an ideal gift box or a personalized present you need to know the person to whom you’re giving it. Of course, rare are those occasions where we share presents with strangers. So, what you need to know is a few personality traits of your loved one. This is necessary so that you could have that much-needed touch to wrap up the present the right way. Know what color they like, their favorite shape, and things like that. It’s not vital that you divulge their personality like a psychologist. No, just work around their traits. As we said, the gift is going to someone who is your close one so there shouldn’t be too hard to know these things.

2. Be Selective About The Materials

This is quite vital. If you want to make a good box you need to use proper materials. We’re not going to tell what they are as this can be figured out with ease. Also, we don’t know what you have at hand regarding the material. Also, many people won’t do this part by themselves. We understand this, as many professionals such as personallypicked.com.au can do this for you. Of course, this is a brilliant approach in case you’re not too crafty with your hands. If you opt t do it yourself be sure that you use materials that are easy to handle. Look for some softer woods, cardboard, or plain paper. The one thing you must have is imagination as none of this will work without it.

3. Colors Matter

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You can choose any material you like, but when it comes to color you must be artistic, unless you’re giving it to a child then be as diversified as you like. If you’re getting a gift that will be displayed in a public area you need to be tasteful. Have this in mind. Even the best gift in the world can go to waste if it’s of the wrong color. Do you know those fluorescent Nike shoes? Yes, they’re good if you’re an NBA superstar or a famous rapper. They’re not for everyday use, and we all know it. The same thing goes for your gift. You don’t want something that glows in the dark. Even if you choose a variety of colors, that’s fine. All that you need to take care of is that they bode well together. As we said in the first few lines of this paragraph, be tasteful. It’s one thing to have a unique gift presented to your loved one. It’s a whole another one to call it customized just because of the lively color scheme.

4. Use Photographs

This is an idea with plenty of layers. If you opt for this idea you can’t possibly go wrong. If you’re buying a present for your loved one a set of photographs can be the best gift ever. Furthermore, the number of combinations is immense here. The best part is that you can even make the box out of the photographs that represent your relationship. You can have it layered around like the box is the gift, only to have even more photos on the inside. It’s possible to opt for a photo album or to put some framed pictures inside of the box. Whatever you choose to do, you can’t go wrong. Trusts us, no one has ever made a mistake when photos were gifted. You’re not going to be the first one in the history of mankind.

5. Be Personal About It

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Of course, in this situation, it’s the recipient who matters the most. But, you need to pour a lot of yourself into the whole thing. Whatever your gift might be you must never forget about yourself. Be sure to leave a personal note. A simple greeting card will do the trick. But, as we said, it’s not only about you, nor about them. It’s somewhere in between. If your gift comes in a box make sure that you also put the name of the recipient on it. It’s one of those, from x to y situations. This is where the selection of the material used for packaging can be crucial. You should opt for the material on which it’s easy to write. But, also do not write anything if your handwriting is not pretty. This is where you can use a professional in calligraphy. A personalized note written in beautiful handwriting could swipe anyone off their feet. Furthermore, you can make the best out of it by wrapping it all out with a ribbon. A box, a personal note, a big ribbon signal, and an amazing gift. In the end, you know what they say? The thing that matters the most is that it all comes from the heart. Don’t forget this the next time you plan for a present.