The Advantages of Managed IT Support for Modern Businesses


As we continue to navigate the digital, businesses of all shapes and sizes are looking for the right managed IT support services. This should come as no surprise when you consider just how much our daily lives have been impacted by technology. Businesses have been particularly affected – in fact, most are now almost entirely reliant on their digital assets and IT infrastructure to get through the day.

Of course, the best way to navigate the modern era is by partnering with an IT support company. By outsourcing the management of your tech to a professional digital caretaker, you can ensure your business infrastructure is kept up to date and operating at optimum capacity.

There are many benefits to consider when looking for an IT partner – but first, what even is a managed IT support company?


What is a managed IT support service?

When it comes to business IT support, it’s about more than fixing technical issues, recovering lost passwords and answering questions from your employees. IT support services can include optimising the performance of your network as well as securing your system against cyber attacks. Essentially, with an IT support company by your side, a business can realise the full potential of its network, boost productivity and nurture more growth day to day.

Your IT service providers will be responsible for the setup, installation, configuration and maintenance of your IT infrastructure and network equipment. They can also proactively monitor the performance of your equipment and resolve any issues before they escalate and cause a disruption.

IT support companies also come fully prepared to help your business with disaster recovery strategies and backup plans. Some of the most common IT support responsibilities include…

  • Identifying and resolving technical issues
  • Providing assistance to your employees
  • Ensuring your networks and IT infrastructure are up-to-date
  • Configuring new software
  • Managing user access
  • Patch management and cyber security
  • Implementing new devices
  • Assisting with data backup and disaster recovery

Does my business need an IT support service?

Providing your current workforce with IT training may be the obvious answer to your technical problems. However, it’s important to consider the other tasks that your employees were actually hired to complete.

If your business is encountering routine downtime, you and your employees will also be suffering from a lack of productivity. This can impact your overhead expenses and profitability, not to mention your overall growth. By partnering with an IT support company, your staff will have more time to focus on their own responsibilities – without the added stress of dealing with technical issues.

It’s also important to carefully examine how much downtime your business can really handle. If your systems crash, do you and your team have the knowledge and skill set required to fix the issue? Do you really want your employees preoccupied with things other than the jobs you hired them to do? It’s for this reason that many businesses are turning to IT support. As the majority of modern organisations rely solely on their IT infrastructure to get through the day, partnering with a professional IT support company is an obvious solution.

So what are the benefits of managed IT support?



Employing the assistance of an IT support company can reduce your overhead costs and deliver more flexibility to your operations. It’s also significantly less expensive than employing an in-house tech expert which costs a yearly salary plus benefits and holidays. This is because outsourcing the management of your IT infrastructure to a managed IT company gives your business access to a fully employed team of technical specialists – for a fraction of the cost.

Many IT support companies also provide flexible payment plans and no-obligation short-term contracts. This means that even smaller businesses, that lack the manpower and budgets of a larger organisation, can still benefit from the assistance of an IT support company.

A single port of call

Do your staff blow up your email whenever they’re experiencing a technical issue? Employing the assistance of an IT support company may be the solution.

With the help of an IT support company, your team will have a single port of call in the event of a technical disruption. This ease of accessibility can improve the performance and productivity of your employees and your IT infrastructure, both of which will benefit from an efficient resolution to any technical challenges your business may be dealing with.


Disaster recovery

For businesses of all shapes and sizes, a forward-thinking, proactive disaster recovery strategy can be the difference between a quick recovery or significant delays to your working day. Disaster recovery includes testing your recovery procedures in the case of a disaster and/or disruption, as well as data recovery and network redundancy. An IT support company will be able to evaluate your current procedures, identify any risks that might endanger your operational continuity in future and address those issues before they become more serious.

Resilient IT infrastructure

As a business, you most likely depend on your IT infrastructure to get through the day. An IT support company will be able to monitor your network remotely, keeping everything under a close watch which will result in a more secure and robust infrastructure.

As a result, employing the assistance of a managed IT support company will also ensure your network is kept up to date. This includes your existing IT infrastructure, as well as the management of any software your business relies on.


How do I find an IT support company?

The IT support company your business decides to partner with will depend on the needs and long-term objectives of your organisation. To kick things off, you should start with a simple search on your preferred search engine.

Finding a service local to your business will have its benefits, even if you’re looking for remote support. For example, you might try searching for ‘IT Support Plymouth‘ or ‘IT Support Bristol’. From there, it should be simple enough to narrow down your choices and find the IT partner that aligns with your own business.

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Final thoughts

These days, businesses of all shapes and sizes are searching for the best managed IT support services. This shouldn’t come as a surprise given how much technology has changed our daily lives. Businesses in particular have been severely impacted, with the majority of modern operations now wholly reliant on IT infrastructure to get through the day. Partnering with an IT support company is without a double, the best way for a business to navigate the digital era and secure operational continuity.