5 Tips for Choosing Between Manual and Electric Roller Shutters            

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If you want to install roller shutters in your home, you need to consider many things, from practicality and purpose to personal preferences when it comes to such things. As you know, there are manual and electric shutters, with different price ranges, but also quality. It is up to you to find what you need and direct your money properly.

Rollershutters add an extra layer of security, but at the same time can be an attractive addition to your home. Choosing whether it is better manual or electric depends on what your needs are, and we are here to help you find out what is best for you.

1. Electric roller shutters – advantages and disadvantages

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This is definitely one of the most popular blind choices. You open and close them with the help of a controller.

This choice has a number of advantages, such as:

-Easy to operate, open and close

-You can use alternative power sources to power them

-They are easy to maintain

-They are high quality and durable

-Reduce the risk of theft and burglary in the home

What may deter you from the idea of electric roller shutters is the fact that the installation is much more expensive than the manual ones and that if there is no electricity, then you have no other option – neither to lower nor to raise.

Some manufacturers also offer combined models of blinds, so you can estimate exactly what you need.

2. Manual roller shutters – pros and cons

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As the name implies, you operate them manually, ie you have to pull them in the right way to be able to raise or lower them. They are a very popular commercial choice, especially for buildings where it is not possible to properly perform the electrical installation for this purpose. At the same time, there is no risk of staying in the dark if there is no electricity. Here are some of the benefits of manual shutters:

-Their price is much lower than that of electric

-You can raise and lower them at any time

-Quality and durability are as good as electric shutters

-There is no risk of electrical installation defects

The only possible disadvantage is that children and adults, i.e. people who do not have much strength, can not easily manage them.

3. How to choose the one that suits you best?

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First, you need to define your needs and preferences. The next step is to look at the offer so you know what your goals are. For people who do not care what roller shutters they will put, the price will probably be crucial in the decision. But those looking for practicality and ease of operation must compare the advantages and disadvantages of each of the offered models.

Making a decision is sometimes complicated, so you could also consult with experts, who will explain the differences. Many users choose what is easier to install and maintain, for practical reasons.

Roller shutters are not just an accessory in your home, you control the level of outside light that enters. They are also great for different weather conditions, so you can protect your windows, for example from snow or hail.

They can also serve as thermal insulation when it is either too hot or too cold outside. Both models have this functionality.

4. What are the installation conditions?

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As you know, electricity requires electricity, but not every home has the conditions to do so easily. This would mean that at some point you would need to have an electrician and other craftsmen at home and make expensive interventions, including digging into a wall, moving sockets and switches, and increasing the need for power to get the shutters working properly.

On the other hand, if there are no physical obstacles to user manuals, you will save a lot of money and time with them.

In principle, the materials from which they are made are similar, which means that protection and quality will not be hindered in any way. It is up to you to choose what you like best. The key criterion of course is, can everyone in your home easily handle the manuals? If the answer to this question is yes, then the decision is certainly already made, especially if it is important for you to adjust the costs and stay within budget.

But if you live with people who do not have enough power and who would like to use electric roller shutters, then give preference to this option. You can even consider additional alternative power sources, in case there are some power outages.

5. What is their purpose in your home?

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From what we have written so far, you can understand that in addition to price and practicality, the key moment is the purpose of your new roller shutters. If you only use them for windows, then the materials and the mechanism are not so important. But if you put them on the door or on larger windows, you have to choose between materials that are both durable and practical. For example, steel and other metals are heavy and make handling even more complicated, even when there is an electrical installation.

Therefore, it is best to talk to a company that deals with this type of service. After the measures are taken and your home is inspected, they will assess what you need and give you a specific offer. Furthermore, it is up to you to make the key decision.

The text above lists the advantages and disadvantages of the two models offered, which means that you can make a comparison and know what you need approximately.


When it comes to your home, we’re sure you want the best for yourself. That is why you should be committed to finding the best and most practical offer. This item is a great benchmark according to which you will compare the features of what they offer you. We hope you make the decision that will bring the most benefits to your home, in terms of safety, insulation, and protection from external climatic factors.