Massage Gun for Lower Back Pain

Lower Back Pain is one of the most common medical conditions that everyone will experience once in their lifetime. However, most of the time, this condition is temporary, and it resolves on its own. But, in some particular cases, the lower back pain can also become chronic and does not respond to any oral medications. Massage Gun therapy is an excellent and most effective way to deal with frequent lower back pain at home. For More

Moreover, it’s a low-risk and non-invasive treatment option that is considered the safest treatment for lower back pain. Not everyone can benefit from this massage gun therapy because it requires proper technique and some other lifestyle modifications. This article will discuss the complete information related to massage gun therapy and its complete list of proven benefits.

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Why Massage Guns Are Effective For Lower Back Pain?

We all know that lower back pain is one of the most challenging conditions to manage. However, lower back massage gun therapy is also highly beneficial and effective for treating lower back pain due to a wide range of scientific-based reasons. Below, we will explain the most proven benefits of massage guns for lower back pain for your convenience.

Increased Blood Flow

Lower back pain is often caused by poor blood circulation to the lower back muscles. There are several causes for it, such as anemia, sedentary lifestyle, or muscular disorders. However, you can now improve the blood circulation to the lower back muscles through massage gun therapy. If you want to increase the blood circulation around any specific area of your body, you must purchase a massage gun. Moreover, due to the massage gun’s in-depth vibrational effect, you will have improved muscular function and strength due to deep-tissue massage.

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Reduces Muscle Tension

Muscle tension is also one of the most common causes of extreme lower back pain. There are also several causes behind muscle tension, such as muscle overuse, muscular injury, or any other medical condition. However, massage gun therapy is highly beneficial for reducing muscle tension in the lower back area. Muscle tension causes severe pains and causes fatigue, tiredness, and other annoying conditions. If you feel that your body muscles are tensed due to overuse or any injury, then you must focus on regular massage gun therapy for the best results.

Increases Endorphin Levels

There are different types of feel-good hormones that are produced by our brain for the relaxation effect. These hormones are also known as endorphins that are only released whenever our bodies are relaxed. It’s also has been proven through many authentic kinds of research that a high level of endorphins such as serotonin and dopamine reduces the frequent back pains in the body. Moreover, these types of back pains can be easily treated with massage guns. A regular massage gun therapy will make your body relaxed and calm, resulting in the reduction of lower back pain.

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Boosts Natural Healing Process

If the overuse of muscles or injury causes your lower back pain, then you must use a massage gun for it. Whenever our body muscles are damaged, our immune system produces a natural healing effect to speed up damaged muscles’ recovery. However, with a massage gun, you can increase the blood flow to give more oxygen-rich blood to the muscles to speed up the recovery.

Is Massage Gun Safe For Lower Back Pain?

Even if there isn’t any serious medical condition such as lower back trauma, you must use a massage gun with proper technique and safety instructions. Remember, most popular massage gun models are extremely powerful; you must use them carefully to avoid putting any unwanted stress or pressure on the already damaged muscle. Overall, the regular use of massage guns is typically safe. However, still, if you are experiencing any side effects such as muscle soreness, then you must immediately stop using the massage gun and consult your healthcare expert.

If we compare the risks of massage guns for neck and massage guns for lower back pain, then there is a significant difference between both of these types. As we all know, the neck is a very sensitive area of our body; a massage gun might damage the sensitive neck tissues due to extreme pressure. On the other hand, a massage gun for lower back pain is 100% safe to use without side effects. In some very rare cases, people may experience mild skin irritation due to a massage gun; otherwise everything works great.

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What are the Drawbacks of Massage Guns for Lower Back Pain?

Well, the benefits of using a massage gun for lower back pain are countless. However, there might be few drawbacks of using a massage gun to treat lower back pain too.

  • Overuse of massage guns may cause further injuries.
  • A bit uncomfortable and painful treatment option for sensitive people.
  • Electricity hazards.
  • High price range as compared to other massage options.

Wrap Up:

We hope this article on massage guns for lower back pain will explain this topic’s complete information. However, if you still have any questions in your mind, you can post your query in the comments section below. Remember, before starting massage gun therapy, and you must make sure that you are doing it with consistency; otherwise, it may not be a practical option. Don’t forget to carefully read your massage gun’s user manual before using it, as it includes several safety precautions.