Master the Art of Video Editing For Mac with These Tips

Today, the line of video editing is growing enormously. Many youngsters are planning to build a career in this field. Gently speaking, it is not that simple to become a professional video editor. If you desire to be a great video editor, you would require a lot of practice and serenity.

The world is presently subjugated by visual content. Any brand can gain solid recognition with a mesmeric video. A video for your Brand Name can only be built up with the help of the right video editing software.

List of a few video editing softwares for Mac:

Adobe Premiere pro

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The latest updates of premiere pro are great and helpful in saving the user’s time and efforts.  Now it has a novel feature which is Auto reframe. This feature can format and resize the video automatically for fitting the aspect ratio required while online posting and sharing. The video formats that Adobe premiere pro software supports include HDR, 8K, and 360-degree video.  Also, it comes with 100 GB of cloud storage.

Filmora X

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The MAC users who are very serious about video editing favour Filmora X(click here). It is one of the most excellent video editing programs under budget. The video formats that it supports are 360-degree video and 4k video. It comprises various features, including green-screen effects, colour matching, and motion tracking. Wondershare FilmoraX is a brilliant editing software for both beginners and experts. The Mac users can avail many useful tools at a comparatively reasonable price. The serious editors can make the most of their creativeness with some advanced features of Filmora X. For instance, the motion tracking feature allows the users to follow the movement and attain any visual component to track that particular motion. On the other side, the colour matching tool is effective as it lets the user match the colour grading of several clips in a quick moment.

DaVinci Resolve

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DaVinci Resolve is a perfect editing program for advanced users. The video format that it supports is 32k. Some of its prime features are fairlight audio tools, multi-user collaboration, and advance colour grading. In the free version of DaVinci Resolve, the user gets a lot of unique features. The major dissimilarity between DaVinci and other editing softwares like Adobe Premiere Pro is that the licence holders can have free access to future updates. It means that the users will pay only once and would gain lifetime access to each software version. Beginners can find using DaVinci Resolve a little challenging because its interface may prove complicated for some users.

Final Cut Pro

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Final Cut Pro X by Apple is one of the essential software of the entire industry. The video formats that it supports are HDR, 360-degree video, and 8K. For some professionals, it can be tough to choose between Adobe Premiere Pro and Apple Final Cut Pro X as both the softwares are amazing and efficient when it comes to video editing. It faultlessly assimilates with other macOS applications and software like iTunes. This editing program’s main features incorporate a range of audio/visual effects and advanced colour grading.


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This software comes free with MAC. It is like a sibling of Final Cut Pro. iMovie is ideal for beginners, and it supports video formats from 4K to 60 fps. The core features of this software are cross-device integration, green-screen effects, and transitions. It is considered to be best for the new editors as it is quite basic. The editors can utilize iMovie for trimming, splicing, and organizing the raw clip and soundtracks. If the user has no idea about video editing, they can take the assistance of the trailer tool of iMovie. This tool allows the user to build a decent video without putting in many efforts.

How significant is video editing in filmmaking?

While you are making a documentary film, short film, or Hollywood film, you will find video editing everywhere. Let us understand how video editing impacts a film’s story.

  1. The film editors have the skills of placing the scenes in the correct order. Also, they have the power to apply several effects to a particular scene. Hence, proper management and editing of the scene assist the audience in receiving ample information.
  2. Editing shows the swiftness of a movie. For instance, an editor may employ long or slow shots in a particular scene for creating suspense. If the editor senses that the story has unwanted scenes, he or she prefers to cut some scenes to provide swiftness to the movie.
  3. With perfect editing, the viewers can see various emotional scenes in a movie. It includes horror, comedy, or action.
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The key tips of video editing for Mac users

It takes too much time to edit a film. Speed up your editing process by employing all these tips and tricks.

  1. For editing a video like an expert, one has to stick to specific software. The right software can help in acquiring the desired results.
  2. Transporting all the video clips from the camera to the system is the first step of post-production. Those who have recorded the videos from an iPhone can connect the phone to a Windows computer using a USB cable. For transferring files to MAC, one can use a pre-installed application “image capture” in iPhone.
  3. The next step is collecting all the required stuff and deleting the unwanted ones. It can be done by going through the clips and finding the best shots. It is one of the essential steps of all as it ensures your final product’s excellence. In the shots having verbal dialogues, be sure that the speaking person has a satisfactory energy level, and the dialogue delivery speed seems natural.
  4. Another thing that plays a crucial character in a video is background music. It is a commanding way of bringing emotions into the video. Add songs that are in trend, or the ones for which the users do not have the rights, is strictly forbidden.